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September, 2021



September 30

Well, there. We've ,made it through September, and it wasn't too bad at all.


i didn't get to bed early so I didn't get up early, but I managed to get out in an hour and 45 minutes, more or less, which surprised me. So I can move when I have to.


Of course, that was 2;30, so I got to Pat's in the middle of all the people trying to get dinner for tonight. I forgot a few things, but I got most of what I wanted - a whole lot of money, but I will eat for a while. I will ave tp get a Scjwan's order. too. but a smaller one than I'd planned..


I hurt all over when i left Calumet, and after I moved everything onto the platform, I hurt even more. My legs are killing me right now.


The drive wasn't too bad, although I did end up behind some obvious tourists who were ambling down he road looking at the color and one guy in Mohawk who was going to the bar (I could tell long before he turned in). I only saw one group of Asians and they were safely off the road.


The color is remarkably late this year. I would put it at only about 40% turned. It's going to be a very red year and some of the trees were beautiful. The birches and aspens haven't started turning at all, and some of the trees that had looked like they had just turned brown and shriveled up.


It surprises me. because many years everything is down by now. Maybe the trees were confused because it's been such  a cool summer and they can't tell the dirfference between summer and fall.


The weather was pretty nice. It was just about clear all day with almost no wind. The high temperature here was 68 and the humidity wasn't too bad. I hink it was probably warmer in Calumet. bit mpt a ;pt/


Grayson didn't see me leave and he didn't welcome me home, but he came around later and squeaked at me. When I opened the door to get the cold stuff in,,he ran out, but when I was ready to shut the door, I said so and he came running in. I don't know what he wants to do out there. Everything is the same and we threw away the extremely old kibble a long time ago.


Pat's has removed its deli counter. They still have a lot of stuff, and a bigger selection of ready-to=eat dishes, but no counter. I think it's because they have not been able to get people to man the counter. There are people around here who need jobs, but they're being very picky.


So that's all there is and I need to put my old bod to bed. It's a cold, dark night in the field.


September 29

So I didn't go. I got to bed relatively early last night and I slept well, with a number of wakeups, and i didn't get up until around 11 AM. But then I discovered that i hurt all over and I did not feel good, so I diddled around, cooked for breakfast and did some of my surfing, although I didn't read any of the newsletters. And by that time it was 3 PM and I hurt even worse, even though I took some Tylenol before breakfast. It was nearly 3:30 when I went to the powder room and I hadn't filled my pockets yet. So I abandoned my plans.


There were still a couple of things in the freezer to eat and I made rice, so I had something to eat. I'm sorry about not going, but there was no question that I would have had a terrible time walking around Pat's, not to mention having to haul everything out of the car when I fibally got home. I hope it's better tomorrow.


The weather was nice. It was mostly clear all day and there was almost no wind. The high temperature was 63. All the sunshine warmed it up in here to 79 in the office. I have on a sweatshirt and I was a bit warm late in the afternoon.


Grayson got his lap sit and his tummy rub. When I got up to get my dinner, he was under the desk. I suppose with all the equipment  under there, it was a bit warmer.


So that was my dan and now it's a clear (I think) cool night in the field.


September 28

Well, I wasn't so late last night - or I don't think I was; I don't remember - and I got up late, but I'm so tired now that I need to go to bed again. 


The task of the day was to get my hair washed, and I did, although I diddled around a lot before I took it. I was right to be hesitant - my left knee was (is?) sore enough I had a hard time walking on it. Now, if I can just do it all over again on Saturday and next Wednesday...


I have money again so I immediately paid a couple of bills and I have another one to go. Then I can buy food and wait until the end of the week. Oh, and If I can remember, I will deposit my Benjamin tomorrow when I go down to Calumet. 


The next task was to get the bulletin out and I did that, I hope without errors. It was an easy one, but there was a lot of stuff from last Sunday to take out. Well, Sue will let me know.


The gale is over, finally. The clouds went east around 11:30 AM and the afternoon was clear or mostly clear and blue. The wind has died down to under 10 mph. The high temperature was 51. It's quiet around here again. There is going to be frost in the interior tonight and tomorrow night, but I guess it's time. 


Grayson mostly slept, of course, but he shouted at me until he got his dinner.


My dinner was pretty weird, but hopefully by tomorrow I will have some food in the house. THat's going to be a huge bill, though, because I'm out of just about everything. 


So that was my day and I have a headache which I suppose is from fatigue, so I must go and put it on my little pillow soon. 


It's a clear, cold night in the field.

September 27

I'm not sure if it was the coffee or my perverse nature or that I was having a hard time standing out, but I inverted. So I was late getting up, didn't get enough sleep and didn't do anything. I will have to try again and see what happens.


Our gale is winding down very slowly. There was a bit of rain between 3 and 8 AM, and the wind is still strong, although it has shifted to the northeast, Earlier today we had 39 mph gusts, but they're down to 29 mph now, with sustained winds of 20 mph. The lake is still singing but not quite as loudly as yesterday. It was dull and gray all day, but around 7 PM the clouds started to break up a bit and there were a few rays of sunshine as the sun set. The temperature was steady at 48. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warmer, but not warm enough to open the windows. I closed the window in the closet last night and nearly froze myself when I went in to do it - the wind chill was about 38 and I was bare below the waist. Brr!


Nothing much to report on Grayson. He slept, and he got on my lap once and stayed until I had to pee. Even though I wasn't that late, I got shouted at when I started fixing his dinner. I don't know why he was so much hungrier today.


Sp that's all there was and it's a cold, windy night in the field.


September 26

I wasn't too late last night, but I didn't sleep very well. I was having trouble regulating my temperature and every time I had to pee, I had a hot flash. I don't know what brings that on. Fortunately, it doesn't happen very often.


I diddled around, but I finally got the breakfast I've been thinking about - poached eggs and coffee. That fancy Starbucks coffee I got is extremely bitter, but it was still good to have some. Since they changed their mind about coffee, i've wanted to go back to drinking it, but the grounds are much more of a problem than a couple of teabags (I can't put them down the disposal), and I don't want to drink it too late in the day. We'll see how I sleep tonight. I like coffee and I've missed drinking it. Anyway, it was good.


I also washed some pots and pans and put some others to soak. It was hard, because this weather has done a number on my knees, particularly the left one, but I managed. Moving around gets it feeling all right, but if I stand for more than a minute or two, I can hardly step on it. I can't cook while standing still.


The weather - ah, the weather. We are having our equinoctial gale. It's dying down now, but last night was very hairy.. Sustained winds overnight weren't more than 28 mph, but the gusts got up to 41 mph between 4 and 5 AM. The temperature today was steady at about 52 and of course it's extremely humid. It rained lightly overnight, but it stopped about 8 AM and there was just a little drizzle in the mid afternoon.  Not my favorite kind of weather. It's down to 68 in the office, and if it doesn't warm up some, I'll have to get out the space heater. That's not too low a temperature if you're doing something, but if you're sitting at the computer, reading, it's too cold. I hate cold hands and a cold nose and I've had both all afternoon, despite my coffee and some herbal tea for dinner.


Grayson came and sat on me twice and he wanted my dinner, but the herbs I use are things he can't have. He indicated his displeasure by walking in front of me and jumping down on my right.


So that was my day and now it's a cold, humid, windy night in the field.


September 25

Late - late again, so it was a nothing day. i did make my pork chops, but I had to do that, because they were defrosted and i couldn't freeze them again. I had pork chops with Spanish rice, the first time I've done that in a long time. I had to use dehydrated onions and green peppers, which made it not look so nice, but it tastes fine and I have another meal. I have more chicken, too, so that puts me at Wednesday and I 'll just have to rustle around and see what I can find. The plan is to shop on Thursday. Tonight I was able to have a salad and a drink, but I'm out of lettuce and I don't have much JD left, so it was an nice Sunday dinner. I hope this doesn't happen again soon.


The weather was lousy. It was dull and gray and there was about 3 hours of rain in the afternoon, about 0.23"". There wasn't any wind for most of the day, but it's beginning to pick up now, from the north The high temperature was 59, briefly.


Grayson was getting impatient with me by the time he got his dinner. I think he knows he gets his very favorite variety on Sunday. at least he makes more of a fuss on Sundays. I haven't been in the kitchen, but I imagine he's eaten it all by now and when I go out there, he will ask for more. I think I could swtich him over to all canned food, but with my crazy schedule it would be difficult. if I ever get back on a human schedule, I may try it. Canned food is better for cats than kibble.


so that's the end of a very quiet day. When I came into the office, I saw lights next door - apparently I have neighbors. I wish I could be friendlier with those people; I knew their parents and they were very nice - but I can't mush through the weeds to their place and they've never come here. I am very introverted and shy, of course, but one reason I see so few people is that nobody comes to see me either. Sorry - I'm not pulling the "aged mother" thingie, which I hate. I'm not really complaining at all, actually, just stating the way things are. It's a good thinig I like being by myselr.


Now it's a cold, dark, possibly rainiy night in the field, a good one to curl up in a warm bed for a long time.


September 24

Well, I wasn't early, but I didn't get up early either, so I got about 10 hours' sleep and I felt better. It continues to surprise me how sensitive I am to not enough sleep these days. 


I filled the pill dispensers and put some more cans and jars in the recycling bag. That was all.


The weather was cold and cloudy, but we only got 0.04" of rain between 4 and 5 PM. The high temperature was 58 and there wasn't much wind. I thought it was foggy between 4 and 5 PM, but it turns out that was just the rain. Of course, it's extremely humid.. Yuck.


Grayson was getting upset with me before I got to the kitchen, because all his bowls were empty. He felt better after I filled them, but while I was getting something to eat, he told me he wanted more canned food. sorry, buddy. One can a day.


So that's all there was. It's a cold, dark night in the field and the rain will start tomorrow.


September 23

Nothing to report. I was very late, so I didn't get nearly enough sleep and I'm going to try to make up for it tonight. And I didn't do anything today, either. 


The weather was nondescript. The high temperature was 63 and there wasn't much wind except for a couple of hours in the morning. It was clear in the morning, but it clouded up by noon and the afternoon was gray and dull.


Grayson slept on my clothes while I was in the bathroom and he got on my lap and slept there after I ate breakfast. I hope he's not sick.


After a week or two of peace, I've started having accidents again. I think it's cyclic, but I just won't start noting it on my calendar. Anyway, I need to wash bottoms tomorrow. After 10 days or so of peeing constantly, I weighed myself yesterday and I've lost 9 lb. Obviously the other stuff I was taking wasn't working at all. That was partly because I wasn't taking enough of it, but it just didn't work anyway. It is so nice to have normal looking feet (well - as normal as my feet ever look) in the morning, and it's a lot more comfortable, too. i haven't been able to see the tendons in my feet for 30 years or so, but that's mostly because my feet are fat. Now when I look at them in the morning, I at least have a hint of ankles.


So that was my quiet day and now they're playing Schubert, so I have to wait. It's a cold, cloudy night in the field.


September 22 - Autumn Equinox

Well, there, now it's official. Of course, here in the north, it's been fall for a month or so.


I was late again, but I slept very well. It was cold enough outside that I was able to make my own temperature under the covers, I still didn't get enough sleep, but since I was only up once, it didn't matter much.


I didn't do anything much, either, except wash some dishes. I made rice last night, so I had to wash the rice maker insert.


It was a noisy night. The wind peaked at 23 mph with 36 mph gusts from the northeast, so not only was it battering the house, it riled up the lake very nicely. I seem to sleep better when the lake is singing. The wind began to die down after 1AM, and it was around 15 mph all day. The temperature was nearly steady around 50, although it's dropping now and there is a frost warning for the interior. IT's still very humid. It was cloudy to partly cloudy all day, but it began to clear up around 6:30 PM and it was clear at sunset. I'm having a hard time processing sunset at 7:30. Since it's setting behind the mountain, it was actually earlier than that and twilight is shorter, too. It will mean I'm not sleeping in daylight as much.


Grayson was very clingy today. While I was in the bathroom, he settled down on my clothes and fell asleep purring. And he got on my lap by himself and got a nice tummy rub. He got some more yogurt, which he lapped up as fast as he could, like somebody might take it away from him.


So that was my day and maybe tomorrow I can do something, although I'm not counting on it. It's a cold, clear night in the field.


September 21

Really late, Didn't get enough sleep. However, I did get some things done today. Not a lot, but something.


I finally got my hair washed. That took time, but I was able to have a breakfast, even though it was late in the afternoon. And I did the bulletin.  That didn't turn out so well, I guess. There were a lot of corrections, but that's why two of us work on it. There were a lot of additions and subtractions and there were a couple of things I didn't know. It turned out fine.


It has turned cold. The high temperature was 63 and there was a brisk north wind with gusts up to 38 mph. The morning was clear and blue and the whitecaps were so pretty, but it began to cloud up around 4;30 PM and the whitecaps weren't nearly as pretty against the steel-gray water. The humidity is still high, which is not good for my knees.


Grayson actually got on my lap a couple of times by himself and got a nice tummy rub while he dozed. Otherwise, he slept someplace around me.


I have closed the east windows in the office and the great room. Tomorrow is going to be really cold (high just over 50) and I suppose i will have to close the windows at the north end, too, but I'll wait on that, because by Friday it will be worming up a bit and I still have a bad zone valve up there. I'm sorry to have to do that, but it's time. In fact, i've had them open a lot longer this year than I have in a long time. It's always an admission that summer is really over. Even though it was mostly a cool, damp summer, it was so nice to have the house open. No funny smells when I come in from outdoors.


So that's what there is, and it's a cold, cloudy night in the field.


September 20

I was medium late, got up before I really wanted to and did absolutely nothing. Sometimies Ijust feel like that.


the weather was pretty good. It was clear until about 4 PM, then i t clouded up until 6:30 and was clear at sunset. The high temperature was 76 and there wasn't much wind except around noon when it gusted from the southwest at up to 24 mph. It was very humid. The wind has switched around to the north, although it's almost calm. Every few minutes I have another hot flash.


Grayson was upset with me because he ate so late, but he got some yogurt, which made him feel better. 


Now I'm late again and it's a clear (I think) warmish night in the field.


September 19

Last night I was really late, so I was really late getting up and then I started getting texts from AT&T that the repair guy was coming, so I had to get dressed before I really wanted to. Actually, I was nearly through with my breakfast when he pounded on the door to get me to test the line. It seems to be fine, and it seems the problem was the same part in the switching station that failed in May. He didn't know that, and since it's a card, now I'm wondering if the problem isn't the rack it fits into. If I recall correctly that was the problem the last time. If something flaky happens again, I will have to try to suggest that.


Anyway, I didn't do anything else.


The weather was OK. It was sunny or nearly sunny, but the sky is white from the smoke, which I guess is coming from eastern Washington. The high temperature was only 64 and for most of the day there was a bit of wind from the north, although recently it switched around to southwest and got gusty. The lowest the humidity got was 75%.


Grayson has been coming around and mewing all afternoon, but the one time I picked him up, he didn't want to stay. I had to get something from the breezeway and when I opened the door he squirted out, but when I finished making my meager dinner, he came in. I don't know why he does that except if he just wants to show me who's boss around here. he keeps forgetting it's not him.


So that was another nothing day, but at least the phone is evidently fixed. It's a cool, cloudy night in the field.


September 18

Late to bed, late to rise, didn't do anything. Same old, same old.


The weather was yucky again, but not quite as bad as yesterday. There was a little rain early in the morning, but the rest of the day was just coolish and humid. The hgh temperature was 72, but it went sort of up and down. There wasn't much wind in the morning, but in the afternoon was also up and down, sometimes from the northwest with gusts up to 20 mph and sometimes variable and under 10 mph. It was very cloudy and very humid. Yuck.


Grayson mostly slept, I guess. He might have wanted to sit on me, but he wouldn't sit still long enough for me to pick him up.


And that's all there is. Now it's a cool, cloudy, humid night in the field.


September 17

I wasn't too late and I didn't get up until noon, but I felt yucky and headachy all day, so it was a nothing day.


Debbie called, and we had a nice, but short conversation. She didn't try to call on the land line, which is still ringing. I must try to remember to call AT&T after it gets fixed and ask for a credit on the time it wasn't working. Good luck on that - although I discovered that it's possible to resolve these things if I file an FCC complaint. I bear ST&T no love whatsoever. After all this time and all the breakups and combinations, they act just as snotty as they ever did. and of course, now they'd like to get rid of all their land lines completely, even in places where there is no cell service.


The weather was yucky, too. It rained until around 7 AM, then it was just cloudy and humid until around 5 PM, when it started raining again and there was a nice thunderstorm out over the lake and the fog moved in. It rained fairly hard for about 3 hours, and now it's just humid and calm again. The high temperature was 73 and there was hardly any wind. Not a nice day at all and very hard on my joints.


Grayson was a bit petulant today. He kept coming around and mewing and when I came into the office with my dinner, he sat on the sewing chair and stared at me. I don't know what he wanted.


I've been forgetting to mention that the cluster fly infestation has started. They're early this year and they're very small and very active and they drive me nuts. The only way I can make them go away temporarily is to turn off all the lights, which isn't quite feasible. I hope they will eventually go away, but in the meantime, they drive me nutty.


do that was my nothing day and now it's a sort of warmish, foggy (I think), extremely humid night in the field.


September 16

So I was really late last night, and while I slept well, it wasn't nearly long enough. I zoned out for a while after I got up, but eventually I got dressed and had my breakfast - my last avocado. It was about the most perfectly ripe one I've had since I've been eating them. I only wish it had been on jalapeno cheddar sourdough, rather than plain Yum!


I had to ask Ron to bring the mail, because I was late. Tucked into it was a plain envelope from someone who has never told me who he/she is, but I thank you most gratefully. Things are tight this month and you're helping. I had to raid the piggy bank, too, and that money will be available on Monday so I can pay my propane bill. I think the rest of the year will be better, as long as I'm very careful.


About 3 PM, I was doing my surfing when the phone began to ring. Continuously. I called AT&T abd got caught in their automated system, which is terrible. I think my trouble call got recorded, but there was no way for me to tell them what the trouble is. I think they did check the line, though.  At 10 PM, it's still ringing. If I pick up the receiver, I get a blast of static. The answering machine and the handset in the kitchen are disconnected, and I will turn off the ringer in the bedroom when I go up there. Sheesh.


It's been OK since Sunday, but I think the weather has something to do with it. It rained almost all night and all day and we've had nearly an inch. Between 6 and 7 AM we had 0.49". I was sound asleep then. The temperature was just about steady at 60 and there was almost no wind. The fog moved in about 3 PM and it was still dense when it got dark. It was a good day to ignore the outside, although I had to turn on lights. I guess we're in for another couple of days of this.


Grayson does not like that ringing and he has been telling me something is wrong. He got on my lap twice and the second time, he fell asleep on his back with his head on my right arm. Evidently he doesn't mind if I rub his tummy when he's asleep.


So it was another very quiet day and now it's another cold, rainy night in the field.


September 15

I was in bed by midnight again last night. I'm going to be later tonight, for reasons I'll explain. I didn't get up until nearly 11 AM, do I got enough sleep, but I didn't do anything much.


I ate late because I had breakfast late, but mostly it was because they started playing Mendelssohn's Octet, which I like and I wanted to hear the whole thing. Dinner wasn't very satisfying, but I don't have any money, so I'm eating what I have in the house. Some of it is OK and some of it isn't.


it seemed like I didn't have my usual amount of emails, but I didn't think much about it until this evening, when I realized that i hadn't gotten any since about 9 AM this morning. I'm still using webmail, so that would mean PastyNet didn't get anything. So I texted them, but after an hour or so, there still wasn't anything, so I logged off and back on - and there they all were, all the ads and newsletters I usually get. There were some things to read, so I just finished that. 


The weather was ugly. It was so dark and dismal that the nightlight in the bathroom was on all day. It started raining about 1 PM and so far we've had about half an inch of nice, soft, steady rain, the kind we needed all summer and never got. It's cold - the temperature was just about steady at 62 and there was no wind. Of course, I hurt all over.


Grayson wa very clingy today and I don't know why. he asked for a couple of lap sits, but he didn't stay long. Lately, he's been getting up on the counter behind the sewing machine then jumping down with a thud. I don't know what that's about.


So now I've read all my mail that I'm going to and put all the icons on my desktop back where they belong (when I play Bookworm, which uses low resolution, it causes Windows to completely lose track of where some of the icons go), so I can do my nightly cleanup and totter up to the north end. It's a cold, soggy night in the field.


September 14

I don't know where the time went, but it was just after midnight when I turned out the light. I slept very well, and I was only up every three hours, although I wet my pants when I did get up. I was awakened shortly after 10 AM by the phone, and that was weird. I was just coming to so I'm not quite sure, but I think it rang at least 12 times. I wondered if maybe the answering machine got turned off, but I just checked it and it's fine, so all I can figure is that the spam caller called twice very close together. My phones don't record individual calls if there is more than one right after the other. As if it isn't annoying enough! It did remind me that I never turned the ringer on at the phone in my bedroom.


So I diddled around late enough that I only got one meal, but I did a couple of things. I washed and dried the load of dark-colored tops that has been in the hamper all summer. Most of them have long sleeves and with it getting cooler, I will be wearing them again. And I got the bulletin out, although I almost forgot that. It was an easy one, or I think it was. I haven't heard back yet.


Like I said, it was cool and now it's cooler. The temperature was nearly steady at just under 60 and there wasn't any wind. It was partly cloudy, but there was a lot of sunshine and an interesting sunset. I still have the house opened up, because it's supposed to be a bit warmer for the next few days, but it it fets this cool again, I will have to shut things down. I've had the back windows open all summer and I guess I just want to cling to that as long as I can.


I don't think Grayson felt very good today. He had a coughing fit this morning and after I ate, he came and sat down on me and curled up in my right arm for quite a while. He is still shedding, but I suppose that's in anticipation of growing a winter coat. Being inside all the time seems to have messed up his normal shedding cycle.


So that was my day off and now it's a partly cloudy, cold night in the field.


September 13

I had enough to do that even though i didn't diddle around, I didn't get to bed until midnight and I was up about every hour and a half all night long. I had to sleep on my left side most of the night, because my left hip was too sore when I slept on the other side. I got up at three minutes before eight, so the alarm never went off. It's a talent I've always had. Apparently my unconscious mind doesn't like alarm clocks.


I moved at a fairly good pace and had time to do a lot of my surfing before I had to visit the powder room. I went out to the car from there, and when I got there, I discovered that I didn't have my car key. I knew I'd tried to put it in my pocket, but it wasn't there. So I had to go back into the house and down to the office, where I found the key on my chair. Goes to show me I shouldn't try to fill my pockets while sitting down.


So instead of getting away early, like I wanted to, I was late. There is a lot of traffic on US-41 this week - more than I remember for the second week of September - and the usual slow ones. The guy i followed away from the harbor actually pulled over around the Mandan Loop and let me go by. That doesn't happen very often.


Anyway, I managed to get my blood draw before my echocardiogram, so that was good. i must say the diuretic is working almost a little too well. I wet my pants halfway to Laurium and again halfway home.


I didn't go food shopping. My finances are still up in the air and it will probably be a couple of days before they settle down enough for me to see whether I can get some food or I have to try to subsist on what's in the house. If I can get anything, it will most likely be from Schwan's. If I don't have much more lettuce, it's probably a good thing. I've been eating such big salads that what comes out of me is chlorophyll green. 


The weather was cool but nice. It was clear. The high temperature was 68, but it was between 8 and 9 AM and after the wind picked up from the north, gusting as high as 26 mph, it cooled off into the low 60s now. Tne nice thing about the north wind is that it cleared up the sky and turned it blue again, at least here. I don't like those white skies.


Grayson got a lap tit this morning, and when I had to come back in the house, he was sitting inside the door looking puzzled. When I got home, he gave in and went to sleep beside my feet in the powder room. 


The technician and I had a nice chat about cats, although actually, she did almost all the talking. The mask I wear has a fabric that is all cats on the outside and she noticed it and that set her off. She was talking so much that I'm not sure exactly what she did. She wished me good luck, which makes me wonder if she saw something odd in the echo. Well, I'll hear about it one way or another.


Oh, and by the time I got home, my blood work results were back and everything looks good. Now if I can just get the fluid out of my feet... While I was gone, the information for the bulletin arrived, but I'm not going to do it tonight. I'm going to bed and hope I have a more restful night tonight.


Now it's apparently a partly cloudy, cool night in the field.


September 12

i got to bed about the same time as the day before, and I slept well, except that I was up about every 2 hours to pee. Something is coming out, but it isn't doing anything for my weight. Well, I haven't been taking the old pills for too long yet. We'll see what happens.


I had good intentions of taking my bath early, but I didn't, of course. I'm happy to say that my knees weren't too bad today so it wasn't as hard as it sometimes is. Overnight it was my shoulders that hurt.


Tonight I have to be early, because I should be at the hospital before 12:30 for my echocardiogram. I need food, but I haven't decided whether to shop or not. It's the money thing.


The weather was rather nice today. It was clear and sunny all day. The high temperature was 66 and there was very little wind. The humidity wasn't low, but it was lower than it has been in several days. 


I don't know where Grayson was, but I didn't see much of him overnight or when I got up. He finally appeared and climbed up on the pile of clothes in the bathroom so I would pet him and he got a lap sit after I ate my first meal. He wanted some of my dinner, too, but he didn't get any.


Dinner was frustrating. I set up the rice cooker before I ate breakfast, but apparently after I left the kitchen, it tripped the circuit breaker and nothing ever happened. So I didn't get any rice with my dinner and before I go north, I have to store it away. Then I sat down while my chicken was cooking and never heard the oven beep - if it did. I finally decided it seemed to be taking a long time to cook, and the oven had turned itself completely off. So dinner was a bit later than I planned.


Oh, yes, and last night when I went north, I discovered that I had in fact not put the load of underwear in the dryer, so I had to do that. I will try to take everything up to the bathroom tonight.


Sometimes these little frustrations seem to come in bunches.


Anyway, it's a cook, clear night in the field and now I can go, even though I'd like to hear the Dvorak.


September 11 - Remember

Again, later than I was planning, but not too late, or I don't think so. I don't remember. I gut nearly 10 hours' sleep, which helped, and I didn't diddle around too much


Today was wash day, and I may be able to do a bit more tomorrow. I finished washing the bottoms last night and dried them today and I washed and dried the underwear. Now all I have to do is sort out all that stuff and put it away. I have a nearly full bag of dork-colored tops that need to be washed, too, so I'll be working on that. Now if everything would only put itself away,,,


The weather was cold again. The high temperature did make it to 60, but not for very long. THe only good thing was, there was almost no wind. It was extremely humid. There was some thick fog early in the morning, which I never saw, and it was partly to mostly cloudy all day. There was a kind of nice sunset. I've been forgetting to mention that the sun is moving south really fast now and it's setting over Hunter's Point. Days are under 13 hours long now. 


Grayson got a long lap sit but otherwise, he mostly slept. Iguess after i yelled at him last night, he needed to be reassured that I still love him.


And that's all. It's a cold, cloudy night in the field.


September 10

Well, i guess I didn't upload this last night (nothing lost permanently). Sorry about that. Somehow, it got saved on my desktop again. That happens every so often and I don't know how.


It was probably because just about the time I finished last night's entry, my phones started ringing - a constant ring - and when I answered, I got a blast of static. At first, I thought it was only the one in the office, so I unplugged it, since I couldn't use it and I couldn't stand the ringing. When I finally got up to go to bed, I discovered that no, it was all the phones. I unplugged the one in the kitchen, but when I got to the bedroom, I just turned off the ringer, and by that time, I began to wonder what would happen if I called in. Weirdly enough, it sounded like it was ringing normally from the other phone, although I still had a constant ring. When I answered in spite of that, I got a blast of static on both phones. So I turned off the ringer in the bedroom. 


Between that and some other problems, I was very late getting to bed and I didn't get enough sleep. I diddled around a bit when I finally did get up, but eventually I got our breakfast and went back to the office, where I plugged in the answering machine base unit - and everything is fine now. Sheesh. I was thinking I wouldn't call AT&T until Monday, but I have to believe it was more general than just me and somebody else did call them. Things like that don't just fix themselves.


Anyway, among all those things, I didn't do anything else today and I hope to get to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour tonight. 


I hate telephones. I always have, from the time I was a little kid. I suppose part of it was that my mother was very emphatic that I must NEVER touch the telephone. So...if I could get away with it, I would never touch a telephone. Of course, I can't do that, because it's still the only way I and the people i need to talk to can, but i still think there are more disadvantages than advantages.


The weather was cold again. The high temperature was 64, the humidity was awful, but there wasn't a lot of wind, under 10 mph from the north, mostly. There was rain overnight -  0.37", which we really needed, but most of the system slid by on the south side of the peninsula. It was just dark, dreary and cold here.


Grayson slept. He got a couple of lap sits, and he got run into with the walker because I couldn't see him, but mostly he slept. I have not many regrets abpit running into him, even though you'd have thought I was running over him, because he knew I was coming by with the walker and he didn't move. I suppose he is unhappy with me, but oh, well.


Per the nephrologist, I have gone back to my old diuretic and I have been wetting my pants frequently. I didn't realize just how poorly the other one was working. I still have big, puffy feet, but I've only been taking it for two days. I'm sure it will get rid of all that fluid I've been carrying around, given time. When I go down for my echocardiogram on Tuesday, I will get another blood draw and we'll see what it's done. I'm still not completely clear what the dynamic is between the kidney thing, the potassium thing and the fluid, but evidently the three are related. That Zoom call was far too short. Now I need to pee, finish washing a load of bottoms, and go to bed.


It's a cold, damp, cloudy night in the field. We missed the Harvest Moon.


September 9

I was late, of course, and i was so tired that I fell asleep on my back. I got a good 10 hours, with several wakeups, so I felt better today. I didn't diddle around too long, because the original plan was to go to the post office to mail my taxes, but I had a lot of dishes to wash, so I was late and that didn't happen. Ron brought the mail and took the envelope with him. I hope he remembers it.


I had looked at my finances last night and thought I was good, but I was a bit suspicious, and boy, was I right - by about $900. I am going to be scrambling and I may have to make do with the food I have in the house. September is always a difficult month. When I get the return from the electric company payment that go lost and the funds from PayPal, I'll see where I am again, but I may have to raid the piggy bank. Being on a small fixed income is getting more and more difficult.


The weather was miserable, frankly. It was very dark and dismal all day and it rained at intervals. The  temperature was  73 at 5 AM and it went down all day until now it's 58. The wind went calm around oon and picked up from the north, in the 10-15 mph range. The humidity was over 90% all day. Cold and damp - just the kind of weather i hate most. Yuck.


Grayson thought so, too. He mostly slept, which was a good idea, and he got two lap sits. He wanted at least one more and he wanted my dinner, but he didn't get any of that.


So it was a quiet day and now it's a cold, rainy, nasty night in the field.


September 8

Well, it was a lousy night and a busy day and I'm tired. I was late getting to bed and i had to wait until the Tylenol kicked in because I had a very sore knee (left). I was up several times and it was sometime after 4 AM before I got into a deep sleep. There was a phone call around 9 AM that annoyed me, but I managed to get back to sleep. I got up around 11 AM, which wasn't nearly enough sleep, but oh, well.


I managed to do my morning things and eat but I didn't know exactly how they were going to initiate the TeleHealth call, so I had to fiddle around some. I had a Zoom invite, which seemed to work, but about 1:45 PM I got an email with a link in it, and I used that. I don't like webmail, but it certainly has some good features, among them that I can look at my mail from any device I happen to have at hand. I followed the link, but they were late, so I had to sit around some.  My talk with the doctor was too short by a whole lot, but at least he had a plan of treatment. Right now he is most concerned that I have a lot of edema. Evidently the kidneys, the potassium and the edema are (at least now) all tied together. I tried to write down what he said, but it was hard. I'm not used to taking notes anymore.


They sent me an email saying they had taken notes, but I couldn't find anything on their website. I didn't realize how well managed Aspirus is until I got hooked up with these people, who are totally out of control Nothing works right. Sheesn. I'm glad I have such limited contact with them.


Anyway, the call I had from earlier turned out to be from my primary care provider's office, so after I got off the Zoom (or whatever it was) call, I called them right away and reported what the nephrologist said, which was directly contrary to what the primary care people wanted me to do. We'll see where that goes. At least I can go back on my diuretic that works and maybe get my legs back in shape.


Then there was the electric bills. I had done enough investigation to know that they never received my last payment, so I called them and they suggested I follow up with my bank. First. I looked at the address the bank had in my file for the payment, and it was the one that stopped working back in January! How it ever got back into my file nobody can tell me. So I changed it, but then I had to call the bank to stop payment on the check that won't ever be cashed (the electric company doesn't accept ACH payments, so the bank has to cut a check). Was that a trip! It took me a good ten minutes or more to find a phone number and once I got connected, I explained my problem to five people before I found someone to fix it. At least I didn't get disconnected! Anyway, they seemed to have both the new address (which I had just entered) and the old one, but they understood my problem and put through the stop payment. It only took me 45 minutes. They suggested I call the utility back and verify the address, which I did, and they have put a note in my fine saying my payment will probably be late0


After that, I was so exhausted, I just sat, although I did finally add up all my outstanding bills, and it seems like I'll have enough money to pay them and maybe get some food. I don't remember when the freezer has been so empty.


I did not want to cook tonight, but with my options limited and a defrosted package of pork chops, I sort of had to. It turned out nice and for once I didn't overcook them, but I was nearly melted by the time I was ready to eat.


That's because it was warm today. The high temperature was 81, but there was a nice southwest wind with gusts as high as 28 mph. The humidity was relatively low, too, which made it quite comfortable. We had those white skies all day and they began to get thick after about mid afternppn. I guess it's supposed to rain tomorrow and then get cold.


Grayson was confused. Usually when I get up relatively early and get dressed right away, I'm going away, and today I didn't. He kept asking to get up, but he didn't want to stay. He still has to learn that you can't ever tell what mommy is going to do.


So it was a busy day and I'm tired. I will have to hassle with the windows in the bedroom, but it was so hot in here I had to oen them, and then i can go to bed. It's a warm, cloudy ngiht in the field and all is well.


September 7

So I was late last night and late getting up. I diddled around, but I finally got the bulletin done and  I  sorted through the 2300 email messages (I haven't deleted anything, and I must do that) and found the Zoom invite, so that's all right. They sent me the request for information again and it hung up at the same place as it did on Monday. I will try to sort that out when I talk to them tomorrow. I also have a situation with my electrical utility - again - that needs to be fixed, so it will be a busy day tomorrow.


I didn't feel like cooking tonight, so I didn't, and I just finished eating, when I should have been going to bed. Sigh.


The weather wasn't bad. It was sunny all day, although the sky is still very light blue. The high temperature was probably 69, although we missed about 3 hours' worth of data in the early afternoon. That was a bit cooler than they said it would be. There was almost no wind, from the north in the morning and from the west in the afternoon  It still puzzles me why they say the wind is from teh west and it's coming in the east windows, but I suppose it whips around the house and hits the garage. It was more humid than I like, although it didn't seem to bother my knees so much.


Grayson slept, of coures, and he got three lap sits. Debbie thinks I spoil him, but if I'm sitting here doing my surfing or reading, I might as well have a cat on my lap. He's a nice cat and I like him, so I guess I can indulge him. 


So that was my day and now it's a clear, cool night in the field, or I think it's clear I could see the gibbous moon.


September 6

I got to bed a bit before midnight and i slept well for 10 hours, with the usual wakeups. However, i woke up with a sinus headache and I was moving slowly.


I did call the nephrologist's office and complain about their online forms, neither of which I have been able to complete. In both cases, I came to a place where the "continue" button didn't work. The one yesterday was a laugh - they wanted me to actually physically sign my name in two places. Have you ever tried to write longhand with a mouse? It seems clear whoever wrote the code for those forms just assumed that everyone would be using a smartphone to fill them out. There were some other problems as well, and it was clear to me that it's another case where they assumed that if the thing compiled (or the interpreter didn't abend) it was working right. They said they would get back to me, but no one has.


Anyway, between that and my morning surfing, I didn't leave until after 2 PM, so I got to the hospital late, but not too late, and I got a parking place right in front of the door. There was no one else there and I got my blood draw and was out in less than half an hour, so I was home by 4:30. Nice.


And it was worth it. My kidneys are back to normal (for me) and so is my potassium. So we are over that glitch and we can go on. I have three things I must talk about to the nephrologist on Thursday and we'll go on from there. I thought everything was all right. I've been feeling much better and the only things that hurt are my knees. 


The weather was lovely, clear and blue, except that the sky is pale blue because of the smoke. The high temperature was 75 and the humidity wasn't too bad for most of the day.  There was very little wind for most of the day, although lately it's switched around to the southwest and picked up to 21 mph gusts.


Grayson insisted on sitting on my lap while I was surfing, but then he went away and hid, which he always does when he knows I'm going away. And how does he know that? I wish I knew. After I got back, he got several more lap sits, just to tell me he forgave me for leaving and he was glad I came back.


So that was my day, and the news was good, so I'm content. It was worth the drive. I've heard a lot of good music and it's time for bed. Now it's a clear, coolish night in the field and the gibbous moon is peeking around the white pine.


September 5 - Labor Day

So I was late and I got up late and I lost track of time, but I got my hair washed. Tomorrow I have to get my blood draw, and as I get older and it gets harder, I'm getting very touchy about not appearing to neglect my hygiene where somebody might notice and think I'm losing it.


The weather was nice. There was a little haze in the sky that I guess is from the fires out in western Canada, mostly, but it was sunny and for a while at least, the sky was blue and clear. The high temperature was 71, the humidity was quite low and there wasn't much wind. I could take a lot of this.


Grayson slept around me all day and he asked three times to come up on my lap, but he only got up once. First I was eating and then I was busy doing something. He comes up and asks once and if I don't move fairly quickly, he goes away.


So that was a nice, labor-less Labor Day and now the summer is over (I don't care what the calendar says). It was cold and damp, except when it was too hot, so I'm glad it's over with.


Now the half moon is shining brightly in the south windows and it's a clear, cool night in the field.


September 4

I was just medium-late last night and I slept well. I pulled up the comforter and that meant I could make my own weather under the covers. I got a good 10 hours' sleep, so I felt pretty good until lately.


I did diddle around some, and i nearly dropped the phone when it rang, but it was Debbie, who pushed the wrong button - usually she calls me on my land line. I pushed a wrong button, too, so she had to call me twice before we got together. I was glad she called on my cell phone because I could hook up the iFrogz and knit while we talked. I can't knit lace, but I got quite a bit done on my sock, although it won't be done in time to wear this year.


It ws a nice conversation, but long, of course, so instead of having two meals, I got one. It was a rather large one and well-balanced, so it was all right. Obviously, I didn't do anything else.


The weather was about like yesterday but marginally warmer. The high temperature was 61 and there was almost no wind, "variable" as they say. There were a few high clouds that went away before sunset, and the half moon was shining brightly in the south windows. IT's behind the tree now, but I will be able to see its bright glitter path when I go north. This has been a bit too cold, but it's supposed to warm up a bit in the next few days - into the low 70s maybe, and that will be nice.


Grayson mostly slept. He did get a couple of lap sits, including a long one. He seems to have finally decided he likes me, which I appreciate. Of course, i try to be nice to him and that helps. Or maybe he's thinking that if he's really, really nice, I'll clean out his litter boxes.


So that's all. I had some other plans, but it was nice to talk to Debbie. I've been wondering how she was doing.


Now it's a cold, clear night in the field and maybe I can go to bed.


September 3

I was a bit later last night, and I didn't sleep all that well. Oddly enough, i think I was cold. I didn't get enough sleep, either, so I'm hoping to do better - and earlier - tonight.


I was early enough getting up that I knitted five whole rows on the shawl. I finished the first chart and started the second one. I took one of my pairs of MagEyes up to the bathroom and having a little magnification made it much easier for me to see what I was doing. It was mostly sunny, too and that helped. Ad my eyes age, I need more light and more magnification to be able to see.


The weather - ah, the weather! - was cold. Yesterday's high temperature was 93; today's was 57. Weather in the middle of Lake Superior is so interesting.  Early in the day, the wind was from the northeast with gusts as high as 29 mph, but it has died down to under 10 mph now. The dew point was around 45, but that put the humidity in the 60s or higher because it was so cold. My knees felt it. There were a few clouds this morning, but they went away in the afternoon and it was mostly clear at sunset. When I went to get my dinner, I was finally able to see the moon, which is nearly half full now. I haven't seen it because it's still low in the southern sky and it's been setting behind the white pine. I haven't closed up the house yet, because this cold weather isn't going to continue for long and it's such a chore to open the windows that I've only been doing the essential ones. So it's cold in the south end right now, even though i have the ceiling fans turned off.


Grayson was a hoot. He was cold, so he ended up spending most of the afternoon on my lap. He would come, mew, and i would pick him up and he would settle down. At one point, he slept for nearly an hour with his head pillowed on my right arm. Then he would go away and ten minutes later, he was asking to come up again. I don't usually give him all that much lap time, but I knew he was cold and he was spitting up this morning, so I figured I could indulge him. Besides, I was cold, too, and he is a nice warm pad on my lap and I can bury my cold hands in his nice warm fur. I must try to give him more lap time when he asks for it.


So now I can go to bed. The music isn't the best; they do a lot of modern stuff on Saturday and Sunday evenings and I don't like it, so I don't have to stay up to hear something. And I'm tired. I opened one of the windows in the window seat yesterday and I need to shut it quite a bit, but then if I'm cold, I can pull up the quilt and be comfy.


It's a cold, clear night in the field.


September 2

I wasn't too late again, but I didn't sleep very well. I had all the windows open and there was a light breeze that made it hard for me to decide how many covers to pull over me, and they were dampish. The NWS site says the humidity wasn't too bad, so all I can figure is that it was more humid here than it was at the holding ponds. I was in bed for around 10 hours, which was long enough that I didn't feel too bad today.


I didn't fool around for very long, but I didn't do anything, either. I managed two meals, and I made a whole pot of tea so I could have iced tea for breakfast, because i was warming up alarmingly by the time I ate. And I had salad for dinner, too. I managed to pry my last 7.5 oz. can of salmon out of the pantry. At some time in the past, several cans of tomatoes leaked and everything in the back half of the upper middle shelf is stuck. One day, I hope I can get Mike and Gary to help me take the shelf out and clean it up. It will require someone stronger than I am - or two people - because of all the stuff that I can't remove before I take out the shelf.  Anyway, the salmon was fine and it was a nice dinner for a hot night, even though i've had fish two days in a row and i wasn't so warm by the time I ate.


By the way, I discovered that 7.5 oz. cans of salmon are a rare breed. Pat's doesn't carry it - it's 5 oz. or 14.75 oz. Amazon does have it, but they want you to buy minimum 6 cans at a time and they're expensive. Oh, and teh old 14.75 oz. cans of Deming's red salmon that I bought are now over $16! Yikes! And apparently they don't make the 7.5 oz. cans at all anymore. I've filed the info. I got a few cans of tuna when I shopped and within a week or two, I won't want salads for dinner anymore until next year. Too bad, because it's an easy, tasty dinner.


The weather was hot, hot, hot and sunny. The temperature topped out at 93 in the early afternoon and it dropped about 10 in an hour again as the wind shifted from southwest to northwest. Tonight is supposed to get cold - around 55 - and it's supposed to be under 60 tomorrow. That will be a welcome change. i never could take heat, and as I've gotten older, it's gotten worse. There were two things that made it bearable today - there was a wind gusting up to 28 mph and the humidity was low again. Almost all afternoon, there was a thin line of thunderstorms south of Houghton., moving southwest to northeast, but they didn't even get close enough to us to cloud the skies. It was cloudy when it got dark, but I think that has mostly gone away. I hope this is the end of the really hot weather. It's been wearing on me.


It's been wearing on Grayson, too. He got a short cuddle this afternoon, but it was too hot for him, too. 


So that was my day, and now it's a clear (I think) night in the field that is going to get quite cold by morning.


September 1

I wasn't too late last night, and I didn't get up for 10 hours, so I felt better today, although I'm getting tired again. I diddled around for most of the afternoon, but I finally got my bath. One reason I do that, of course, is that with all my creaky joints, taking a shower is difficult and sort of dangerous. I don't move much and I try to hang on to the grab bars and the window sill as much as I can, but still. I could overbalance or slip and if I did, I'd certainly hit something. Anyway, this time it wasn't too bad.


I have decided to postpone my blood test to Tuesday. It was horribly hot today and it's supposed to be just as hot tomorrow and of course, I don't have any A/C in the car. I spent some time fiddling around with the nephrologist's website and never did get it to work right. The things that went wrong are things that should be caught and fixed before the app is rolled out. I guess I will call them tomorrow and complain and confirm my appointment. Sheesh.


The weather was sunny and hot. The high temperature was 89 and there wasn't much wind, under 10 mph mostly from the west. The one nice thing about it was that until it cooled down (it went from 88 to 72 in an hour, blessedly) the humidity was very low - under 40% for a while. No wonder I felt better. I dkd have salad for dinner, though, and that helped, except that the sweat was dripping off my eyebrows onto my glasses before I got it all put together I hate that, but I sweat almost as much as my dad did. I felt like I needed another shower by the time I sat down to eat.


I don't know where Grayson spent most of the day, but he did lie on the bathroom tile for a long time. Wise kitty. I think he wanted to sit on me, but it was just too hot. OF course, he wanted my tuna salad, but he didn't get any. I don't know that people tuna is good for cats. At least I know you shouldn't feed them a lot of it.


So i accomplished one thing today. I found the bulletin information after I wrote last night, so I sat right down and did the bulletin for Sunday and sent it out. It wasn't too hard - the worst part was that there were a lot of people to take off the Prayer List (a good thing). There was one change, but it was information I didn't have, Pastor sent next week's info, too, so I can do that any time I want.


And that's all there is. Now it's September - sigh - and it's a clear (I think) warm night in the field. I still can't find the moon.

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