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Favorite Links

Here are a few links to Upper Peninsula (and other) sites that I enjoy very much and visit frequently.

IIn January, 2012, Keweenaw County added a page to its site with everything you might ever want to know about snowfall here. Be aware that the report is for Delaware so it may not accurately reflect snow in Copper Harbor, but it's the best we have.

Another site that I've recently discovered is the Live Ships Map for Lake Superior. During the shipping season, it's great to watch the lakers (and occasional salty) moving back and forth in the lake and to check the identity of any ships you may see or in my case, smell and hear. The only downside to the site is that there aren't receiving stations from here to Duluth and from Marquette to Whitefish Point, so ships unaccountably disappear completely while you're not watching them.

Then there is the Eagle Harbor Cam.  Eric Jackson's site has a picture of Lake Superior, looking west down the coastline.  The view is spectacular, especially with a sea running.  This is the oldest Keweenaw webcam and it's still a good one.

The Sunset Bay Campground, which is near Five Mile Point, has added a lovely webcam that looks down the coast. It's interesting to see conditions there, too.

You must visit the Pasty Cam.  There is a new picture every day of some facet of life in Copper Country, plus commentary and discussion.  At the home page of Pasty.com, you can investigate Keweenaw businesses and have pasties delivered to your door.  I recommend them, too.

John Dee's Snow Central has John's weather forecasts, the Northwoods Cam Network, with live pictures from a number of locations, and a directory of snow-related businesses.  I particularly like his journal and pictures of his travels around the Keweenaw with his family.

An efriend, Rick Currell, has two cameras looking over Montreal River Harbour in Canada, at the east end of Lake Superior. I find it interesting to compare conditions here with those at the other end of our big lake.

My thoughts about the analemma and its effects on us led me to a web search, and I turned up a wonderful site,  http://www.analemma.com , that explains all about it and has lots of wonderful pictures and animations.

There are several astronomy-related sites that I visit every day and sometimes comment on:

Clear Sky Chart for Copper Harbor

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)

Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD)

Lake Superior MODIS Imagery


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