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August 15

Huh. Middle of August already. And I haven't done anything.


I sure didn't do anything today. It has to be because my hips and knees, as well as my shoulders, are so sore, but I've been having sinus headaches, too. All that makes me not want to do anything at all.


So I didn't. I didn't get enough sleep, either. I was middling-late getting to bed, but I miss-read the clock and got up when I should have gone back to sleep, so I was tired and achy. 


I did knit about 4 rows. This is a round shawl, so even though I'm only on row 46 or so, i already have 192 stitches, but that's only just enough for my 24" needle, so not only is it slow going, I have to push the stitches around a lot. I had made the observation that the center is ugly, but that was when I tried to make it with the purple yarn and now I suspect I'd made even more mistakes than I have with the dusty lilac. It s a weird pattern and very easy to screw up. I won't say the center is beautiful, but it's not that bad.


I was supposed to have a Zoom call with the nephrologist on Wednesday, but right after their automated system called to confirm it, they called to cancel and now it won't be until September. I think the only appointment I've had with that guy that was at the original time was the first one. When I'm glad most of my medical services are with Aspirus. 


The weather started out cloudy, but it soon cleared up and the afternoon was very pretty. The high temperature was 68 and three wasn't any wind. It's still very humid, though, which no doubt is the reason I hurt so much.


Grayson mostly slept, of course. He got even more excited than usual about his dinner, and I don't know why. He thought he wanted some of mine, too, but he didn't get any. It wasn't very good anyway.


So that was another lost day and now it's a clear, cool night in the field.


August 14

Three in a row. I was a lot earlier to bed and a lot earlier getting up, but it didn't matter.


We had a little power glitch, so I guess I'll be setting clocks. Since I was sitting in the dark, all that happened that I saw was a "beep" from the UPS and my little task light went out. But i turned it right back on and it was fine, so I don't know what that was.


The weather was cloudy and cool again. The high temperature was 71 and there was no wind. It was very humid again, which not only contributed to my not wanting to move, I have a sinus headache.


Grayson slept, but he got his favorite food and he got to lick the yogurt dish, so he was happy.


And it's a cool, cloudy night in the field again.


August 13

Today is mama's birthday, number 105.


It was another late night and lost day. I did knit a bit.


The weather was cool and cloudy. The high temperature was 66,, briefly, and the wind was light to calm and variable. There were a couple of rays of sunshine, but not much.


Grayson mostly slept, of course, although while I was washing my face, he was lying just outside the bathroom door and he shouted at me. So I said, "Don't shout at me!" and he didn't. He would like it if I could rotate my schedule back three or four hours.


now it's another cool, cloudy night in the field.


August 12

We completely zoned out today, both of us.


The weather started out mostly clear, although there were a few clouds in the morning, but around 5:30 PM it clouded up. The high temperature was 76 and there wasn't much wind. What was nice was that the dewpoint was quite low - at or under 50 - so the humidity was low and my hips, especially, felt much bttter. Unfortunately, we're probably in for some reain, so it won't last. Haven't I told you that if there is something up in the sky that would be nce to see, it will be cloudy?


Grayson was getting upset by the time he finally got his dinner and he was shouting at me, but he liked it and he got to lick my bowl of yogurt, which he loves.


And that's all there was. It's a coolish, cloudy night in the field.


August 11

So I was late again, but i slept better than I have for a while. Not that I did anything with it.  I filled the kibble bowls, and that was about it, but I diddled around until it was quite late.


The weather was pretty, but cool. The high temperature was 72, briefly, and there wasn't a lot of wind. It was mostly quite humid and my joints were telling me so. It was clear and blue all day and now the full supermoon is shining brightly in the south windows. 


Of course, that will wash out the meteors, but I've seen meteors - I think the first time I saw the Perseids was when I was about 13 and all three of us sat out on the deck behind my bedroom in the mosquitoes to see them. It was sort of a ritual for all of my teens. I was always mostly a summer astronomer anyway, although somehow i managed to learn the winter constellations. The house was in the way of the southern sky from my deck, so there was a lot I had a hard time seeing. I'm still more familiar with the northern sky than the southern. And this moon is so bright it's washing out most everything I can see from the bedroom, other than Vega. My summer star, Arcturus. is mostly gone anyway.


Grayson was getting antsy before I fed him, in part because his kibble bowls were just about empty. He is happier now. He got to sit on my lap for a while, but not very long today.


So now it's late and I must try to go to bed tonight. It's a clear, cool, moonlit night in the field.


August 10

I don't remember why I was so late last night. I didn't sleep very well. I was up several times, and after about 8 AM, mu left hip was so sore it made my whole leg ache and I didn't sleep very well, although I didn't get up unti almost 1 PM. Then I knitted a bit and fooled around a lot before I did anything.


I unloaded and realoaded the dryer, so now I have jeans and underwear again, as well as some other things I threw into the loads. 


It was a bright clear day, but not too warm The temperature went down all day from 78 at midnight to 59 a day later and for most of the day there was a brisk north wind, with gusts up to 28 mph. For most of the day it was not very humid, and my joints were thankful.


I think my right hip is beginning to heal, but now I have this thing with my left hip, and of course my knees... The first few steps after I stand up are very difficult, but I've been able to get around a bit better. I;m still using the Rollator, but that's at least in part because it's so convenient to put stuff on the seat. Oh, and I had to bring my cart into the office to get the cat hair and other junk out of the wheels and I haven't moved it back into the kitchen yet. The Rollator is addictive, though, just because it's so convenient. Only I don't want to get dependent on it.


Grayson was upset with me because I was so late, and I'm going to have to fill his kibble bowls soon. He will eat the whole bowl of canned food, but he doesn't like to empty the kibble bowls. This is a trait of most cats I've known; they leave a bit in the bottom of the bowl, maybe in the hope it will grow. 


So that was a rathe rtruncated day, and now it's a cool, clear night in the field and the nearly-full supermoon is shining brightly in the south.


August 9

My guess is that the wifi problems I've been having lately are the result of a failing piece of equipment. The connection went down completely for a while last night and I haven't been having any problems tonight, although I haven't tested the actual speed; Either that or they upgraded something. It's a relief. It was getting really bad.


I was a bit later than I wanted to be last night, of course, but not too late. I slept well and i felt some better today. For one thing, the humidity was much lower and my aching knees and hips aren't nearly as sore as they have been. They still hurt, but I can get around a bit better. The only thing is, I've gotten into such bad habits since I hurt so bad. 


I didn't do a lot, but I washed a load of underwear and paid some bills. 


The weather was hot, or it felt that way to me. The high temperature was 83, and for most of the day there was very little wind. It was clear and blue and after dark, the nearly-full moon was shining in the south windows. I finally reset the start and stop times of the canera - by half an hour on each end. I doubt very many people look back at the archive like I do, but at least there will be fewer plain black screens. Sigh. IT's always sad when I have to do that, although I'm hoping for a nice late summer and fall, not nearly as humid as June and July were.


Grayson doesn't like this weather any better than I do, and he mostly sleeps all stretched out so he can get as much air as possible. There are disadvantages to wearing a fur coat. At least I can sweat all over - and I did. He wanted my dinner, of course, but no such luck.


So that was my day and now it's a clear, warm night in the field. At least the wind has picked up.


August 8

Well, I'll write this, but it may not get posted until tomorrow. PastyNet is having some sort of problem again.


I was too late last night. It's another case of not wanting to get out of my chair because it's too painful. IT's still very humid and my joints are telling me so. Anyway, when I did get up, i had a really yucky accident, all over the floors. I think I've sort of cleaned up the office, but there is a big area in the great room that needs attention. At least I have my rolling chair so I can sit while I work on it. I just have to have time. 


I got up at a sort of reasonable hour, which means I didn't have enough sleep, and I just almost fell asleep in the powder room, so maybe I can crash tonight. If the internet is down, I might as well. I did get my hair washed, finally


The weather started out cloudy, but it cleared up around noon and the afternoon was very pretty. The high temperature was 67 and there was a light north wind. The humidity, though, varied from 97% to 80%. Yuck.


Grayson didn't like it either, I think. He was complaining by the time I finally got dressed, but he didn't try to geth my dinner. He does things like walking around under the Rollator and rubbing his whiskers on my cane that annoy me.


So that was my day, such as it was. At least I'm socially acceptable agak.


when I looked out the south window, the big gibbous moon is shining brightly in the south. It's a clear, cool night in the field.


August 7

This is getting monotonous to write about, although it doesn't seem monotonous to live. It was another lost day. I was ridiculously late getting to bed, so I got up ridiculously late and did nothing. Well - I put the load of bottoms in the dryer. Whee1


THe weather turned cool. The high temperature was only 62 and there was very little wind. it was slightly less humid, but that's not saying much. It was cloudy until around 1 PM, cleared up nicely until around 6 PM, then clouded up again. I got a glimpse of the gibbous moon behinc the clouds before it was completely covered.


Grayson mostly slept, of course, although he was getting a bit antsy by the time I fed him. After I ate, he came and mewed and got a nice tummy rub. He is probably asleep in the doorway now.


And that's all. It's a cool, cloudy night in the field and i tmight rain a bit.


August 6

Bah! Another lost day. I did finish washing the load of bottoms and I'll put them in the dryer on my way north, but otherwise, nothing. Bah.


The weather was meh again. The high temperature was 81, fairly early. It was (and is) very humid and there was some wind that settled down from the north. It was cloudy and dull all day. Meh, but not good for my joints.


Grayson mostly did his thing. When he mewed at me after I got up, I just petted him, but this evening he came up beside me and mewed so I picked him up and we had a nice love in. He never stays too long, and I don't know why, but it's nice to have a lapful of purring fur every so often.


Now it's a warmish, humid, cloudy night in the field.


August 5

Another lost day. I was rather late last night because I had the usual accident. I slept fairly well, but I was really tired by the time I got to bed. The way I've felt today, I didn't get enough sleep, sp I'm doing this early and hoping to make up for it tonight. The only thing I did today was start the load of bottoms washing. I'll finish it tomorrow.


The weather wasn't too bad, actually. The high temperature was 81 and there was a nice southwest wind, with gusts as high as 33 mph. It's dying down now, of course. There was a lot of sunshine but there were clouds and after about 5:30 PM, it clouded up completely. 


Grayson had me a bit worried. He usually follows me around, but last night, he never came up to the north end, and he still wasn't there when I woke up around 10:30. So I put on my shoes and my glasses to go after him when he came running down the hallway meowing. I don't know where he was, but he acted like he forgot. So I picked him up and we had a good cuddle before i went back to bed. I think he would like to cuddle more, but I have other things to do...like sleep.


So that was my day and now I think I'll read for a bit longer - hopefully not too long - before I go to bed. It's a warm, cloudy nignt in the field.


August 4

Very sorry that the journal for last night didn't get uploaded, but PastyNet had a failure and I couldn't get to my website. I did write one, and it's below.


I was late getting to bed because I had an icky accident on my way north and I had to clean myself up and relax my mind. those things always upset me. I did sleep, though, with only one wakeup, and I didn't feel so bad, although I didn't do anything with it. The trouble is, my hips are still very bad, the right one particularly, and when I'm sitting down I just don't want to get up. That's undoubtedly why the accident and it's why I didn't do anything today. I have a load of bottoms in the wahser that needs to be washed, and I'll do that tomorrow, but that's all.


The weather was nice again, and quite a bit cooler than yesterday, which was also nice. the high temperature was 69 and there wasn't much wind, although it's still very humid. It was clear and b;ie a;; day. Nice.


Grayson was a bit complainy before he got his dinner and he wanted some of mine, too, but he didn't get any. Just a little while ago he came in and spoke and I picked him up and we had a nice love-in. He also wished me good morning when I got up, which I thought was nice of him.


So that's another lost day, and now it's a coolish, clear night in the field.


August 3

This weather is not conducive to my sleeping well. I was so tired when I finally went to bed that I fell asleep on my back, which doesn't happen very often. While lying on my back for a while relaxes the muscles, sleeping on it for several hours stiffens it up. And besides, the reason I woke up was that I was about to have an accident. I was out of bed when I did, but it was messy anyway. I think I got up around 11 AM and it was getting warm when I did.


The information for the bulletin came in yesterday and I finally got that put together tonight, without too many mistakes.


I had asked Ron to help me finally get the last of the groceries into the house, and he did that, as well as varoius other things that had come in the meantime. I was so grateful. After he left, I got everything put away in the fridge, although I haven't put away the dolly and the tub yet. 


I am having so much trouble walking that I am mostly using either the Rollator or the transfer chair. I wish I didn't have to use the Rollator, but if I don't, it takes me forever to move. Both hips are bad, although in different spots, and my knees are acting up again. It's the weather I'm sure.


The high temperature was 84, but that happened early in the afternoon and it went down rapidly into the 60s. The dewpoint was around 60, plus or  minus a few degrees, and the humidity actually got below 60% for a little while, but mostly it's too cool and humid for my joints.


Grayson was mouthy today, and I don't know why. When Ron was bringing in the stuff, Grayson made one rush for the door, but Ron caught him and he didn't try again. He did get a couple of lap sits and he finally quieted down. He wanted some of my dinner, but he didn't get any. 


I actually did feel some better today, which I guess means my potassium is still going up. That's nice; I was really dragging last week. Now if I can just get the right mix of food to keep my potassium normal and my kidneys happy, I can go on. I doubt it will happen, because it seems to change on almost a daily basis.


When I turned out the light last night, a bright light hit me in the eye and when I looked out, the lighthouse is apparently in operation again! I assume it's been off for so long because they were waiting for parts. The current light is just on the top of a steel structure, so it's a simple thing, but it's old and when something breaks, they have a hard time getting the parts for it.


Oh, by the way, this may not get posted tonight. PastyNet had a major failure, and I haven't been able to get to my website all evening. I'll try again tomorrow.


Now it's a cool, clear, breezy night in the field.


August 2

I was up sever3l times during the night and I got up around 10 AM, so I didn't get enough sleep. That should have been early enough for me to leave at a reasoable time, but I am having so much trouble moving that once I'm sitting down, I just don't want to get up.


Anyway, I did make it to the hospital by 3 PM, but they were busy and I left around 4 PM. By the time I got home, the results were online. My potassium is still a little low, but not much, my kidney function is a tad less good than it was Friday and my uric acid is a tad higher than I'd like (but I think that's because all the flank steak I ate over the weekend). So I guess it was worthwhile. They're going to have a fight if they want me to keep flying down the peninsula every couple of days, though. Both I and my car are too old for that.


I hurt so bad that I still didn't get the rest of the groceries into the house, but Ron called because he finally picked up the message Debbie left for him, and I put him on to help me get everything into the house that needs to be here. We had a nice conversation, although his phone is VoiP and it kept cutting out. 


The weather started out nice, clear and blue, but still humid. By the time I left the hospital, it was clouding up and between 8 and 10 PM we had a little thundershower - 0;11" of rain. It looks like that may be the end of our rain event, but we'll see. The high temperature here was 74, with a nice southwest wind that eventually got up to 37 mph gusts. It was warmer in town, but that breeze made it tolerable. It's really humid now, and yes, I can tell the difference between 50% and 90% humidity. Walk or don't walk.


Grayson knew I was going away and he went and hid someplace, although he was very happy when I got home. He wanted my dinner, of course, but he figured out that he wasn't getting any before I finished it. I hope he doesn't think I do these things becaue I'm mad at him, but it's hard to tell.


I did not feel very good when I got up and I am really tired now, so i may not stay up to hear the whole Rachmaninoff, but we'll see. 


It's a cool, breezy and possibly rainy night in the field.


August 1

Of course I was much later than I wanted to be last night, but I was cooling off and I was just too tired to get up. My hips were so sore I ended up getting out the Rollater, and it helps a lot, although it rolls so esily I have to be careful to stay close to the handles.


Anyway, it was after 1 PM before I got up and I felt all right then, except for my hips. The doctor called again and, as I suspected, the call was about my potassium, so I have to go down to Laurium tomorrow and get another blood test. Sigh. I had a lot of high-potassium food today, so maybe it will be better. I hate to have to drive down there, but it is some concern. This hapens occasionally, but the new guy hasn't seen it before.  And I admit, I don't feel all that good. 


The weather was mostly cloudy and cool, but it didn't rain here. THe high temperature was 67 and there is a brisk north wind in the 15-20 mph range. Howeer, it is still much too humid - around 80%, so it's icky. IT cleared up after dark and the camera caught a nice picture of the moon setting over the mountain.


Grayson was very talkative today, and I don't know why, except that i was late and he wanted his canned food. He did get a nice lap sit, so I guess he knows I've forgiven him. And he didn't try to get out when I had to go out to the breezeway. He didn't get any of my Harbor Haus dinner, but we had yogurt for dessert and he might like that even more than I do. The dish looks like I washed it.


So that was my quiet day and now it's a cool, breezy night in the field.

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