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October 1

So I was late getting to bed. For one thing, I was having trouble getting up, and for another, my legs wee killing me. I think it was the joints, but the pain had spread all the way from my hips. I didn't sleep well. I was up about every hour and a half, partly from the pain in my legs, and I had to pee. So even though I got up late, I didn't get enough sleep. That was obvious while I was trying to do the surfing I do with the phone. I kept dozing off and practically falling off the pot.


So I didn't do anything. I think the stuff in the breezeway is safe and I am having enough trouble walking that I don't 'think I could have done it anyway. I am not in quite as much pain, but I'm weak.


The weather was sp-so. Ir was cloudy, dull and gray for most of the day. It cleared up right around sunset, but the last picture before twilight ended had clouds in it again. The high temperature was 53, but it was steady around 52 for most of the day. There wasn't any wind.


Grayson was a bit put out with me because I was late, and while he kept coming around and mewing, he didn't try to get on my lap.


So that was my day. I'm glad it's October. Now it's a cool. cloudy night in the field.

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