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December 11

I was stupidly late and I didn't get enough sleep, so I'm really tired now. I also learned (as if I didn't know it) not to take the phone with me to the north end, because it's a trap.


I did knit a bit, and I got almost half of the shawl bound off. I had to try three or four kinds of bind off before I found one I like, and that took time, because I had to rip back, but it was worth it. I wanted one that would be as stretchy as the fabric, and i found it in the same one I used when I made the toe-up socks. It means binding off twice as many stitches as are on the needle - it will be more than 1400 for this one - but it's worth the effort, because there won't be any problems when I start stretching it to block it.


I didn't do anything else. I was so late I didn't even eat a real breakfast. Oh, well. I do these things to myself. Oh, I'm happy to report that when I changed the dressing on my wound, there was very little drainage, so maybe - just maybe - it's finally healing. I'm praying.


It was another nondescript day. The high temperature was 30, but it was nearly steady again. The wind started out at midnight around 18 mph and it has now gone calm. It was dark and gloomy again.


The guys slept. Boy, did they sleep! Grayson was asleep on the end of the bed when I got up, and he stayed there until he started coughing. Louie was right in front of the toilet, but even after i moved him, he stayed and slept and purred while I knitted. Grayson did get to sleep on my lap for a while, but I don't know exactly where Louie went - I never do. I suspect he may go up into the loft, which is where Grayson goes, too, when he isn't with me.


So that was my quiet day, and now it's a dark, cloudy night in the field.


December 10

I went into zombie mode again last night and I didn't go to bed until I couldn't see straight anymore. I slept well, and I got up around 10:30, I think. I knitted the last row of the chart and one more row. The pattern said to bind off on the wrong side, but there were a couple of reasons I didn't want to do that, so I purled a row and I'm ready to start the bind off.


The nurse came and she thinks my wound is looking much better. I hope so. I'm tired of this.


I didn't do much, except that I got into some more computer screw ups. First, I did the monthly system update, and it told me that it failed to install one file, but when I tried to get it again to install it, it wasn't there. I don't know where it went in the hour or so it took to do the rest. I stopped the weekly backup last night because it looked like it was going to do a complete backup. I guess that was wrong - it had more to do with the 1500 deleted email messages I was keeping - but I wasn't sure about that then. so I aborted it. Today I decided I really did need to do a backup, and I thought this might be a good time to try the program I got some time ago and never used. Well.


First, the people who wrote it don't think the way I do, and besides, English isn't their native tongue, so it was extremely confusing. I still don't know exactly what they were talking about. Anyway, I was going to do a full system backup until they told me it was going to take 14 hours (and who knows how many disks)! Forget that! So I trashed another CD and started a file backup, even though it was very hard to figure out how to get the files I wanted. It took 4 disks and a couple of hours, and then - then!!! - I discovered that they won't let me schedule a file backup. What? That's what I want to do most! Sheesh! So trash 4 more disks. I've gone back to old MS backup, which I hate, and I'm writing on the third disk of that. It was time to do that anyway, and I cut it down as much as I could by deleting the email messages. Maybe I can clean up my email client even more before next week. I don't know how I get into these things, when all I want to do is back up the files that have changed since last week (NOT including email or temporary files). 


The weather was nondescript again. It looked a bit hazy down the harbor all day, but I don't think it snowed or anything. The temperature was around freezing all day, but just in the past hour, it has jumped up to 35. Weird. There was hardly any wind. It was cloudy and dull all day, until sunset, when it suddenly cleared up and it was clear when the camera quit. Very pretty. There might even be a star tonight. I just looked at the snowfall report and they are saying we had 23" of snow last week, or at least Delaware did. I'm not sure I buy that, especially the 10" on Friday, which is the same amount we had last year. I'll check it later in the week and see if they revise it. There was a lot of snow up there, and the roads were horrible, but still...


The guys slept. Grayson slept on me, mostly, to try to make up for yesterday when he didn't get to sleep on me at all. I don't know where Louie was, after Corina left. He likes her, and he comes to greet her when she comes. I think she likes him, too, so it's nice that he's hospitable.


I was so late last night that I'm really tired now, so I think I will go to bed when the backup ends. I was going to wash my hair, but now I think I'll just stay greasy. It's a warmish (for December) clear night in the field and you never know about the weather around here.


December 9

I made it into bed a bit before 9:30 last night and I slept OK - not good, but not bad, either. I was up several times, of course, but the alarm woke me up. I didn't feel nearly as awful as I did yesterday, so I got up. I was moving slowly, though, with several trips to the bathroom, and I was later leaving than I wanted to be.


After I got by the Mountain Lodge, I knew I would be late, though, because the road was partly snow covered. Someplace down there, I came up behind Mary Ann and Bill, who were a lot later than they usually are, and I followed them all the way to Calumet. We got behind a guy who, Bill said, was terrified, and who was driving erratically. Bill passed him around Central, but the guy behind me passed me, so I couldn't pass the other guy until around Phoenix, when we both did. Then the guy in front of me started driving strangely - this was after the road was only wet - so I passed him on the Phoenix straight and I followed Bill all the rest of the way. Bill was a professional truck driver until he retired, so I figure he's a good one to follow. He said it was slippery, but he drives a huge truck. I didn't notice that, but then I was trying to be careful.


Anyway, we made it to church. I was a bit later getting in than they were because when I tried to get out of my car, I discovered I had parked over a patch of glare ice, so I had to move forward a foot or two. I missed choir practice.


Church was nice, of course, but the choir stunk. We sang a setting of Wachet auf that was very high and unfortunately, our highest soprano was extremely flat today. I bailed - I didn't have enough time to warm up, so I skipped the high Gs. Oh, well, it's the thought that counts. The words were nice.


There was a church trimming party, complete with potluck (of course!) after church, but I didn't stay. I came home, pulled out the phone and spent the afternoon playing solitaire until I was freezing. How to waste a day.


The weather wasn't too bad, actually. The temperature was just about steady at 31 or 32 here - it was a bit cooler in Laurium - and it was quite windy. Mostly the gusts were in the upper 20s from the north, but between 9:00 and 10:00 AM, we had at least one gust of 38 mph. Of course, I wasn't here then. The wind has finally died down to almost nothing, but it didn't help when I was out driving in it, because most of US-41 between Laurium and here runs nearly east-west, so there was quite a cross wind, and it was just slippery enough that I could feel it pushing me sideways. It was dark and cloudy all day.


I think the guys slept. Grayson kept coming into the powder room and complaining because he couldn't get on my lap. Too bad, buddy. I haven't seen much of Louie.


So that was another quiet day in the field. When I took off my bandage last night, there was quite a lot of drainage, unfortunately. We'll see how it looks tonight.


Now it's a cold, dark night in the field, but the wind has died down.


December 8

I forgot to mention last night that yesterday was the 77th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I was five months old, but it affected the first five or six years of my life, and probably the rest of it as well, because I'm convinced that my dad came back from the Pacific (he was in the navy) with PTSD. He managed to function, and so did I, but it must have skewed things for both of us.


I got to bed around 1:00 this morning, and I slept fairly well, but I was hot. I must turn down the heat a bit. I got up around 10:00. after having an interesting version of the potty dream, where I was snowmobiling! I've never driven a snowmobile in my life, although I wish I could. I knitted a row and a half. I have one more row plus the bind-off to do and I will be finished with this project. I intended to begin the search for the next project today, but I got sidetracked. I've been moving slowly.


I didn't do much. I finished washing and drying the load of bottoms, so when I soil the pair I'm wearing (came close this morning) I will have something to put on.


The weather was very nice, for a change. The high temperature was 33, but while it was that warm there was a brisk wind, with gusts up to 25 mph from the north. The skies were partly cloudy. When I was up around 6:00, I looked up and saw Polaris a couple of times. It wasn't completely clear, but there was a lot of blue sky and sunshine. Of course the days are so short now, 8h34m, that there wasn't a lot of any light. It was pretty and it was certainly nice to see blue sky.


The guys ignored it. They slept. Grayson told me the barometer was high this morning. He was beating up on all the rugs in the bathroom. And he spent a good portion of the afternoon asleep on my lap. I haven't seen much of Louie, but he sleeps most of the time anyway.


So that was my day and now it's quite early, but I'm going to try to get to bed very early tonight. I do want to go to church tomorrow and I hope not to feel as bad as I did when I got up this morning. They are saying patchy blowing snow for tomorrow morning, but I don't know if that means new snow or just the old stuff blowing around.


Now it's a partly cloudy, breezy night in the field.


December 7

I got lost in a crafty iPhone last night, so I was very late getting to bed. I slept well, and I got up around 10:00. I  managed to knit about a row and a half before the nurse called. I thought I might finish the row tonight, but not so.


Even though the doctor said he didn't think I needed home nursing, the nurse agrees with me that I do, until my wound heals. I hope that will be before I see him again. I think it looks good, but until it heals, I want somebody knowledgeable looking at it. As I've said any number of times, I haven't figured out how to pop my eyes out of their sockets and get them down to my chest so that I can see what's going on there.


I paid the rest of the month's bills, but I didn't do anything else. Ron brought my mail, so I now know what my winter taxes are - much more than i hoped! Fortunately, they aren't due until February, so I have time to try to gather up another $800 to pay them. Shudder!


The weather was typical lake effect. When I came out of the bathroom after washing my face, it was sunny here, but there was a wall of white about across from the ranging light to the lighthouse. When I got to the kitchen after I got dressed, it was snowing hard here. That kept happening all day. One minute there would be sunshine, and five minutes later it would be snowing. It was snowing when it got dark. The temperature has finally risen to 23, but it was right around 20 or a bit lower for most of the day. There wasn't much wind until around 8:00, but now it's risen to 31 mph gusts from the north. I think the lake effect warning continues through tomorrow morning.


The guys slept. Grayson slept on me and he kept wanting to come back, even after I shooed him away. I don't know where Louie was. He greeted Corina, but then he went away, and I didn't see him again until I was about to get my dinner and he was chowing down on kibble.


I'm late again tonight. Debbie called and we had a nice conversation before one of her kids called her. Then I was listening to the radio, and after the talking was over, there was some nice music, and the next thing I knew it was 10:00 and I hadn't eaten. I'm through with that now, so as soon as the Haydn is over, I will be going to bed.


So now it's a cold, windy, snowy night in the field. It's winter for sure.


December 6

For once, I went right up to the north end, and I was in bed before 10:00. I slept well, with several wakeups, and I got up before 9:00. 


I knitted, for once. I finished the purl row I was working on when I was interrupted on Monday and I did the next row. I have four more rows to go, I think. 


Two things happened yesterday that I didn't record. I put the bulletin together and sent it out. Fortunately, it was an easy one, and my eagle-eyed proofreader didn't find anything wrong with it. I did forget one thing in the calendar, but they'll just have to announce it. 


The other was a call from one of my neighbors that I didn't realize had happened until the middle of the night when I saw that the phone was blinking. They asked me to store the backup blower for the tractor and they wanted to bring it over today.


So this morning we had our usual "have your answering machine call my answering machine" plus I had an accident, and they brought it over around 1:00. Then - they are such nice people! - they offered to take away all the broken down cardboard boxes I had lying around! What a nice thing! Of course, I got a bunch more today. but at least those big boxes are gone and I can start some more.


Ron came over late in the day, because UPS had delivered a big box at the Gas Lite, and we had a nice conversation. He is a bit of a ditz, but he is such a nice person! Of course, I was standing and I had to pee, but it was worth it. We haven't had a chance to really talk for quite a while. 


Oh, yes, and then very late in the afternoon, FedEx was here. I didn't make much of it, until I looked out in the breezeway and realized they had probably left everything - three bags of kibble and 60 rolls of TP - outside. Sheesh! It's not like they haven't been here twice already this week and left stuff in the breezeway! I did not go out to bring it in. Hopefully, the critters won't find it overnight and maybe I can get some help tomorrow.


That's because the nurse didn't come today. She will be here tomorrow, because she has other people to see here and she needs to see them on Friday. That's all right. I can wait. I'm doing all right.


Well - that's relative. I was very sore and creaky today and my left shoulder ached. I didn't feel good all around, I think because I overextended yesterday. So I sat. I had another accident, but not a bad one, and now I have three pairs of sweats, a pair of jeans and associated underpants to wash. I didn't get to that today.


Obviously, we didn't get to choir. Mary Ann and I discussed it at length, and we decided it wasn't worth it. The roads are bad and there are no snowbanks to cushion us if we slide. Besides, I felt lousy enough that I didnt want to drive.


The weather was, um, wintry. We are under another winter weather advisory (the last one ended at 7:00 AM).  It was cold; the temperature went down from midnight and it was around 16 all afternoon. It snowed on and off all day, but I don't think there was much accumulation. There was a small amount up against the door to the garage, but the guys beat that down. There was a strong northeast wind, with gusts up to 28 mph, although it's dying down now. The lake is singing.


The guys slept. Grayson wanted to sleep on me all day. He still thinks that when I go away I'm never coming back. I finally gave him a taste of my dinner, and once he gummed it, he decided he didn't like it. That's why I don't usually give him any. The only things I eat that he likes is deli turkey and deli ham. I think Louie slept up at the north end all day. 


So that was my quiet day, and now it's a dark, cold, snowy night in the field...so what else is new? I'm going to bed again.


December 5

I was stupidly late last night, and as a result, I only got about 5 hours' sleep, so I'm exhausted. I got up around 10:00 and did what I had to - or I thought I did - and just as I was gathering my stuff to get ready to go, I had an accident and had to change my bottoms. 


i still managed to get away about when I wanted to, and it was good that I did, because the roads were snow covered and it snowed all the way to Laurium. Besides, I got behind a logging truck and it was kicking up enough snow that I couldn't pass it. Sigh.


I had to park in the clinic parking area, and I actually managed to get in and get to the doctor's office without a wheelchair, for the first time in a while. Of course, it's not as long a walk as when I park by the hospital entrance, but there is a long way across the parking lot. I got help getting out.


The doctor was late, so while I was waiting, I got a flu shot. I haven't for the past couple of years, but I figured that since I was there, I might as well.


The doctor maintains that my wound is healing, and in fact, I'm not going to be putting any antibiotic cream on it from now on. He did have to cauterize it, but I didn't feel anything from that. He also used a portable ultrasound on the swollen parts, and there doesn't seem to be much fluid there, so the swelling must be some kind of inflammation not associated with infection. He agrees that it's taking this thing a very long time to heal, but he's still sure it's coming fine. We'll see.


It took me longer to get home than to get there, because there had been more snow, and when i got home, I opened a couple of boxes and brought some stuff into the house, then I sat in the powder room and played solitaire for three hours or so. Zombie mode.


The weather was snowy. It snowed more or less lightly all day, but there didn't seem to be a lot of accumulation. The high temperature was - is - 29. It was breezy overnight, then during the day, the wind dropped to nothing. It is now picking up again, with gusts up to about 24 mph. Of course it was dark and dull and my car turned on its headlights all the way home. That's actually good - when it's snowy like it was today, it's safer to have one's headlights on, especially when cars pass on the other side and stir up clouds of snow.


I think the cats slept. Louie had a nap attack in the middle of the great room this evening. While I was in the powder room, Grayson kept coming in and butting me with his head, as if to say, "Aren't you going to move so I can sit on you?" No. I didn't. Of course, they don't like it when I go away for the afternoon.


Oh, I forgot. I chipped a tooth last night on some peanut brittle that doesn't have peanuts in it. It's the same tooth I chipped a number of years ago and got patched up. They are going to have to patch it again, because I can't afford a crown. They worked me in on December 28, and they will try to fit me into any cancellation that comes along. That's the trouble with having a good doctor or dentist: they are so busy, you can't get an appointment when you need one.


So that was my day, and I'm so tired, I'm going to bed now. It's a cold, dark, snowy night in the field.


December 4

I sort of fooled around last night, so I was late, but I was so tired that I slept very well. I got up around 10:30, I think. However, I had had a call around 8:45 saying that somebody would be here to do maintenance on my generator, so I thought I'd better be ready and I didn't knit. I don't know if anybody came or not - they didn't come to the door - so I could have knitted anyway. I won't be able to do it tomorrow, either, because I have to leave around 11:30 or so. I do so want to get that thing done!


I did get to knit on the sock for a while, though, and I have now only about 10 rows to go before I start the toe. I need to line up some new projects! Other than that, I didn't do anything. I'm still tired and creaky from Sunday, I guess.


The weather was nondescript. The high temperature was 31, but that was overnight, and it slid down very slowly to 25, where it is now. The wind was under 10 mph all day. It was dark and dull, except that I think there was about 30 seconds of sunshine - or was I hallucinating? There wasn't any snow, which was good, although I will be out in it tomorrow, because it is going to snow then. Sigh. It always happens.


The guys slept. Grayson slept on me as much as he could. Louie was up at the north end, of course.


So that was it. Very quiet and very nice. Now it's a dark, cold night in the field


December 3

I was a bit late last night, but once I finally got to bed, I slept well. It didn't hurt that the lake was singing all night long. I seem to sleep better when it does so.


i got up around 10:00, I think, and I knitted, but Corina, the nurse, called and said she would be here around 12:30, so I only did a bit more than one row. The row I'm working on now is the one where I add about 120 stitches (which are taken off in the next row), so it takes a long time to do. Tomorrow, probably.


Corina came and agreed that I still have an open wound, and the doctor will probably cauterize it with silver nitrate - but we'll see. She'll be back on Thursday no matter what.


I didn't do anything else. I sort of messed up my back - as well as my shoulders and knees - yesterday, so I just sat and tried not to move too much. I wasn't dressed warmly enough to pump gas out in the wind, and I didn't realize that until I got to church. Memo to self: wear parka when having to pump gas, unless the temperature is over 40! Those pumps are out in the  middle of a parking lot and the wind is vicious.


Things quieted down today. The wind died down considerably overnight, and while it's still breezy, it's nothing like it was yesterday. The wind shifted around to the north and it's down to around 15 mph now. The high temperature was only 29, which is what it is now, so it was chilly out there, It was mostly dull and gray, although I did see one ray of sunshine peek through the dull gray clouds around 3:00. It went away fast. There wasn't any snow today, but it dribbled down over the weekend, at least at Delaware, and we now have had 50" for the season so far. I know places where that's the whole season total, but for us, it's a nice change. Oh, eventually it will hit us, but we'll take these light falls any time.


The guys slept. Grayson slept on me. Louie slept mostly in the bathroom. When I got up to get dressed, he was at my feet, sort of asleep with a smile on his face and purring loudly...there's something so nice about that. It took Louie a long time to get comfortable here, and he still doesn't like Grayson very well, but I think he's a happy cat. i know he thinks I'm a fine mama - well, at least when I keep the food bowls full of the right stuff! Grayson was my friend before Louie came, and he hasn't changed his mind. He has faith that there will always be food, even if it sometimes isn't the kind he likes best. And he will tell me when he thinks he needs something else...


So it was a nice, quiet day, and I'm going to bed soon. I don't have to wash my hair until tomorrow (to be clean for the doctor, of course), so I'm free to go any time. It's a cold, dark night in the field, but the latest gale is over.


December 2

I got to bed by my target time, but I didn't sleep all that well. It was fine for the first five hours or so, although I was up a couple of times, but then I couldn't get into a deep sleep and I was sort of awake when the alarm went off. I got up anyway and did my thing.


i had to rush a bit, but I left right around 9:00, I guess. It must have been because Mary Ann called just after 9:00 and I didn't hear the phone, so I couldn't have been in the house. I mean, I'm deaf, but not that deaf, although I do turn off my virtual hearing aids occasionally.


Anyway, the trip down wasn't bad, just slow. The roads were mostly clear but wet, there was something coming down - maybe drizzle? - for most of the way and it was very windy. The streets getting to church were bad, but they always are. Calumet and Laurium do not do a good job of snow clearing on their side streets.


Church was very nice and the choir sang pretty well, which was surprising. I was nearly sight reading the song, and on the last page I had to sing second soprano. I have no idea what I was singing, but it didn't sound dissonant, so I guess it must have been right.


Afterwards, Andrew put my fruit in my car for me, which I appreciated. Andrew is Pastor's son. He is a senior at Calumet High this year (and he spent the summer in the National Guard - quite a kid!) and they had a fund raiser of fruit boxes and some other stuff I didn't look at. I got a small fruit box - four each of oranges, grapefruit, apples and pears - and it came last week. I've been wondering where it was. When I got home, I ate a pear and I had an apple for dessert just now, and it's very nice fruit. 


Then I was off to Pat's, where I did quite a bit of damage. I had to get some cat food, since my Walmart order won't get here until Thursday and the guys have been wandering around telling me they were not happy with the one bowl of dry food that was left. Anyway, besides the JD, everything else I got was food, and almost all of it was stuff I needed. I had drawn down the food supply much lower than I can recall it being for a very long time. I tend to be a hoarder anyway, but since I live where I may not be able to get to the supermarket very often, I do buy ahead. Now I'm good for at least three weeks, by which time it will be Christmas Eve - eve and I can do it all over again.


I had to get gas, and that was not fun. The station I go to is out in the middle of a parking lot with no place to shelter, and it was about 28 and very windy in Calumet. I prevailed, though, and I now have almost a full tank of gas - minus the 3 gallons it takes me to get home.


Driving home was not pleasant. Not only was it still extremely windy, it snowed lightly most of the way, and I suspect that the road was sort of slippery, so I had to go slowly. I made it, though, and then there was the task of schlepping all that food into the house. Well, frankly, most of it is still out on the platform. I was just too tired, and besides, it's as cold out there as it is in the fridge.


I had something to eat and just sat for the rest of the afternoon. 


The weather, as I said, was cold, snowy and very windy. It started out the morning at 34 and it is now about 31. There were a couple of snow showers here, too. But then there was the wind. The sustained winds got as high as 33 mph and the gusts got as high as 47 mph, all from the east. it's been very noisy around here. I don't get much of the actual wind here, but I sure can hear the lake roaring against the rocks. It was dark and dreary even when it wasn't snowing.


When i brought the two bags of cat food in, I left them on the floor, and while I was sitting in the powder room, I heard rustling and both of them were trying to tear holes in the bags. They did have a full bowl of the other kind of kibble, but that's not what they wanted. So I filled the bowls with the new stuff and now they are happy. The kind they didn't want to eat is the only kind Louie would eat when he first came here, by the way. I guess he's just tired of it. And the one they seem to like best - or at least they eat more of it - is the one that's 50% more expensive than the other two. Of course. Actually, I'm glad they do like it. It's calorie reduced and it doesn't seem to have as much coloring in it. Anyway, they've been happy campers for the rest of the afternoon. I think Louie is someplace up at the north end and Grayson slept on my lap for a long time.


So that was my day. It's late, because I was just too tired to get my dinner. Now I can totter up to the north end and crash. It's a cold, dark, very windy, very noisy night in the field, and the lake will sing me to sleep.


December 1

I made it into bed before midnight last night, but then I had some trouble getting to sleep, at least at first. After that, it was better. I had to get up around 8:00, and I thought I would go back to sleep, but I couldn't, so I got up and knitted two rows - which took two hours. The only thing that consoles me is that now I have only 7 more rows, plus the bind-off, to do. Maybe I can find something smaller for my next lace project.


I didn't do very much, as usual. However, while my dinner was cooking, I actually got the dishwasher almost loaded with the first load. There will be at least one more load - every dish in my kitchen is dirty - but this will give me a good start. I have been really tired of having to wash a dish in order to eat, and besides, I've almost run out of flatware, too. I felt good enough today to stand up long enough to do it. Maybe - just maybe - tomorrow I can do the next load. Of course, I have to unload what's there now first, but we'll see. I want clean dishes and lots of them!


I do plan to go to church tomorrow, which is why I'm writing this early. I keep hoping if I get to bed early enough, I'll be able to get up at 6:30 without feeling crappy. Nancy called late this afternoon to tell me what the choir is singing, and I've already packed my bag to include it. I guess the weather isn't supposed to be the best, but I really have to do some food shopping and get gas, too, so i have several incentives to brave the roads. i guess there is going to be some kind of precip tomorrow, but when it starts and what it is depends upon whose forecast you believe.


the weather today was dull and gray, but there wasn't any precip. The temperature was steady at 34. The wind has been from the east, and in the past three hours or so, it has begun to rise, to 28 mph gusts or so. It's supposed to be very windy tomorrow, but from the east or northeast.


The guys are not happy about the food situation. There is no canned food until tomorrow, and the only kind of dry food is the one they've gotten bored with. Grayson has been performing histrionics to try to make me understand, and he's really funny. Well, when I get home tomorrow afternoon, there will be something good to eat, I promise. Even if I didn't need stuff myself, I would have to get their food, because the stuff I ordered from Walmart isn't coming until Thursday or Friday - not making me happy. I mean, it's not like there is no food. They will get canned food for breakfast tomorrow, too, and in nice, clean dishes. Louie spent the day in the bathroom, I think. At least he was there when I had to clean up after myself, and he was not about to move, so I moved the rug around with him on it. He was not pleased. Too bad about those guys; after a while they get to thinking they run things around here.


So that was my day. I was not happy to see some drainage when I changed my dressing this morning. Not a lot, but some brown stuff. I had hoped that corner of the wound had finally healed up, but I guess not. Maybe by Wednesday, but if not, I guess the doctor will use his silver nitrate and clean it out. That fixed the one under my right arm. This has been going on much too long and I'm tired of it.


Now it's a dark, cold, windy night in the field and it may snow. Oh, and it's December already.


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