A View From the Field








May 2021

May 31 - Memorial Day

I was late getting to bed and late getting up and late eating breakfast, but not late enough that I couldn't eat breakfast. I did sleep well, and I think I got nearly 9 hours' worth. That helped, but I am still having trouble walking, so I didn't do anything.


The weather was rather nice, in spite of a not very good forecast. The high temperature was 61 and there was almost no wind. It has been quite humid. It was cloudy in the morning, partly cloudy through 2 PM and it's been clear since. The forecast said something about possible rain, but that happened down around Lake Michigan and we didn't see anything like it. 


Grayson sat on me a couple of times, and everything was fine until after I ate my dinner. He wanted some of my steak, but he didn't get any, so he thought he would just get on the tray and see what was there. Well, the whole thing ended up on the floor and then i shrieked at him. Of course, he ran away. 


I picked up everything I could see in the dark, but I'm missing a steak knife. I know it has to be there, but I can't find it. I don't know how he managed to tip the tray off the chair anyway, because it seems quite stable. Noughy, naughty kitty.


So that was another lost day and now it's a clear, dark night in the field. Maybe I'll get to see a star or two tonight.


May 30

Oops, losing track of time again. This day has been like that.


I was too tired to take a shower last night. When I'm very tired, I have a bit of trouble with my balance and I would like never to lose it in the shower. So I went to bed. I slept well until a bit after 8 AM. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't, so I got up, but then I went into zombie mode and it was late afternoon before I took my bath. It was just as well. I'm having trouble walking today. I don't know why that happens sometimes, but it interferes with doing anything.


The weather has warmed up some, but it got cloudy, so it wasn't very pretty. The high temperature got to 59 late in the afternoon and there wasn't much wind. Oh, the NWS station says there was a teensy bit of rain around 4 PM.


Grayson was quite patient with me, but when I finally started getting dressed, he had to tell me it was high time he got fed and he was practically jumping up and down by the time I put down his dish. After i ate, he came and slept on my lap for a while but only until I twitched. He wants to sit on my right arm and after a while that gets quite uncomfortable.


So it was a lost day and I only had one meal. It was a good one, though - I'd nearly forgotten that I bought a lamb chop when I shopped. And I have a little steak for tomorrow. Otherwise, I did nothing and now it's time to go back to bed.


It's a cool, cloudy (I think) night in the field.


May 29

It just keeps getting worse and worse. I think i got to bed around 11:30 last night and I went right to sleep - I was very tired - but about 2:30 I woke up and I didn't make it to the bathroom. So I had to clean myself up and try to do a little bit on the floor. Then I couldn't get back to sleep. I was tired but I couldn't sleep and my feet were cold and twitchy and all the rest of it. It wasn't until I got to the office this morning that I discovered that the reason was that my evening pills - including the gabapentin - were still in the jigger. No wonder. I just took them now, so it should be better tonight.


Today is fill-the-pill-dispensers day, and I got the ones here done. I was so tired, though, that I actually tried to nap this afternoon. I didn't sleep, but I dozed and it seemed to help a bit. I hope I won't be late tonight, but I want to fill the north end pill dispensers and I want to take a shower.


I was so tired and having such a problem walking - why, I don't know - that the only other thing I did was another load of wash. I messed up a bunch of stuff on the floor in the bathroom last night and I had another accident today, so there was another load. Ugh. Now I have to bring in some of the laundry supplies that are out in the breezeway and then I can do some more wash. Most of my tees are dirty.


The weather was cool. When I got up, there was frost on the ground and the garage roof, and it appears that the temperature got down to 29 overnight. The high today was 56, briefly and late in the day. For most of the day it was around 50. There was almost no wind. It was clear and pretty, although there are  some clouds coming up in the west now. Oh, those blue skies and blue waters!


Grayson was cuddly today. He sat on me twice. I am going to have to try to figure out how to clean his litter tray, and I don't know how I'm going to do that. He pees a whole lot and the litter doesn't ever completely dry out. Well, we'll see.


Late this afternoon, I noticed a couple of people on the front stoop and looking in my windows, and when I went to see who it was, it seems we have some new neighbors, who have bought some of the lots that have been for sale. I'm always glad to see that, although I don't know if they intend to build or move here permanently. We need as many people living out here permanently as we can get. They seem like nice people, so that's good.


Now I must do something else. it's a clear (so far) cool evening in the field.


May 28

I thought I was tired last night. Huh. I did not sleep well. This insurance thing is plaguing me and even though I wasn't exactly thinking about it, my mind was not settled, so I didn't sleep. I think I'm tired enough tonight that I will.


I got up a bit before 9:00 and after one insurance agent told me they couldn't help me, I called another one. I did get a bit more information, though. Evidently it has something to do with the fact that the damage from the claim hasn't been repaired yet. I wish somebody had told me that three weeks ago. I couldn't have gotten it going, but maybe I could have gotten it started.


I had to rewash the load of bottoms in the washer because I had to add something to them. It's ready to be dried, so I will do that on my way north.


I went to the post office, where there was only junk mail and my Amazon order. I think I ordered the wrong caster sockets, so I am still using my chair. What a pain. I'd be willing to just replace the cart, except that there isn't anything available like it and most of them are much more expensive. I may have to search again, because this is getting annoying.


The weather was nice, although it's still cold. The high temperature was 51 and there was almost no wind. it was and still is clear. I guess maybe I could see a conjunction of Venus and Mercury tonight in about 15 minutes, but I doubt it. I may look, though. I think I've seen Mercury once or twice, but I'd like to see it again. It is nice to know that Venus is beginning its evening apparition, so we'll be able to see it for most of the summer. It's been so cloudy lately that I haven't been able to see many stars even when I was awake while it was dark. I guess there is going to be frost in the interior tonight, but we won't get cold enough here in the "Banana Belt" of the Keweenaw.


Grayson did his thing. He liked his breakfast, so he does like some kinds of fish. Unfortunately, I didn't get any of that kind, so he'll have to do without.


So that was my day and I am really tired, so I think I'll try to go to bed and hope to sleep better. It's a cllear, cool night in the field.


May 27

Oh my, now I'm really tired. I went up to the north end quite early last night but then I went into zombie mode and it was midnight before I got to bed. I slept, but I woke up around 7:30 (for the third time) and I wanted to get up by 8 so that I would at least be dressed when the plumber got here. So I got up and got myself together, but he didn't arrive until around 9 anyway.


I now have water upstairs and in the laundry tub. He showed me the problem - a piece of copper pipe with a slit in it. It looked pretty small, but it sure made a big mess.


I finally got ahold of the insurance agent I was trying to reach and they will look around for me, but by 11:30, I was ready to leave. So I did. I got my blood test and I raided Pat's. You know, I understand more and more why really poor people have such horrible diets. Fresh vegetables and fruits are expensive. Now i have lots of lettuce, some more cabbage and some more interesting breads than I've been eating lately. I got home around 3:00, I think, but I had to pee, so it was later when I finally got the car unloaded.


The weather was cold. There wasn't much wind, but the high temperature was only 42, and that's nippy. There was a bit of sunshine very early, but most of the day was mostly cloudy. This is not late May weather at all. It's supposed to warm up marginally over the weekend, but it still isn't seasonable.


Grayson was his usual self. He didn't sit on me.


I got the result of my blood test and it was very good indeed. My potassium was down a little bit, but still normal, and for the first time in a very long time, my kidney function looked nearly normal. I still don't know whhat that's all about, but I'll take it.


So onward, Now it's a cold, cloudy evening in the field and as soon as the Schubert is over, I'm going to bed.


May 26

It's going to have to be another early night. The guy to fix the toilet leak is going to be here tomorrow, early, and I need the water in the laundry room so much that I'm willing to let him come whenever. Hopefully, he will be gone by noon and I can go and get my blood test and do a little shopping.


I wasn't as early as I planned last night, because I had to force myself to get up and get into the shower, but it felt good to go to bed clean for a change. I slept all right, not great, except, as usual, for the last three hours, which meant I wasn't very early getting up.


i did my thing and just managed to get to the powder room without having another accident and I got off when I wanted to. There seemed to be a lot of northbound traffic, which I guess is a good thing, except that it makes things congested in Copper Harbor. After last year, though, we really need the visitors.


My eyes are as good as can be expected. I guess slowly my corneas are thickening, but not very fast, and everything else looks fine. Of course, I can't see very well most of the time, but I'm learning to live with that. I got my glasses adjusted and got new nose pads and they aren't slipping nearly as much as they were. I must remember that an appointment with the optometrist will be an hour and a half - it's very thorough.


I got home about 3:45 and discovered that I'd gotten two phone calls, one on my cell phone and one on my land line, and neither of them answered when I called back. However, I did finally get to the HVAC people and found out that the guy will be here tomorrow morning. The other one I've been playing phone tag with all week, so I will call them back early tomorrow. I'm learning that most of the Copper Country only works between 10 AM and 4 PM. Nice hours, if you can make a living at it.


The weather started out cloudy and windy and ended up clear and nearly calm. The temperature slid down from 69 around midnight to 46 at noon before it recovered a bit to 49. The wind peaked between 7 and 8 AM with gusts of 41 mph from the north. An hour ago, it got down to 5 mph. So that storm passed through. The trouble is, with no wind, there is going to be widespread frost in the interior tonight and maybe tomorrow. I think it's a little late to have that, but at least if it's cold, there won't be any bugs.


Grayson has been a stinker today. He wants his kibble bowls filled, even though there's enough on the floor to feed him for a couple of days. He liked his breakfast, but he didn't like it that I went away. I made him feel a bit better by giving him a couple of little pieces of my chicken tonight. He's definitely a bird cat. He will eat beef and fish, but he prefers chicken and turkey. I can live with that. He is still using his tray, and I am still trying to figure out how to get it cleaned. I just cannot lift 20 lb of kitty litter unless it's in a jug and it takes a long time to dry out the clumps from when he pees, if they would ever dry out. Once I get done flying up and down the peninsula, I wlill have to attack the floor, though.


So that was my day and as soon as I finish my drink and my water, I must go to bed. It's a clear, cool night in the field. Cool sounds too nice and cold isn't the right temperature. I wonder what another word might be.


May 25

I managed to get to bed by midnight and I slept well until about 6:30. I just dozed after that, but i got up just past 8 AM and I felt all right. That gave me enough time that I could do most of my morning things and change my bottoms. That was my fault and I really must stop ignoring the signs.


Anyway, I think I got away just about when I wanted to. The drive was nice, even though there's more traffic than I've seen in a long time. The leaves are out enough that everything is green, Up here, the cherries and serviceberries are in full bloom and down south in Calumet and south, the lilacs are coming out, which is not only pretty, the fragrance is wonderful. There is an undeveloped mile or so right before the speed limit drops that looks to me like it is pretty much wall-to-wall lilacs. They do seed themselves. The ones along my lot line have seeded into my lot, because the wind blows them in my direction, It takes them a long time, but those along the road have to have been planted at least 150 years ago. This climate is - or was, we'll see what happens now - apparently ideal for lilacs, and I've never been any other place where they grow as well and bloom as profusely.


The thing hanging down under my car turned out to be the emergency cable, and as I suspected, the brackets had rusted away. They tied it up underneath and didn't charge me anything. I was only there abut 15 minutes. Unfortunately, on the way home, I discovered that my air conditioner isn't cooling. I hope it only needs a charge. I will take it back but maybe not for a week or two, but if the summer is going to be as hot as it looks, I'm going to need it.


And it was hot. And cold. And sunny. And rainy. And thundery. the high here was 81 and at the airport it got to 84. However, both places it went up and down like a yo-yo, even before the rain, from 77 to 61 to 81 to 65...and so forth all afternoon. The temperature seems to have been dependent on the wind. When it was strong from the southwest, it was warm, and at least here, when it went calm, which it did, it got cold. When the wind slammed the rain into the front windows, it cooled off. We didn't have any storms right over the harbor; they were either south of us or out over the lake, but there was some thunder, some high winds that the NWS station seems to have missed and a total of a little over a quarter inch of rain. I think the NWS station missed the wind, because at one point, I heard this roaring and when I looked out, I could see raindrops being blown horizontal. They said those gusts were 36 mph, but I think at least here, they were stronger. I wish I had my own weather station. In between the raindrops, it was sunny, so it was a very mixed-up day.


Grayson was OK when I left, I think, but he did not like that wind and thunder and he slept on the floor in the office after I got home.


i have been having such trouble getting my desk chair out of the office that I finally realized It would be even better to use the sewing machine chair and it would also keep my tray more horizontal. Not only that, but I've moved it so few times that the casters aren't full of cat hair, my hair and thread like both the cart and the desk chair are. So far it's working. The next parts for the cart won't get here until Thursday. So, when did Amazon stop two-day delivery for Prime members? I must ask them that.


Now I must go and take a bath. I want to be clean for the optometrist tomorrow, but I sweated so much today that I'd probably take one anyway.


It's a warm/cool/calm/windy/sunny/cloudy night in the field.


May 24

I was late again, but I'll be much earlier tonight. Good thing I'm tired. i made an appointment to take my car to the dealership tomorrow at 12:30. There is some kind of hose hanging down between the rear wheels that shouldn't be there. I suppose some brackets have rusted out, but it might be the brake line and if it got caught on something... I've had enough brake problems.


I tried to clean out Grayson's tray, and that turned into a near disaster. I think the trap for my bathtub drain is now full of kitty litter. I didn't think it out enough, I guess. I put 20 lb (I thought it was only 15 lb. No wonder I could hardly carry the jug) and he is peeing a whole lot, so when I tried to lift up the screen, I dumped litter into the tub and I almost didn't get it out at all. I must try some other ways to do it. I sieved out some of the hard stuff, but he had peed recently enough that most of the litter was wet, and it's clay... And on top of that, I managed to spray water into the remaining tray and drop litter on the floor (which he immediately peed into). It was a near disaster. I filled the tray again and put in a rush order for more litter. I'm going to have to try to clean out the tray every day and see if that helps. 


When I was hauling those jugs of litter around, I was happier than I can say that I've lost all that weight, or I would be having an even harder time walking around than I am. Of course, 20 lb hanging from one arm isn't quite the same as 20 lb distributed over my body, but my legs don't know that.


I also called another insurance agent, but it was so late I got their voice mail. I love Copper Country people. Very few, if any, work after 4 PM and maybe not on Friday at all. And we all (or most of us) keep "Keweenaw Time," which means the appointment time plus or minus an hour or two. IT's great.


The weather wasn't as dire as they had been predicting. IY was partly to mostly cloudy. The high temperature was 70 and there was very little or no wind. It's stil quite humid. This is the time of year when I have at least two and sometimes three sets of clothes so I can dress appropriately for the temperature. Tomorrow is going to be warmer than today, but it will cool off after that, and they're predicting it won't get over 50 on Thursday. So have several outfits going and layer, layer, layer. 


Oh, the camera broke up for about an hour this afternoon, but by the time I checked it again, it was fine. I guess it's time to reset the driver again (by unplugging it and plugging it back in) and I may have to reboot.


Grayson was extremely interested in my exertions with his litter tray. I had hoped he wouldn't notice that I spilled some litter on the floor (not more than a couple of cups) but of course he did. Have I said he's a very smart cat? And when I trundled down the hallway with the jug of litter, he went ahead and I had to wait while he peed in the tray. I don't know what he thought I was going to do. He seems very happy to have a litter tray to go in again, thankfully.


So that was my day and now I have to rush into bed so I can get up early tomorrow and be on my way. I need to leave at 11:15 at the latest, and I would like to be earlier so I don't have to worry about traffic and road work.


So now it's a warm, cloudy night in the field.


May 23

I didn't get to bed until I couldn't see anymore and I had a bit of trouble getting to sleep, even though I wasn't thinking about my troubles. Eventually I did and i did good, especially at the end. It seems like that last three hours, either I can't sleep at all or I can't wake up. This was the can't wake up variety and I had an accident on my way through the bathroom. It wasn't a bad one, but it was a bit messy. It helps when my legs are bare. I could never wear pajamas. I'd need several dozen pairs of bottoms.


Anyway, I guess I didn't do anything useful today, even though I did get dressed and ate two meals. Well, that happens, too. 


The weather turned cold. Between 8 and 9 PM last night, the temperature dropped from 77 to 49 and it continued down to a low of 37 early in the morning, The high for the day was only 45. I"ve gone back to the sweats. The NWS said a front was coming through, and they were right. There was some wind overnight, up to 20 mph or so from the northeast, but for most of the day, there was little or no wind at all. There was some sunshine and blue skies between noon and 4 PM, but then the clouds moved back in and it was rather wintry looking before the camera hung up. So Tuesday it's supposed to be over 70 again and then Wednesday it will be under 50. Is it any wonder we never get used to either the heat or the cold? Sheesh.


Grayson seems to be happy with his new litter tray. I didn't clean it today, but I will tomorrow and he has been using it. He got his favorite canned food today and he practically inhaled it. He slept on my lap twice, but I guess my lap isn't very comfortable for him, because he jumped up and went away after about 10 minutes. 


Using the chair to get my food moved is a real pain, and I guess I won't get my shipment from Amazon until Thursday. I wonder whatever happened to two-day delivery. The third wheel fell off the cart, so I can't use it until I get the casters to stay on.


After dinner, I started writing again and I got most of the episode I've been thinking about written. Now I have to figure out how to proceed from there. My usual problem. The next episode that I know about is far enough in the future that there needs to be quite a bit of verbiage in between.


So that was my day and now it's a coolish, cloudy night in the field and maybe I can get to bed a little earlier. I have things to do tomorrow.


May 22

I wasn't quite as late and I slept fairly well, although I was up several times. I got up earlier than usual, too, although I didn't get my bath until after 1 PM. Wow, am I having trouble typing!


I wanted to take my bath today because i have to take another one on Tuesday and I had a dim hope that I might be able to go to church tomorrow. Well, that didn't pan out, because I didn't start making my dinner until after I should have gone to bed. One of these days...


The weather was not to my liking. The high temperature was 84*, briefly, although it was over 80 for most of the afternoon. Actually, it went up and down like a yo-yo, from a low of 59. and looking at the data, I can't see any reason why. It was much too humid, but that varied, too, from 58% to 90%. There was some sunshine but it was cloudy when it got dark and just a little while ago, there was a thunderstorm over the lake that dropped a few drops on us.


The reason I didn't like the weather is that I cleaned the bathtub. Oh, that was a mess! Grayson watched me do the whole thing and he was very interested. After I took out all the poop and scrubbed the tub, I put down his new litter tray (which is actually two trays and a sieve). He sat on the edge of the tub and looked at it until I picked him up and set him down in it, and he peed enough that his bladder must have been full. I hope he got the message, although I will be watching him. I closed the shower door and the tray is big enough that it pretty much fills up the tub, so I hope he gets the message.


I still have to clean the floor. I thought the mess was only pee, but it turns out there is a lot of fur and other stuff, so much that after I finished the tub, I had to wash my Crocs to get the stuff off the soles. The tub was emptying very slowly, too, but i didn't get to investigate that, and maybe it was a good thing.


The reason I absolutely had to do that today is that there is a cold front coming through tonight (Yay!!) and I will have to close the window, and the smell was getting so bad I am having a hard time getting it out of my nose. I must sniff my rosemary oil tonight and see if that helps.


So I was exhausted after I finished all that and I suppose I should take another bath, because i was sweating so much that everything, including my tee and my hair, were wet. Well, that can wait until Tuesday.


I expected Grayson would be interested in what I was doing, and he was, although I was a bit disappointed that I had to pick him up and set him in the tray. At least he seems to understand what it's for, but we'll see whether he poops in it without prompting. He is a very smart cat, and the tray is right where he was going, so maybe just the first prompt was enough. I hope so.


This set of trays has a screen, so I can pick up the screen, throw away the hard stuff (you need to use clumping litter) and then put the screen in the other tray and pour the litter into it. i had one of those on Champine and it was a great help. We'll see how this works.


Now I have to do the floor. I didn't realize how both sticky and slippery cat pee is and the floor at that end of the bathroom is a real mess. Well, it will get done. I will see to that. And I have a sense of accompilishment. I really did something useful today. Wow.


I can't use the cart. The wheels just won't stay in place. But I need something to get my food from the kitchen to the office. So I have been pushing (or riding) the desk chair back and forth. The big tray fits on the seat and so far I haven't had a problem with spills. When I checked my Amazon order tonight, they now say it won't arrive until Thursday (when I placed it, they said Tuesday), so I'll be pushing my chair around a lot. Getting it out of the office is a bit difficult, but after that it's just a matter of pushing it in the right direction. Whatever works....


So that was my day and I hope it's beginning to smell a little better in here now.


The temperature has dropped to under 50 and it's a cool, cloudy and humid night in the field. And I'm exhausted.


May 21

I was marginally earlier getting to bed and I thought I got enough sleep, but I'm really tired now and it's early, by my standards.


I went to the post office, where there wasn't any interesting mail, but I got to talk briefly to Ron - and exchange emails later - and he gave me another lead to get my insurance. Surely there must be some company who will take me on! It' going to be expensive, but I need insurance.


i finished up the load of bottoms, but I didn't do any more wash. I have a bag full of tees that I think are free of most spots and I need to get them washed. Tomorrow, maybe.


I tried to get my new casters on the cart, but I can only get two of them to stay. One of the sockets wouldn't come off the old caster, one was all right, and the other two got pushed way down the tubing where they don't do any good, and I can't keep the casters on without them. Amazon has some sockets, although the information on them isn't clear, so I will have to get two kinds and see which (if either) works. I worked up quite a sweat getting the old casters off and trying to get the new ones on. I made it to the kitchen with all four in place, but then I couldn't get two of them to stay on and the third one is iffy. It seems to have something to do with the weight on the cart, but I want to be able to roll it when it's empty. Nothing is ever easy.


The weather was yucky again. We've had about a third of an inch of rain since 4 AM, so it was extremely humid and cloudy. There was some intermittent fog, too. The high temperature was 71. For some reason, the camera hung up again. Sorry about that.


Grayson got something he liked from a can. Evidently it's not all fish he doesn't like, just some kinds. fortunately, they are the ones I can't get anymore. He also got some of his favorite kibble, because I brought in the bag.


So now it's a warm, humid night in the field.


May 20

Late to bed, late to rise, lost day. The usual. Oh, I did start a load of bottoms. I'm running out of compression hose.


The weather was sort of yucky. It was cloudy and humid and it rained off and on all afternoon. The high temperature was 74. The wind was from the southwest, mostly under 10 mph, although evidently it speeded up during the showers, to as much as 24 mph gusts. I ignored it mostly.


Grayson didn't do anything much, although he seemed to be very clingy today. I'm not sure why.


And that's all there is. It's a warmish, humid night in the field and maybe tonight I can get to bed a bit earlier.


May 19

Oh, late again, but I got a little more sleep. I just diddled around, though, so I didn't do anything.


The person I know who was looking into insurance can't find any, and I was right about the reason - my claim was too big and for some reason they all think I might have another one. I resent that.


Debbie called again and we finished our conversation. She has some good ideas, but most of them wouldn't work.


It was late in the afternoon when I did the bulletin, and it was difficult, because there were a bunch of announcements. Like I always say, I was plying my shoehorn and a lot of that stuff ended up in 10-point type, which I know is hard for old people like me to see, but most of the stuff was things Pastor wanted, so I had to do whatever I could. 


I had a chat with the guy, Mike, who is going to help me gat the junk out of here. He has so much on his plate that I'm very grateful that he'll even consider me, and I'm willing to wait until he has time. 


The weather wasn't very good. It rained a bit early this morning and it was cloudy all day, so it was much more humid than it has been lately, but my knees were telling me that. It was warm; the high temperature was 72. nut with the humidity, it felt warmer. The wind was from the southwest with gusts as high as 29 mph, but i opened the window a bit and it was nice. Oh, and the camera hung up in the afternoon, too. In my vast experience with computers, I've always noticed that in the spring and fall, when the climate is changing, computers are most likely to have problems. That's even true of my little setup.


I was dropping my jeans in the powder room (what do you look at when you're doing that?) when I looked out the window toward the north and there was a totally beautiful tree full of big white blossoms. i wish I could get out there to really see it, because it was so pretty against the dark background. It's probably some kind of cherry. I may at least try to take a picture, although it probably won't be very good through the screens. Yes, spring has come. The dandelions are coming out, too.


Grayson is doing all right. Since it warmed up, he's been sleeping on the tile in the bathroom a lot.


So that was my day, and now it's a warmish, cloudy night in the field and we're in for several more days of rain.


May 18

So I was late getting to bed and I only got about 6 hours' worth, because after I went back to bed after the second wakeup, I started thinking - a very bad thing to do - and I knew I wouldn't get back to sleep. So I didn't do anything much and I'm tired.


I did start unloading the dishwasher. Unfortunately, some of the dishes and the flatware didn't get clean, so tomorrow I will have to scrub them and rewash them. There are a few things that didn't fit that I can wash at the same time.


The weather was amazing. It was sunny all day, although there is a very light haze of clouds over us which will be getting thicker tonight. The high temperature was 78 (!). So first we have unseasonably cold temps and a week later we have unseasonably hot temps. Weather in Lake Superior is so interesting. There wasn't much wind for most of the day, although lately it's picked up from the southwest, apparently blowing in the rain they are saying we'll be having for the next few days. My knees told me that already.


Grayson was not too happy about the temperature in here, I think. He slept on the tile in the bathroom and he slept on the floor in the great room. He did like his canned food, so that was good. He wanted my dinner, too, and hwile he licked the dish a bit, when he tasted it, it didn't appeal as much. I thought it was great.


I was about to get dressed and have some breakfast when Debbie called, and the only reason I got to eat at a sort of reasonable hour was that she had a meeting. We are very good friends, but she and I don't see a lot the same way. It makes it interesting, and it does get me thinking.


So that was my day and now it's a warmish, breezy night in the field and the rain is coming...


May 17

Well, I wasn't early, but I slept well, so i guess seven hours will do me if it's quality sleep. 


I diddled around, as usual, but I actually did a large task today. Most of the contents of the kitchen sink are in the dishwasher and clean (!!!) and the sink is clean, too. I kept a few plates in two sizes and a few bowls in two sizes and the new plan is to keep doing what I've been doing - washing my stuff as I use it - and see if that works better. Every so often, I will have to use the dishwasher, but not very. I was surprised that I could get everything into one load and I will be interested to see how clean it got. That's for tomorrow. It was gross in there when I began loading, but hopefully it didn't interfere with the wash. I had my usual trouble getting it to start properly, but evidently I opened the door and started to unload before the cycle had completed. Or I hope so.


That was all I did, but believe me, it was no small task. I was soaking wet and tired by the time I finished, but at least that task is done. I was able to properly defrost the sauce for my noodles - and the noodles - and the insert for the rice cooker is soaking now.


I made rice yesterday, and I think I I will freeze some of it, so I don't have to eat all of it before it goes bad. Oh, that reminds me. There are some things in the fridge that it's a wonder haven't crawled out of their dishes that I must take care of. Tomorrow. 


The weather was warm, but it was weird. The high temperature was 73, but it was before noon and it didn't last long. I think it was because it got sort of cloudy. It was around 60, plus or minus, for the afternoon. That was nice, because I had the window open, although there was so little wind that it didn't help much. At least it didn't get over 77 in here. but I'm still sweating. After a winter when 68 was warm in the house, I'm just not used to warm temps. I will leave the window open tonight and maybe that will cool things down in here. The There hasn't been much wind, though.


Grayson's schedule isn't a 24 hour one. Today he was cuddly. He slept at my feet in the bathroom, he laid on my lap and got a tummy rub and a head rub and he slept on the laptop, right by my side. Yesteray, he was hardly to be found. I wish I could see inside his little furry head.


So that was my day, and I'm tired, but I feel good. I actually did something useful! And my kitchen is a bit better than it was yesterday. Yay!


It's a warmish, partly cloudy night in the field.


May 16

I don't remember why, but it was around 1 AM when I got to bed. I slept well and long and I didn't get up until noon. As usual when I have to take a bath, I fiddled around for a long time, but I finally got it done.


My plan was to have a nice dinner with some new fish i got, so I had cheese and crackers for breakfast, but tnat never happened, because I wasn't hungry and I didn't want to get up until I had to. Same old story.


The weather was nice again. Sorry about the camera - it hung up around 7:30 AM, and while the picture was lovely, I would rather have seen what went on during the day. I think it was pretty clear all day. Yhe high temperature was 62 and the wind was under 10 mph from all over. I finally broke down and opened a window in the office, after the temperature in here got up to 81 and I kept having hot flashes. Now I'm not so clean anymore, darn it. I mean, my tee was wet.


Grayson got some of his favorite food today, although by the time he did, he was complaining. Anyway, it looks like he inhaled it. The ants are still around, but if he eats everything in the dish, they keep out of it.


So that was another lost day and now it's a clear, fairly warm night in the field.


May 15

Geez. mid-May already! Where does the time go?


I was in bed not long after midnight last night and I slept well, in spite of my fears to the contrary.  I had some plans, but I ended up not doing anything.


The weather was nice again, although it was cloudier than before. The high temperature was 60 and there was very little wind. The camera made it look quite cloudy, but actually there was a lot of sunshine and it was horribly hot in here. I almost opened a window. I may have to do that. I've been sweating heavily and that's uncomfortable.


Grayson did his thing. He got some breakfast he likes a lot and he wanted more, and then he wanted my dinner.


So it was a lost day and now it's a partly cloudy night in the field.


May 14

Late again, and not enough sleep again. i got up after the insurance agent called me for more information and I had to pee and ti didn't seem worthwhile to go back to bed. I probably wouldn't have slept anyway. I was good until an hour or so ago, but now I'm really tired.


Not that I did all that much. I didn't get anything out of the breezeway, but on my way back from the post office, I moved some stuff around so I can walk out there. I have a bunch of Schwan's coolers and some boxes as well as some bags to move. More bags in the house, too.


I finally brought my new broom and dustpan inside and put it together. I tried it and I think it's going to be all right. I was suspicious of the broom, because the bristles seemed rather short and soft, but I tried it in the office and it sweeps nicely. The dustpan has a fairly long handle on it, which will make it much easier to pick up the stuff I sweep.


Geez, I can't type a space for the life of me!


The weather was lovely, although it wasn't as clear as it's been lately. The igh temperature was 67, but that was very briefly, and there wasn't much wind. It was sunny, but there was a high, very thin haze of clouds that kept the sky looking more white than blue. 


Grayson did his usual thing, although he wasn't too pleased that he didn't get any of my breakfast or dinner.


It got very hot in the office again, and I remembered that I had the heat cranked up as high as it will go, so I turned it down. I didn't think there was any heat getting up here, but there must be some, because when I pick up the stuff on the floor under the desk, it's warm. And I think it's cooling down some now. We'll see how that goes. I want it at a comfortable temperature in here.


So that was my day and I'm tired. It's a mostly clear, dark night in the field.


May 13 - Ascension Day

I almost inverted again, and I only got a little over 6 hours' sleep. My problems are still bedeviling me.


The task of the day was to get the information together for the insurance agent up here, and I did that. In order to do it, I ended up having to do some cleanup in the office. The path to the deck was clogged with empty (and not so empty) boxes and bags of recycling, so I attacked that. Then i had to go through a couple of boxes of papers twice before I found the insurance policy, which I wanted to send to the new guy. I got all that done. Whew! It's still a mess in here, but at least I could get to the deck if I wanted to.


When I was emptying the boxes, which I thought were full of packing materials, before I broke them down, I discovered a small packet of smoked paprika from the place where I've been getting my spices (Penzey's - extremely good spices). I've been wanting to taste that, and now I can. They have these neat little packets with trial amounts of spices for not very much money, and I appreciate that, because their emails make some of them sound very intriguing, but I don't like to buy a quarter cup jar of something I might not like. They have some very nice blends that I use a lot, even though I don't actually cook very much anymore.


So I accomplished something today.


The weather was so nice, I was sorry I couldn't stick my head outside, especially since the temperature in here got up to 80 and I was sweating, even though I don't have a sweatshirt on today. The high temperature outside was 63. It was sunny and there was almost no wind. I should have stuck my head outside. Well, it's supposed to be even warmer tomorrow and now I can get to the door. Maybe I can get the remote sensor outside.


Around the time I was up for the second time this morning (I think it was just after 10 AM), I heard the Isle Royal Queen's horn for the first time in two years, and then I heard the boat as she left the harbor. Wow, what I lovely sound! I'm sure I'll get tired of it before fall, but it's been so long... I don't know what she was doing, although I think they have some sort of special cruise early in the season. 


So things are getting back toward the old normal. I understand i don't need to wear a mask anymore, except at the hospital, and oh, will I enjoy that! My masks have a layer of batting in between the two layers of fabric and they are very hot - and it it's at all humid, they fog up my glasses. I only wish more people would understand that they need to be vaccinated.


So that was my day. I was hoping to get to bed earlier tonight, but I was doing something else and when I looked at the clock, it was after 11 PM and I Hadn't eaten yet, so I will be late tonight again. I guess it's better that I'm so tired when I go to bed that I don't have to haul my mind away from my problems. I've been working on a scene for Trine 14 for so long that I need to get it written down and try to figure out how to get from it to the next one I was thinking about. The joys of writing fiction...


It's a warmish, clear night in the field.


May 12

Sorry about last night. It's late tonight, too, but I'm not quite so tired, because I inverted.


I found out why they canceled my insurance, and it's too embarrassing to talk about. I think the real reason is that the company and my agent were looking for a way to get rid of me. Either that, or the adjuster really screwed me.


I spent the late afternoon filing my taxes. I make little enough that I can get the federal taxes done for free and the state taxes for $14.99. That's how I did it last year, and it was much easier this year because they keep all my info. Before I did them, though, I had to reconcile one amount in my ledger. It was a simple mistype. When using the number pad on the keyboard, I have a terrible time making sure I hit the right keys - for some reason, I seem to get one digit off very frequently. I still have to update this year's ledger with the information from my credit cards, which usually entails going out to Amazon and Walmart and looking at my orders. 


I hope I can keep things more up to date this year, both to make it easier to file my taxes and to keep better track of my spending. I'm spending an incredible amount on food and I'd like to try to get that down. I would also like to restart a spreadsheet I kept during the '90s, with the total-totals for each year in a single column, so I could compare current years to past years. That was very useful and I need to go back to it. I have all the yearly ledgers, I just never transferred the data to the summary sheet.


My Schwan's order came before I was dressed, so I didn't get a chance to ask the driver to bring it into the house. I can't move that big box, so I unloaded it in the breezeway into bags and brought them in. I chipped the ice out of the bottom of the freezer. There has been a whole lot less lately and I don't know why. Maybe, since I turned up the temperature some, it doesn't try to defrost as often, but I don't know enough about how it works to be sure 


I also cleaned off the counters and got all the cans and most of the jars and bottles into bags. There are still a few bags in the house, but I have some stuff to put in them before I take them out. I can see my counters again. I am going to have to rethink some arranging on the counters and, I hope, either get rid of or put away some stuff that has been there for a long time. Some people have more stuff than others and I have more stuff than most people. I've always been a packrat.




The weather yesterday and today was really nice. Yesterday, the high temperature was 52 and the wind was from the north in the 15 mph range. Today, it got up to 60. The wind started out from the north in the 15 mph range and then flipped to southwest, under 10 mph. It was beautifully clear both days. I'm sorry I missed the stars, but according to the Clear Sky Chart it wasn't very transparent. Seeing stars, even dimly, would be nice for a change.


Grayson didn't do anything remarkable, although he wants to hang around wherever I am most of the time. So far, there have been fewer ants, but we'll see.


So that was two days' worth of stuff. At least I accomplished a few things. It's a warmish, clear night in the field.


May 11

Lost track of time and it's too late. I will write tomorrow - well, later today. But I think I have everything together to do my taxes.


May 10

Oh, sigh. Two lost days in a row. At least my hair is clean.


I actually did fall asleep at the computer last night, for about an hour, I think. I was so groggy I had to sit for a few minutes and then before I could get to the north end, I had an accident right in front of Grayson's food dishes. So after I sort of cleaned myself up, I had to clean up the floor. I'm a bit more casual about other places, but I try to always clean up the kitchen.


As usual when something like that happens, I had to sit and collect myself, so I inverted. I slept really well for the first four hours, but after I got up to pee, I didn't do as well. I was contemplating a call to my insurance agent, which never happened, but it gave me a headache and a gut ache. I can face unpleasant situations but looking forward to them always tears me up.


None of that happened, because I took a shower instead. Before I could do that, I had to clean out the drain. I've known it was getting clogged for a while, but today it hardly ran at all. Picture me walking down the hallway to the laundry wearing only my Crocs and carrying my cane. Anyway, it was a yucky mess - no surprise - with a lot of pale orange mold. I wonder how many species of mold there are. Just in this house, I'm sure I've seen several dozen. Anyway, 


I finally got my bath, with less trouble than i thought. My worst problem was getting off the shower seat after I cleaned out the drain, because the floor and the seat were wet. I made it, but it wasn't fun. I was so late that it was too late to do much of anything after I did my surfing.


I sent an email to the guy in our church who is an insurance agent, and he seems like he will be being helpful, but I have a lot of facts and figures to get together before I can actually talk to him seriously, and in the meantime, I have to talk to my current agent. The more I think about what happened, the less I understand it.


The weather yesterday was clear but cool. The high temperature was 44 snd there was a north wind in the 10 mph range (+ or -). It was cloudy today. and the high temperature was 44 again, with north winds around 15 mph. Broken record. It's supposed to be marginally warmer for the next two days.


Grayson is doing all right. I broke a dish yesterday. I can't bend down far enough to place it on the floor, and it finally broke. So I put his food in one of the melamine dishes that I got when I had two households. These are deeper than I like, but they have a lip that curls to the outside. It seemed to help. There were only a few ants in the bowl this morning and he was able to eat everything today. I have to inspect those ant baits and the package more carefully. I may not be using them right. In the meantime, one of my nice readers clued me in on some bait that may work better, so I may have to try that. Poor little kitty, food and getting petted are the only things that really mean anything to him, so I want him to be able to eat all his canned food.


So that was two wasted days and now it's late again, but not as late as the past two days. Maybe I can get to bed earlier? It's a cool, cloudy night in the field.


May 9

No journal tonight. I fell asleep at the computer. Nothing happened anyway.


May 8

Today is VE Day. I think I remember either it or VJ Day, because I was not quite 4 years old and I didn't understand much, but I clearly remember asking my mom and grandparents "Does that mean daddy's coming home?" The answer was "Um, not quite yet," and it was mid-1946 before he finally did.  Anyway, it was the beginning of the end.


I went up to the north end rather early last night, but then I just sat until I was almost too tired to get up and go to bed. I was trying to unwind from my horrible day, and it seems to have worked, because I slept well. We'll see about tonight.


So I got up without enough sleep and didn't do much of anything until just about dark, when I finally - finally!! - began to work on my ledger. I'm not sure how accurate it will be, because I'm not cross-checking the totals and I'm having some problems reading my handwriting. I used to have good handwriting, but these days it turns into an unreadable scrawl most of the time. I always say I must do better, but somehow, I never do. I stopped at July because there are some things I'm actually going to have to go to my bank statements to decipher. 


The weather was mostly clear and pretty, but it was cool. The high temperature was only 44 and there was almost no wind. 


Grayson didn't do anything amazing. He got a new (for him) kind of canned food and he seemed to like it, but before he could eat more than half of it, the ants got it. The ant baits I bought don't do anything at all. I guess I am going to try giving him half a can at a time and see if that works better, at least until I figure out how to get rid of the ants. 


So that was my day, and now as soon as the Allegri is over, I'll be going to bed. It's a mostly clear, dark night in the field.


May 7

I was late, of course, and I got a spam call around 9:30, which I hung up on. I stayed in bed for another hour, but I didn't really sleep deeply, so I didn't get enough sleep.


I went to the post office, where I finally got the payoff of my claim, and I got another letter from the insurance company - saying they were canceling my policy!!! EEK!!!! So I called the agent and got somebody I've never talked to before who said, yes, they did. Sorry. Good bye. Oh, dear. I will be complaining to them on Monday, when somebody might be there who can help me, and I think there's a person in our churches who is an agent, so I sent him an email asking for help. I have to have insurance, but I have no clue how to start looking for it. What a way to begin to wrap up this episode. 


Now that I have the check, I have to endorse it and send it on to HUD, so it will be some time before I actually have my money, but at least I have the check.


I finally got the stuff out of the car and onto the platform, so I was able to have cabbage with my fish and a different dressing on my salad...and my grapes are at hand. I keep a big bag of grapes in the front of the fridge, so I can reach into it and have some when I need a sugar jolt. It's especially nice in the morning when I'm hungry. I've sworn off the chocolate again. For one thing, it has to be shipped in cold packs and that's expensive, and for another, it seems to upset my weight loss. I used to laugh at my mother, who kept chocolate around the house - or i think she did - but as I've gotten older, I need a sugar fix, too. It seems to be a feature of getting older.


The weather was nondescript again. IT was cloudy in the morning, cleared up around noon, and by 2:30 it was cloudy again. The high temperature was only 43 and there was a north wind in the 15 mph range.


I think Grayson doesn't feel good again. He wasn't very interested in his canned food, but of course, it was fish, which he has decided he doesn't like very well, and he wanted to sit on my lap several times. I don't understand why he does it, but he will settle down, quite comfy, and even go to sleep, and then he will jump up and go away, only to come back a while later. Anyway, he is still eating, but he's been mostly eating kibble today. I will try him on something new tomorrow and see how he does.


So that was my rather unpleasant day. I wonder how much more of this I can endure. It's a cool, cloudy night in the field.


May 6

Well, I lost this one, too. I was late to bed, for no good reason, and I didn't get enough sleep. That, plus the weather, meant I was moving very slowly and so was my brain. I forgot most of the things I was going to do. I did wash the load of bottoms, although they aren't in the dryer yet. I'm going to be late tonight, too.


The weather was about the same as it's been lately. The high temperature was 50 and the wind was from the north in the 15 mph range, although there were some gusts up to 28 mph, until around 7 PM, when it went calm for a couple of hours and then became light from the southwest. It may be raining, but in the dark, I can't check that. Sort of blah, although it may be a bit cooler than normal for this time of year.


Grayson finally got his lap sit and a tummy rub, although he had to wait for it. He got on my lap just when I had to get up. He wasn't too pleased, because he didn't eat all his canned food right away and the ants got it. I understand why he might not want to take a mouthful of food and discover ants in it. Neither would I.


I have an ant problem, no question. The ones in the kitchen are about a millimeter long. There were some in the bathroom this morning that were about 3 mm long and brown and there are a couple other varieties I see every so often. When I was researching what to do about ants, the suggestion was to block all the places they can get in. How you would do that in any house, particularly this one, is beyond my understanding. I think the kitchen ones are probably coming in from under the porch, and there is a small opening in the caulking around the tup where they come into the bathroom - how they get there, I don't know, since it isn't near an outside wall. All that is one reason I very rarely take any of the "expert" advice I read or hear. Most of those "experts" don't consider all the conditions, and I strongly suspect they've never actually had to face the problem they are trying to tell you how to slove.


Oh  well. It's a cloudy and possibly rainy night in the field and I'm late.


May 5

I was later than I wanted to be, but there were a couple of pieces of music I wanted to hear right before midnight and then I just sat. I got up at a reasonable time, though, but then I just sat again before I got dressed and got our breakfast. 


I ended up having an accident. Last evening when I went to the powder room, when I flushed the toilet, the tank did not refill. I looked at it and everything seemed to be working, but no water was coming in. Well, eventually a plumber will get here, but in the meantime, I decided after breakfast - too long after breakfast - that I'd better just go up to the north end. That takes me long enough that I didn't make it. And after I cleaned up and began to wash a load of bottoms, I investigated the powder room and everything seems to be all right now I have no clue what happened.


Anyway, while I was up at the north end, I had several conversations with Schwan's about some concerns I have, including that my next order won't arrive until I think next Wednesday. I've also had some quality issues, including a rotten strawberry this morning. That took time, but I must say they reacted quickly, not that they did anything about it. And that was all I did.


The weather was cool but nice for a whlle. The high temperature was 49, briefly, and there was a north wind that was mostly in the 15 mph range. The day started out cloudy, cleared up around noon and then got cloudy again around 7 PM. There were a few stars when I went to bed, but obviously they didn't last long.


Grayson spent a long time on my lap after breakfast, no doubt one reason for my accident. I am concerned that it seems like he is having some problems peeing, but I need to get that litter tray set up so I can really see what he's doing.


When I was reading February and March's journals, I discovered a whole bunch of typos, mostly in February, which I didn't fix. Sorry about that. I think it probably has to do with not being able to see very well and missing the very fine red lines under the misspells. Maybe sometime I'll fix them, but maybe not, too. If I ever go back to converting the journals to Word documents, I'll probably fix them there, but I haven't done that in so many years, I'm not sure I ever will go back to it.


So it was another wasted day and now it's a cool, cloudy night in the field. Or I think it's cloudy.


May 4

Well, it was about 2 AM again, but that seems pretty normal. I slept well, for once, and when I got up I didn't fiddle around much before I took my bath.


There was an addition to the prayer list, from a call from a very nice lady at church, and I have actually sort of started on my taxes. It's about time. I got all my credit card statements organized and ready. Tomorrow I will start on the ledger. I'm not looking forward to that, and it might not be necessary, but I never can tell whether I need to itemize or not, and it's an exercise I need to do anyway. I couldn't do anything after the talking stopped, because I have to be able to see and at this time of year, I can't turn on the lights until after 10 PM.


Every time I try to get myself under control, I get a bit farther.


The weather was blah again. When I got up, it was very foggy and the fog didn't lift until around 1 PM. The high temperature was 42 and there was a wind from the north in the 15 mph range. Even after the fog lifted, it was cloudy and dull.


Grayson was on today. He came and sat on my lap twice, and the first time, he actually went to sleep. I had to move him because I had to pee. He got something he likes to eat, so he was happy, and I got him his meal early enough that he didn't have to whine at me very much.


I looked back through the old journals and I think I finally have the timeline of the flood nailed down. It would be nice if I could remember to note these things as they happen, but oh, well. I never have been able to be consistently organized.


So that's it, and it's a cool, cloudy night in the field, but I guess it's supposed to clear up eventually.


May 3

Another wasted day. I was much earlier to bed and i got a good night's sleep, but then...


I did get a first draft of the bulletin done and sent out.


The weather was nondescript. The high temperature was 51 and for most of the day there was a southeast wind gusting up to 28 mph. It sounded strange, because we don't often have winds from that direction. It was cloudy and dull.


Grayson was patient with me for quite a while before he started complaining, but he liked his canned food, so that made him happy.


And that was all there was. It's a warmish, dark night in the field.


May 2

Technically, i didn't invert, but it was so close it's only a technicality. I slept well for about five hours, i think, with one wakeup, but after that, I couldn't get back into a deep sleep, so I got up. I fiddled some, so I didn't do anything again. Maybe tonight?


The weather was nicer than they forecast. The NWS station reported that the high temperature was 57, between i and 2 PM, but I can't figure out when that was. There was almost no wind, although it finally settled down to under 10 mph from the east. The morning started out clear but the clouds moved in around noon, and although they weren't very thick, so it was bright, it wasn't nice and blue.


Grayson got one of his favorite canned flavors today and he vacuumed it up. He wanted to sit on me while I was doing something else, and he didn't stay, so he never got to sit on me. He wanted some of my dinner, too, but I'm not going to get any further into that than I already am.


I overcooked the steak, which was too bad, although it was still pretty good. I think that's because I don't cook stuff like that very often so I'm out of practice. It was a nice steak, but I noticed even before I cooked it that it didn't seem to be very juicy. I doubt I'll do that again for a while, but it was nice this once. I still have a lamb chop, but I think I'll hold that for a couple of days and hope my gout doesn't flare up. 


Oh, yes, I did do something. I cleaned up my email program, finally. I hadn't done that since November 2919, and some folders were even older than that. Among all of them, including sent items, i deleted almost 8500 messages. I must try to do better. I never go back to most of those things anyway, and I've stashed away all the important stuff. I get an incredible number of ads, because I do almost all my shopping online and every place I shop sends me emails. There is one company that has two outlets and they both send three or four emails a day - all duplicates. It annoys me, but I have seen things I wanted to know about, so I let them continue. I think the worst is eBay. I replaced my JD water bottle through them and later I looked at some shoes - didn't come big enough - and for the last month or more, I've been getting one or two emails a day with shoes. Sheesh. THey clearly do not understand shoppers like me. I am about to turn them off completely.


So that was my very quiet day and I really, really need to go to bed. It's a warmish, cloudy night in the field.


May 1

So I inverted last night. I sat in the bathroom until I started having several second episodes when I apparently fell asleep. i guess I was just too tired to get up and go to bed. I didn't get enough sleep, but I'm still trying to cycle back. It won't happen tonight, but maybe I can avoid a complete inversion.


So I didn't do anything.


The weather was nice and I had a fleeting thought about going out onto the deck, but right now there is so much stuff between me and the door that I have a lot of work to do before I can reach the other side of the room. The high temperature was apparently 62, although i question that, because I can't find an hourly reading that comes close to it. The wind started out from the southwest, shifted around to the north and now is back to the southwest. It was cloudy in the morning, cleared up by 11:30 and clouded up again by 7:30 PM. In between it was beautiful.


Grayson did his thing. He got some canned food he loves. I got it at Pat's and now I have to see if I can find it on Chewy, because Pat's is expensive. That's two days in a row, so I'll be able to continue to give him a change. I'm afraid if i gave him the same canned stuff every day, he would get tired of it and stop eating. At least I make dinnertime exciting for him, and boy, does he get excited! I would think it was sad that food was the high point of his day, except that I have the same problem.


I indulged in a strip steak ($16.99 a pound!!!!!) and maybe I will have it tomorrow. I also got a lamb chop. I'm a little wary about eating them both right after each other, because they could cause a gout flare-up, but I am so tired of fish and chicken and chicken and fish.... They had my Channa Masala, finally, but that needs rice and I've been off rice lately. Maybe I will make some and freeze it, like I used to when I started eating it. It lasts in the fridge for about a week, usually, but I have been eating potatoes lately. This weekend, I've been eating grilled cheese.


So that's what there is and it's a cloudy, relatively warm night in the field. And it's May, the month of new beginnings in the north country.


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