A View From the Field








June, 2022

June 30

What a lost day. I was in bed by 12:30 - later than I wanted, but all right - and I didn't get up until 11:15. Then, of course, I sat.


Well, actually, when I finally decided to get up and get going, it was almost 5 PM and then I discovered I could barely walk. IT got worse later. So I sat and ate a bag of potato chips (before you get all huffy, it has to be at least 5 years, maybe more, since I've had any), moved to the office and sat some more The only amazing thing is that so far I haven't had an accident. I've managed to make it to the pot in time. Maybe it's because for the time being, I don't have to go so frequently.


THe weather. Isee that it rained lightly off and on all night and until around 11 AM. Most of the time, I was asleep, so it didn't bother me. About 4 AM, the lightning and thunder started, but it was out over the lake kand we just caught the edge of it. I think the thunder woke me up. I love to see thunderstorms at night, with the lightning going off in all directions.


the high temperature was 87, but there was a northwest to west wind with gusts up to 31 mph, so it wasn't too hot. In the late afternoon, a band of severe thunderstorms developed south of us and over toward Marquette. It didn't bother us, and in fact it was c;ear and sunny, but there was a tornado watch around Marquette. I don't think anything happened. There were clouds at sunset. When the temperature was highest, the humidity was lowest and my knees actually felt pretty good, but as the tempeature dropped, the humidity rose, and I think that's why I hurt so bad.


Grayson liked his canned food, but then he kept coming around and mewing. That usually means he wants to sit on me, but he can climb up on the desk and down on my lap. Oh, and he likes potato chips - a whole lot. Then I had to get something in from the breezeway for my dinner and he ran out on me. He's out there now and I hope he will come in when I go to bed. If he doesn't, he's out for the night. I'm not sure he understands that. I don't know why he wants to go out there. Nothing ever changes much. Right now there's a Chewy box in the middle of the floor, but everything else is the same. I don't understand his fuzzy little mind.


Sp that was my day. I had plans to do something, but even if I hadn't diddled around, I couldn't have done them. Debbie and Cheryl will find a mess. I will try again tomorrow. Oh, I did sort of clean the toilets, but the stuff I bought to help that is so toxic to both of us I'm not sure I want to use it.


Now it's a coolish, cloudy night in the field and maybe i can totter up to the bed.


June 29

So I got to bed later than I wanted and it was hot, so it was a while before I got into a deep sleep, then I woke up around 5 AM and just dozed until the alarm went off. I did not want to get up and I really did not want to have to walk, but I did. I got my blood draw and my COVID booster and i think I was on my way before noon.


I didn't do a whole lot of damage in Pat's - I'm sure I forgot something they had - but they were out of a bunch of things. They had hardly any Bibb lettuce and what they had doesn't look the greatest, but the iceberg was pretty good.


I had to get gas - o rI thought I did. The gauge read a quarter full, but only needed under 16 gallons out of 26. Anyway, I won't have to worry about that for a while. It was $4.999 at all the stations I checked from Calumet north. I suppose it's cheaper at some places in Houghton or Hancock, but I'm not going to run around to see. The last time I was in Houghton, I tried checking Walmart, but they aren't posting their prices anymore.


It took me so long in Pat's - I was having a horrible time walking - and after I got my gas, I found I had parked with the door beside the trash can and I couldn't open it completely. After fooling around for q while and having my left knee collapse a couple of times, I finally took off my right shoe so I could get it into the car (Crocs are big). By that time I was exhausted and it was getting late. I think I got home around 5 PM.


The tourists are here - oh, boy, are the tourists here!  I suppose I can understand people driving very carefully on our curvy roads but it sure is frustrating. Even more frustrating was the road work. They are patching the cracks in the blacktop,and they are shutting one lane of US-41 for about two miles at a time. And coming home, they had put up a 45 mph sign on the one-lane road that the touron at the head of the line thought extended all the way to Copper Harbor...aarrgghh!


I managed to get the stuff all onto the platform, but I had an accident - not a bad one, just a bit icky. However, I don't think I could have gone up the steps, back down and up again, even though there are only three steps. And I had to sit on the bumper at intervals when my knees got too sore. Today it was all knees.


So I sat when I got inside, too, and then I had to go up to the north end to get something to wear on the bottom. My legs are - or were - twitchy and I have a pain in one hip, but I'm going to bed now and I think I'll be sleeping very well, thank you.


Before I did this thing or went to bed, though I had to do the bulletin and it was another one of those things. The people who give me things to put in the bulletin are very wordy. But the real problem this time is the date for the church picnic. The monthly calendar said July 10, but Pastor's blurb said July 9, which he then corrected to July 30. Well, the picnic is always on Sunday and follows an outdoor church service, and neither the 9th nor the 30th are Sundays. Since my birthday is the 31th, and I know it comes on Sunday this year, I know the 30th isn't a Sunday. So I wrote it the way I think it should be and we'll see how that goes. Anyway, it's done. I suppose there are the usual typos, etc., but mostly it's done. While every so often there's one that's difficult, usually because of the amount of information that needs to be in it, most of them, particularly during the summer, are easy. Good thing, too, when I'm so late doing it.


THe weather was sunny but cool. The high temperature got up to 65 briefly, before I got home but mostly it was in the middle to upper 50s and very humid. There wasn't much wind until this evening. It was clouding up when I got home and I think it's supposed to rain tonight.


I wish I could pick Grayson up and say "Explain yourself!" When the alarm went off this morning, he ran into the bedroom and started meowing loudly. I think it went on for a couple of minutes and I don't know what that was all about. I just had the radion come on, not the alarm. He was pleased to get his breakfast so early but he was not pleased because I didn't fill his kibble bowls. By the time I got home, he had practically licked his canned food bowl and he was not pleased  that I didn't give him any more. Then while I was sitting at the computer and reading my mail, he came and sat on my lap for a long time. Now, that I understood. And I wonder what he would have done if the alarm had gone off. Don't think I want to try.


So that was my day and at least I got some chores out of the way. I hope I can walk tomorrow, because I have to do something about the kitchen I can hope.


Now It's a cool, breezy night in the field and I'm off to bed.


June 28

I had a lousy night last night. I was hot and it was a while before I gave in and opened the window a crack. That helped, but I hurt all over, so I didn't really get into a deep sleep until after 4 AM. Sigh. I did finally get my bath. My hair was so oily that I had to use the stripping shampoo before I used the biotin one, but things seem all right now. And I also finally cut my finger- and toenails, which feels much better. At least I can type a little better.


This will be short because I have to get up early tomorrow to get my appointment. I'm going to see if I can get my blood work first, but that depends upon when I get to Laurium. We'll see.'


The weather was partly cloudy and nearly calm all day. The high temperature was 70 according to the NWS, but if so, it was momentary and the actual high was probably 62. It's very humid and we had some rain in the middle of the afternoon. Not my favorite weather, and my knees are tellling me so.


Grayson mostly slept, but he was getting anxious before he finally got his canned food.


So that's it, and away I go. It's a cloudy, cool night in the field. I think I can sleep.


June 27

I was later than I wanted to be last night, and later getting up. Then I did absolutely nothing all day. I know sort of where the story is going, and I'd really like to write it, but I don't seem to be able to get it done. I should have had enough sleep, but I'm really tired now.


The weather wasn't bad/ The high temperature was 66 and the wind, which was from the north, got lighter all day until it went calm. It was sunny in the morning and partly sunny in the afternoon.


Grayson was much happier. He simply does not like the noise from the wind. He only shouted at me once, and that was when I sat rather than feed him.


So that was my day and now I'm yawning. It's a cool, cloudy night in the field.


June 26

Wow, all i want to do these days is sleep. I got to bed about 12:30, slept well and didn't get up until 1:30 this afternoon. Then I fiddled around , so we ate late. Sigh.


We made it through until around 4:30 PM before the power failed. I was in the kitchen when it went down and something - I think the fridge - shrieked at me every time it bounced. But this time, the generator came on and connected just fine, thank you, so I could make a normal dinner, although I didn't try to use the toaster oven and the microwave at the same time, and in fact, I could have eaten this dinner with no power. I didn't think about it last week because it was so hot, but it was fine for tonight. Power came back on around 6:30, so it wasn't too bad. So I will have to call the electric guys tomorrow and cancel the service call. It needs to be checked o8ut, but maybe it can wait until they do their yearly maintenance.


The weather was cool and windy. The wind peaked around - or after - the power failure with gusts of 45 mph from the northwest. The high temperature was 66, but it had dropped to 58 by the time the power came back on. The wind is beginning to drop now. It was partly cloudy to cloudy all day, although it was bright. I had to shut a few windows because it was so cold.


I don't know whether it was the temperature or the wind but Grayson was active and noisy all day. He actually came running when I turned around to look for him from the office. He was sounding off loudly all day and I sort of think it was because the wind, which was mostly from the northwest, was very noisy. He likes it quiet and calm around here.


So that was another quiet day - for me - and now it's a cool, breezy night in the field.


June 25

Oops. Almost forgot. Not that I have anything to report, because I didn't do anything. So I wonder why I'm so tired. I almost fell asleep after I ate.


The weather was mostly the kind I don't like. It was very humid and very variable. When I got up, it was around 76 and there was a nice, warm breeze coming in the window, but very suddenly, the wind blew hard for maybe two minutes and the temperature fell to 58. It recovered some, to about 68 . but at intervals tje womd would pick up from a different direction, although it was very light. I finally had to close the window in the office because the wind coming in is too cold. It was dull and cloudy and at least twice we had some sprinkles. Nasty. Not good for my back or especially for my knees.


Grayson was fairly patient with me, but he isn't used to finding me sitting in the transfer chair in the kitchen. Mostly he slept. He wanted my dinner and he came and sat on me for a while, but he was sitting right on my right hand and I had to move, which made him go away. I still don't know why he is so fussy about not having me move while he's on my lap.


So that was my quiet day. I seem to have gotten over the desire to go to sleep right now, but I'm very tired and I don't expect to be up very much longer.


It's a cloudy, rainy night in the field, so of course there's a chance for northern lights tonight.


June 24

Sorry that I didn't post last night's entry, but when I saw all the typos - I wasn't kidding that I was having a hard time typing - I was just as glad. I think it's cleaned up now. Moral is, don't try to cook anything when it's so hot and I hurt so bad. Maybe I'll learn sometime. Tonight I had salmon out of the freezer and a big salad.


I got to bed late, I think - I don't remember - and I got up around 11. I diddled around, of course, Debbie called and we got a chance to exchange the important news before she had to hang up for something work-related. They will be here next Friday.


I called Ron to ask him to bring the mail and help me with a couple of things. I decided i wanted to hard boil some eggs, so it took me a while to get a breakfast together, and it turns out that when you want soft boiled eggs, you have to be more on the ball than I was, so I had hard-boiled eggs. It was just as well, because I was about half  through eating when Ron turned up. 


He got the trash bag out of the breezeway and already it smells much better out there. I hoped he could find my fan in the basement, but he couldn't. It's been so long since I've been down there that I think most things aren't where I remember them. So he offered to get me a new fan next week. If we are going to have a hot summer, which at this point looks probable, I am going to need a fan in the bedroom.


The weather today was much more to my liking. The high temperature was actually between 7 and 8 AM at 69, but it went down from there and the high during the day was 62. The wind was light and completely variable - at one time or another it came from every direction. It was partly cloudy with a lot of sunshine. Oh, and sorry that the camera hung up again. I'm going to have to see if I can restart it via RemotePC.


Grayson was really into his canned food, for some reason, because it's a variety that usually isn't his fave. Today he scarfed it right down. When Ron came, he was very talkative and jumped on the dining room table to be petted. He is one of the most gregarious cats I've ever known - probably what Buster would have been like if he hadn't been traumatized. He has also gotten extremely talkative since he's the only cat. And I know he understands when I talk to him. I think he knows what I'm thinking, too, based on what he does. And people think they're "dumb" animals!


Well, the typing is going better tonight, but I need to cut my fingernails, so I'll stop this.


It's a cool, mostly cloudy night in the field.


June 23

I am hot and tired and I hurt, although not quite so hot since I've been sitting in the office with the fan on high. 


I was only medium late  last night and I think i should have gotten enough sleep, since I slept well, but I have been tired all day and my back has been very sore. It's time to start the exercise. Anyway, I was late getting up and late getting dressed, so my "breakfast," if you can call it that, was some grapes and I had to throw out a whole bunch of bread. I've been having a hard time realizing hat the breezeway isn't my other refrigerator anymore and probably won't be until sometime in October. Sigh. I hate to ruin so much food.


I decided I'd better do my pork chops tonight, since they haven't been in the freezer. Wow. My back was so sore I think I had to sit down about every ten minutes. I had moved the transfer chair into the kitchen, and while it's in the way, It's great to sit in, although I had to visit the powder room three or four times, too;. My aim with the chops was not to overcook them and i did that, although they could have been a little more done, I  think  At least they weren't all dried out. They did  have to sit a while, while I visited the powder room and made salad.  It was good to sit and eat.


The weather was warmer than they forecast. The high temperature was 84 and the wind was light and variable. There was some sunshine, but there were a lot of clouds, too, that could have come together and rained on us, although they didn't. 


Grayson kind of wandered around , looking for a cool spot not to far from me, I think. He liked it best when I was  when ( was in the kitchen, either sitting down where I could reach him, or smelling all those lovely smells. All cats I've known are drawn to the odor of cooking onions.


I'm going to have to stop this. I simply cannot type tonight. If you find any typos I would appreciate knowing about them.


It's a warm, cloudy night in the field.


June 22

I don't 1cccccompletely remember why I was so late last night, but I was. O gpt 9 hours of sleep, which was pretty good, but not enough. Then I fooled around for too long so I was sort of between meals. I had some cheese and crackers, too much, as it turned out. I needed to make rice, which I did, but by the time it was done, I wasn't interested in eating anymore, so i ended up having channa masala, and I had to make myself eat that. One reason I needed the rice was that I had an accident as I was on my way to get the rice. I haven't been eating enough rice lately and it finally caught up with me. Now I have enough for several days. 


I still haven't had my coffee. Maybe tomorrow?


The weather was much more normal. The high temperature was 71. There was a little north wind this morning, but not much this afternoon. It was clear and sunny all day, although the camera didn't show it. I was able to shut a lot of windows and turn off, or down, some fans. 


Grayson mostly slept, although he got to sit on me twice. The first time, I picked him up, but the second time he walked onto me himself. That didn't last long. I don't know what he was looking fro, but I didn't have it. He finally used his big tray, and he seemed happy to dig in the clean litter. Left to himself, I think he would cover what he does. I'll have to remember that and clean the trays more often. It's too late now, but Debbie will be coming in a couple of weeks, and she'll help.


So that's it for the day and I'm really tired, so I will try not to diddle around  and get my rest. It's a cool, clear night in the field.


June 21 - Summer Solstice

Well, that was a lousy night. It was warm enough that I had one of the front windows open, and oh, my. It started when i woke up to something that sounded to me like somebody was tearing into the chair that the cats had already almost destroyed. After a while I shouted, because I thought it was Grayson, and then he spoke back, telling me it wasn't him. I turned on the light and it couldn't possibly have been him, because he was lying over in front of the dresser. I apologized today.


What it was is the wind blowing on the vertical blinds and causing them to hit the tall cabinet in the corner. 


I was trying to decide what to do about that when very suddenly, we had about half an hour of solid 60 mph winds. First, it blew the verticals around and then it blew the bedroom door shut with a bang. I knew what that was, and I got up to prop it open with the bag of clothes we brought down from upstairs. Eventually, I will get the big rock I usually use as a doorstop, but for the time being, that bag of clothes is doing double duty.


WHat mad me laugh was that as soon as he heard me moving around, Grayson was outside the door whining to get in. Cats do not like closed doors, especially doors that are usually open.


I had to close the windows when the wind picked up and I left them closed, which meant it was warm in the bedroom, even though one window was still open a few inches. When I really, really wish he ceiling fan worked! So I had a wakeful rest of the night, although later I did get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. 


I thought the wind might mean a thunderstorm was on its way, but we didn't have any rain. There had been some lightning low on the northwest horizin, but if the radar was right, those storms were over on the Minnesota-Ontario border. It's amazing how far you can see over the lake.


After the big blow, the wind went to calm, which meant it was warm. The overnight low finally got down to 55, but it was around 8-9 AM.


THe high today wasa 86 abd the wind has been from the northwest with gusts up to 25 mph. Thankfully, it's supposed to be a little cooler tomorrow.


i actually did something today, even though my back has been bothering me a lot. I keep the cat pans in the bathtub, and of course, I'm really bad about cleaning out the crud. With the heat and all, it was getting really, really nasty smelling in the bathroom and in the bedroom  I've been planning to clean them out, at least somewhat, and the smell was so bac that today was the day. There was a lot  of crud, but as soon as I got it into babs, it smelled much better. by this time I should know that. I was only disappointed that Grayson didn't immediately use the clean tray, but he's used to the messy ones and he may just have done something. There was a spot that was soft. Anyway, I felt good about it and with the warm weather, ,maybe I can be a little more diligent about removing the smelly stuff.


oh, yes, and I did the bulletin, which was very easy after last week.  THen I discovered that Jon has been fiddling with the mail system again and - again - I can't  email the president of our congregation. I wish he'd be a little more careful  when he upgrades the server, but he's always been a cowboy. This is at least the third time this has happened. Our president doesn't do much with the bulletins, but I don't want him to feel left out.


Other than complaining a lot, Grayson didn't do anything. He doesn't like the heat and he doesn't like the wind. Well, neither do I and  I wish i could fix it for both of our sakes.


I think tomorrow I can probably turn off the fans (or turn them down, at least) and maybe I ca work on the kitchen? THat is the next big project. We'll see. My back has been seriously interfering with my activities, and it doesn't clear up at all until I've sat in a chair for four to six hours, which means It hurts until I'm just about to go to bed.


Like now. It's a  warm, breezy night in the field.


June 20

I don't remember exactly why i was so late, but I was. I slept fairly well, but I was up about every two and a half hours. It was warm in the house when I got up, that was all right for my bath. I only wish i would have taken it earlier, but I did manage to get it done eventually. By that time it was hot and there were a bunch of windows i just wasn't strong enough to get open. However, after I used my cane to open the one in the south side of the office, I realized what I can do for the other ones, if I need them. The heat plus my sore back made i hard. Now all the fans i can turn on are running and that's helping. Also, I had salad for dinner. I suppose I'll regret it tomorrow, but I just could not bear to eat anything hot.


I called the electrician and got on their list, so that's taken care of.


I have a small fan in the basement, I think, but by the time I thought about calling Ron, it was too late. When I wish I was brave enough to go downstairs when nobody else is here. But I'm not.


The temperature got up to 92, but then it dropped into the sixties. There isn't much wind, but what there is, is from the southwest or west, so maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight. he humidity was high enough that there was some fog on the harbor late in the afternoon, but mostly skies were fairly clear. Wind is calm now. I do not like this weather. it is supposed to be a bit cooler tomorrow, at least here, and then it will go back into 


Grayson doesn't like it either, and I think he's spent most of his time lying on the tile in the bathroom, which is cool. He was complaining all the time, too, and I don't blame him.


So it was an icky, sticky day and it's going to be a warm night. It's a hot, partly clear night in the field. Bah, humbug to summer.


June 19 - Father's Day, etc.

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers, grandfathers, etc. And I guess great-grandfathers, if you're my age.


Ugh. It was a bad day.


I was in bed by 9 PM last night, although it was 10:30 or 11 PM before I got to sleep. I was up several times, of course, and I didn't get up until around 10 AM. I diddled around, and I had just finished brushing my teeth - at around 3:30 PM - when the power bounced three times and went down,  after a loud crack of thunder.


I waited patiently - and nothing happened. Oopsie. So I tottered down to the kitchen, and I could hear the generator, although it was clearly in wait mode. When the house is pulling power, it runs at a much higher speed. Something has clearly happened to the connection between the generator and the house current, but the part that senses a power outage is still working. I have a phone call to make tomorrow...


Anyway, I had no power, and I didn't for about 4 hours. My UPS only works for about 15 minutes, and it was beeping frantically, so I shut down the computer, which silenced the UPS, too. Wireless was down, too, until around 7 PM, when I finally called and texted PastyNet, but shortly thereafter, power and cell service came back. It took a while - quite a while - for the internet to come back up, but in the meantime, I had some work to do to get the computer back to where it was when I shut it down.


Oh, and the power had just come up when there was another crack of thunder that sounded just about like the first one, but it doesn't seem to have done any damage. We didn't need that.


The big issue was my stories. I had two stories and one list of names open when I shut everything down. I've learned in the past to do a hard shutdown and not try to stop everything first. This time, I had more copies of the one I'm writing on than I thought I should have, and I had forgotten where I was the last time I wrote. i wasn't as far along as I thought I was, so I was confused, but everything seems to be OK now. Whew!


Then i did my daily surfing, which took a while, and some more reading, so it was very late when I ate. I had only had some cheese and crackers and a glass of OJ, instead of the nice breakfast I was planning, so by the time I ate, I was hungry. Really hungry. It's better now.


In the meantime, I had four hours without anything online. I keep forgetting how much of my life is consumed by the phone and the computer. I knitted a bit - not much, because, frankly, socks are boring. Then I moved a bunch of stuff around the office and I can almost get to the patio doors now. I retrieved a book that I had put in the bookcase last year, but I searched and searched -- I'm not seeing very well today - and there are two other books I really want that I can't find.  I know they're there someplace. I also think I saw a book I have in my Amazon shopping cart. I will have to track that down a bit more completely, but if I already have it, I'm glad to know about it, because one of the things that annoys me most is buying something - particularly a book - that I already have. There is almost room on the desk to wind my shawl yarn and i moved things around under the desk. I didn't make any more room there, unfortunately, but I did find a few things.


So it wasn't a completely lost day, but it sure wasn't what I intended to do.


The weather was unsettled. The last time I looked at radar, all the storms seemed to be out over the lake - there had been distant thunder from the time I got up - so I was extremely surprised when the lightning strike that brought down the power happened. That was followed, about 15 minutes later, by one of the heaviest downpours we've had in a long time. Unfortunately, with the power down, we'll never know how much rain fell, but while I was talking to the power company, it looked like somebody upended a bucket over my house. During the time we have data - with a hiatus between 3 and 8 PM - the high temperature was 62 and the wind has been from the southwest with gusts up to 26 mph. I can assure you, it got higher than that. And at the 7 PM reading, the wind was calm. It was mostly cloudy, of course, and before that squall came through, it got extremely dark, which is why the light in the bathroom is still on.


Grayson was not a happy camper. All sorts of nonstandard things happened today, and he didn't like any of them, and he told me so. There was that thunder, and nothing running and mommy not eating much and rain and all sorts of horrible things. Then he wanted some of my salmon and he couldn't have any. He's all right now, but I imagine I'll see signs of distress for a day or so - and then it's supposed to get hot. Poor little Grayson. All he wants is for everything to be the same as always.


Me, too, but I'm a little more able to handle the upsets. A little.


Oh, yes, and on my way to get my dinner, I had an accident. Nice end to a lousy day. It wasn't too bad, but I had to change my bottoms before I could get my dinner. Geez, enough already. i'm ready for bed!


So now it's a cloudy, breezy night in the field, and if we're lucky, there won't be any more thunder. And maybe tomorrow will be better.


June 18
Ugh. I am going to bed. I didn't think I slept so badly, but I apparently didn't get enough sleep and I have a headache. It turns out I didn't take most of my pills last night - simple oversight - and i was a bit surprised that I didn't have more trouble with my feet. Anyway, tonight, I'm exhausted. I thought i might take my bath tonight, but I'm too tired and I don't like to much around in the wet shower when I'm not very stable on my feet. Bed sounds pretty good.


I did do something. When I was waiting for my car on Tuesday, I finished the leg of the sock and, I thought, did more than half of the heel, but when I took it out on Wednesday, I discovered that I had screwed  up the whole heel and I spent a couple of mornings un-knitting the entire heel. I finished that today and knitted it up again, correctly, and now I am starting on the foot. With the number of accidents I've had lately, I need as many pairs of summer socks that fit as i can get. The other pair, the ones on #1 needles, are white, and I don't want to wear them when I may have an accident, because some yarns stain more or less permanently. I sure wish I could find the sock-ana-a-half that I lost!


the weather was cooler and not quite as clear as it has been. The high temperature was only 55, but there wa almost no wind. The humidity has risen all day, and the clouds have begun to move in. There was a lot of sunshine, although the camera didn't show most of it. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Monday and then get much too hot for a couple of days. 


I diddled around in the bathroom for long enough that Grayson was getting agitated, and when I got to the kitchen, I saw why - he had eaten everything that was in a dish. There was kibble on the floor, but he'd rather not eat that. As usual, he wanted my dinner, and as usual, he didn't get it. He asked to sit on me, but I was doing something else when he did, so he didn't get that, either.


So that's all there was and now I'm going to totter up to the north end and put my little head on my little pillow. It's a cool, partly cloudy evening in the field.


June 17

Well, I got to bed around midnight and I slept, but I didn't sleep well. I was running off at the bottom all night. I got up around 9:15, but I ran off for most of the day, too, so I didn't dare get too far from the bathroom. Every time I thought things might be settling down, they weren't. Since I had a nasty accident on my way to bed last night, I wasn't going to take any chances.


So I ate my one meal early and now I'm going to bed, via the laundry room. I have a load of bottoms half done and i want to get the fabric softener in it. I'll dry it tomorrow.


Oh, rats. I just noticed that they're playing Schubert's Trout this hour, so of course, I have to listen to that!


I inadvertently made a bit of order in the closet while I was trying to find some bottoms and some socks. That's nice, but a whole lot of tees, socks and bottoms seem to be missing, which annoys me. There are still bags in the bedroom from the flood and I suppose everything is in there. I know there is a lot of bedding, some of which I really need.


The weather has finally settled down. It blew hard all night, but between 5 and 6 AM the wind shifted to the north - I could hear it go, because this time it wasn't abrupt - so while it continued windy until around noon, it didn't bother me. The high temperature was 63 during the day. It was warmer overnight, but it was on its way down. It was clear and sunny, which was nice, but i suspect it's going to be warm in the bedroom. I had to close all the west windows last night because the strong wind was too cold.


Grayson is  much happier today without all that noise. He is still sitting on the floor beside my feet, though.


I think I have the next episode of the story down pretty good, but I don't want to start on that tonight, because it's gong to be a long one and I'm tired.


It's a clear sort of cool night in the field.


June 16

Well, that was dumb. I inverted last night, so I didn't get enough sleep and I didn't do anything much at all today. I think it will be better today. I'm working on the next episode of the story, but I haven't quite gotten to the point of starting to write yet.


The story today was the weather. It was mostly sunny and the high temperature was 74, all of which was nice, but then there was the wind. After being light overnight, it picked up from the west after 10 AM and blew hard all afternoon. It shifted northwest and at its height, the gusts were 45 mph. It seems to be dying down a bit now, but it's been very noisy around here. We had a power glitch around noon, and then around 1 PM, it failed altogether and I was on generator power for five hours. There was another glitch later, but nothing serious, except for the "PF" lights on the fridge and the microwave. For a while, I was wondering if the power company was waiting until the wind died down to fix the outage, but I guess I was just being cynical. When the wind is out of the northwest, it's particularly noisy in the bedroom, so I didn't get as much sleep as I might have. There were some nice whitecaps on the harbor.


Grayson was complaining a lot, and he even jumped up and settled down in bed with me. He doesn't like that noise and he is still recovering from my going away for almost the whole day on Tuesday. He actually got some of my steak tonight. I don't like to do that, but I figured he needed some coddling. He is out in the great room somewhere now, shouting.


So that wss my day and now it's a warmish, windy night in the field.


June 15

June is half over! Wow!


Well, I really crashed last night. I was in bed by 9:30 PM and I didn't get up until 10:30 AM. Of course, as a result, I'm writing this at 3"15 AM and I'm, so tired I can't really see anymore. Sigh.


I was late enough that I didn't do very much besides my surfing, but I did get the bulletin done. So much is going on this Sunday that I had t had to ply my shoehorn. The president of our congregation has a grandchild being baptized, a son and his family joining our congregation and he and his wife are renewing their marriage vows fort their 40th anniversary. I wish I could go, but besides that I'd have to get up at 6 AM again, with my elimination problems, I doubt I could make it through the entire morning and early afternoon safely. Just because I've only had one near accident doesn't mean  I won't have another one.


Anyway, there were so many announcements that I had to rearrange things several times to get everything in and make it all legible. It's only good that I enjoy things like that. It keeps my mind agile.


The weather was - foggy. The fog rolled in and out all day. Sometimes it was foggy and sometimes it wasn't. Of course, that meant it was very humid. The lowest the humidity got was 73% and mostly it was over 80%. Not my fave. The high temperature was 78, but it must have been fleeting, sometime between 5 and 7 PM. We also had enough rain to cover the patio doors and wet the deck, but not enough to show up in the rain gauge. I wonder about that rain gauge.


Grayson loved his breakfast and he got to sit on my lap. I think he would like to have done it again this evening, but either I was doing something else or I was eating. I know he didn't want channa masala.


Yes, I didn't get my fish again. Now i have to decide whether to have it tomorrow or wait until Friday, which is when I usually have my fish. I ate breakfast so late that I wasn't hungry, and then around 1 AM when I was betting hungry and trying to decide what to eat, I had an yucky accident. After I cleaned up from that, I wanted whatever was fastest. THis happens frequently.


So now it's a dark, foggy night in the field and I really should go to bed. Grayson thinks so, too.


June 14

Ugh. i am going to bed. I am exhausted.


I managed to get to bed by 10:30, but it took me quite a while to get to sleep. I felt like I had to go to the bathroom and my whole hip area hurt. It took me two trips to the bathroom before i felt better. Then I slept all right, but I was up a couple more times, prompted by hot flashes. I woke up just before 6 AM, even though I had set the alarm for 6:30, and I had to pee, so I got up.


That gave me time to collect some appropriate clothes to wear- this time of year is always hard - have something fast to eat and  collect my stuff. I didn't have an accident before I left, thankfully.


The ride wasn't bad. There wasn't much traffic in my direction except going toward the bridge, but I was still early.


It seems that the guy I talked to when I made the appointment, who is no longer with the company, didn't record it right and the guy I got didn't quite understand what I wanted until I explained it. it took a while, and over $200, but I now know what is wrong with my car - all $4500 of it. Things are rusting out. I don't know what I'm going to do about all of that, although it all doesn't need to be done at once. I just don't have that kind of money and I have nowhere to get it, unless I put my continued ability to pay my property taxes. I don't know what to do, but I have some time to think about it. I certainly can't afford a new (or even used) car. Remember, I need 4WD. I don't know what to do.


Anyway, on the way home, I stopped at Pat's and laid in a lot of produce and some fresh meat. I see why really poor people have such terrible diets; fresh produce is terribly expensive. Oh, yes, and I splurged on a package of Starbucks' ground coffee, so I can have coffee tomorrow without all the hassle. I don't know how often I'll be able to do that, though, because a 12 oz. package is $12.99, and that's sort of pricey.


Then I was so tired I couldn't have my fish or my watermelon tonight, but they're in the smelly fridge and I can have them tomorrow. Fresh whitefish, creamed spinach and rice, bib lettuce with something good on it and watermelon. Yum! I can't wait. 


The weather was not what any of the forecasts said was going to happen. It was partly cloudy, although it has clouded over now. The high temperature both places was 73, much different from what they were predicting - some were much higher, some much lower, although they all changed their tune by mid-afternoon. There was a strong and gusty south wind  


Things are in bloom, too. Our lilacs don't look very good, but they're out all over, as are the chokecherries and serviceberries. I love this time of year because not only are there so many flowers, the trees are so many different shades of green, and some are red. However, that all means the pollen is out, too. Evidently there are some cottonwood trees in Houghton, because there was cotton wool all over the floors at the dealership. 


Oh, yeah, and the gate was closed when I came home. I opened it, and as I was going through, somebody came from the other side and left it open, so I guess there is quite a divided opinion about that. I have to open it to get in or out, but I'm not going to close it.


Grayson was not happy when I left and he was extremely happy when I came back, twining around and rubbing his whiskers on the door frames. When I sat in the bathroom, he went to sleep beside me. He wanted my dinner, too, but he didn't get any.


So that was my distressing day and I simply must go to bed. It's a warm, cloudy night in the field and I think the wind is dying down.


June 13

This will be a short one because I have to get to bed so i can get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I have to be in Houghton at 10 AM. Ugh.


I hope I have a better night than I did last night. I got to bed at a sort of reasonable hour, but I didn't sleep at all well. I kept having hot flashes, except that my feet were cold. I forgot I have a pair of cotton socks in the nightstand for things like that. Maybe I can do better tonight. 


The only thing I did today was wash my hair and put the latest load of bottoms to soak. I've had at least one yucky accident every day for the past week, and i need to get those things washed.


The weather was cool and cloudy. It only rained a little bit but it was humid. The high temperature was 59. The wind was sometimes rather brisk from the south and sometimes nearly calm. How it will be tomorrow depends upon whose weather forecast you believe, but it should be warmer. I don't think we'll get slammed like people south of us have been, but it will probably be warm. Well, I can open the windows.


Grayson was quite patient with me for quite a while before he started complaining. He wanted my dinner, too, and he did get the end of my yogurt, which he loves. So do I.


And that's all there is. It's a cool, cloudy evening in the field.


June 12 - Trinity Sunday

As I said  last night, I was late again. I slept well and I think I got enough sleep, but I was late getting up and I ended up not doing anything at all.


The weather was all right, although it was partly cloudy. The high temperature was 63 and the wind was light and variable. It is still a bit more humid than I like. The moon is out, but it's way below the crossbar and I have to move back to see it. Hard to tell it's not full, though.


Grayson mostly slept.


And that's all there is. It's a clear, cool night in the field and if I don't move I'm going to have another accident - I may anyway.


June 11

Ooh, late. I have an excuse, though - 3500 words. I was getting backed up in my thoughts about the story, so I had to get some of it down. I didn't realize what I'd done until I counted it, but I'm at a good stopping point, where I have to think "Okay, what's next?" Well, I know what, but not how, so I have to let it simmer a while.


I was late last night, too, but not for any good reason, except that I had an accident. I had it earlier tonight, so I'm safe. Anyway, I didn't sleep very well. I think it was a bit too warm in the bedroom, but maybe that was only an excuse. I have the window open in there now, and unless it's really cold, I think I'll leave it that way and just cover up. 


The weather started out sort of iffy, although it didn't rain. It was cloudy until around 3:30, when it cleared up. Sunset was nice and when I looked out the south window, there was the oval moon, so bright and pretty. The high temperature was 56 and there wasn't much wind - in fact, it was calm for a good part of the afternoon. It's still more humid than I would like.


Grayson muttered around and muttered around until I finally picked him up, and he settled down and went to sleep until I had to move for some reason. Right now, he's asleep beside my feet. I like it better when he just walks down from the counter onto my lap, but he won't do that very much for some reason.


So now I am very tired, and the only good thing is that when I had my accident, I put on my nightie and slippers, so all I have to do is brush my teeth. There are advantages to living alone.


Now it's a cool, clear night in the field and the moon is very bright.


June 10

Let's see, I think I remember what happened last night. I got to bed at a fairly reasonable hour, although it was later than I wanted because I had an accident. Then i couldn't sleep. I wasn't hot or cold or anything, but I wasn't comfortable and I fidgeted around for several hours before I finally settled down. It has to do with when I went to bed the night (or morning) before, I think. So instead of being able to bet up at a reasonable hour, I was late again. 


However, I had a nice breakfast. I've been eating my eggs scrambled, because they're so fast, and I really had  taste for something else, so for the second day, I had poached, and they are so good. It doesn't hurt that the eggs are pretty fresh. 


I also had a situation with the coffee. I really, really want some coffee - it has to be five years since I've had any and I miss it. So some time ago, I bought what I thought was a package of Starbucks' ground coffee - only when I opened the package, it wasn't ground. I looked down in to a bag of beans. Well, I don't have a coffee grinder and I don't want one, since it's just another single-use appliance that i might not be using very much. So I didn't get my coffee. I didn't even get my milk tea, because the milk has gone sour. Sheesh.


I Googled and it seems possible to grind coffee in a small food processor, which I have, so I will have to try that. The other issue is, how many beans makes two tablespoons of grounds, and I will have to chck that again. Thirty grams sticks in my mind, but I'm not sure whether that's one tablespoon or two. Sheesh, they make this so complicated. I was just hoping to get a mug of good coffee. If  we need burr grinders and fancy coffee makers and stuff like that, I think we are entirely too civilized and we need to back up a century or so. Oh, and the thing I mostly make my coffee in is a 50 year old percolator. Whether you think perked coffee is the best or the worst is a personal thing. I've always liked it, and they still make the percolator I have. i also have a French press, but my problem with that is there are no markings on it to tell how much water to add and I have to wrap it in a towel to keep it hot while it steeps. Those are two things all the directions ignore completely. The percolator is easier. And no matter what I use, there's the grounds, which I can't put down my drain. They are a nice deodorant in the waste basket, though. Oh, and people either love or hate French presses, too. Yhr only thing is, they both use coarse grind coffee, so I can try both and decide which is easier and I like better. Stay tuned.


I don't know how I get into these things. People are just as OCD about their tea - the temperature has to be just so and the steeping has to be just so and all the rest of that garbage. Oh, and doing it in the microwave is a no-no. Bullshit. Boil the water (not filtered, at least with my water), pour it on top of the tea bags (and sweetener if you're using it), stir, cover and steep for as long as gives you a drink that tastes good to you. Why is that so hard?


Geez, I'm wordy tonight. I was annoyed by the coffee, though.


The weather was nice. It was clear all day, the high temperature was 67 and there was no wind until around 10 PM when it picked up from the southwest. I guess there might be some rain tomorrow, but we need that. It's so nice to look out and see blue and green! And when it got dark, I looked out the south windows and there was the givvous moon, shining brightly. It's gone now, over the house, but I'll probably be able to see it set from the bedroom


I haven't mentioned the lighthouse, because I wasn't - and still aren't - sure what is going on. It has apparently een completely down for a couple of months. For the last day or two, its light has been on, not very bright, but it isn't rotating. I suppose it's because the thing is pretty old and getting parts for it is difficult, if not impossible. I don't know why they decided to erect the thing they have now, instead of using the light in the old building, like Eagle Harbor did, but that was a very long time ago. These days, with GPS and all that, it's not so important that it be running, but I imagine the lakers miss it. I sue know I do. Having that blink into my bedroom gives me a nice, comfy feeling.


Grayson was following me - or leading me - around all ddy, but I never did figure out what he wanted. He thought he wanted my dinner, but the marinade on the fish has onion and garlic in it, and besides, there isn't enough for both of us. I think he's asleep now.


Oh, and I finally made rice tonight. I was so tired of it, I decided to give it a rest, but I need that fiber. Now I'm good for at least five days.


So that was my day and now it's a clear, cool night in the field.


June 9

Well, I finally did it. I was still in the office when the camera took its first picture, so if you checked very early and very quickly. you saw the inside of the office. Oops. I slept, but not long enough and I'm going - I'm really going - when I finish this. I really want to know what happens next in the story, but I have to write it first and I haven't  gotten to that yet.


While I was fiddling around during the night, I looked out and there was the fat quarter moon setting over the end of the harbor. It was pretty, although I had the lights on, so it wasn't as pretty as it could have been.


So I didn't do anything - knitted a little, surfed a little, and that's all. Well, I just realized I didn't read my funnies, so I have to do that.


The weather ws nice again, although it's a bit humid for my taste. The high temperature was 62 and there was a slight wind from the north or northwest. I opened one front window in the bedroom and that will cool it off, although I'm so tired it probably wouldn't matter. It was mostly clear, although there seemed to be a little high cloud cover for part of the late afternoon. It's hard to tell when the sun gets into the camera.


Grayson wa svery patient with me and he mostly slept.


And that's all. It's a partly clear, warmish night in the field.


June 8

I was late last night because everything was late yesterday. I hope to do a bit better today. Theoretically, I got enough sleep, but it didn't seem like that and I got very sleepy in the middle of the afternoon.


When I got to the hallway, I looked out the door to the breezeway and there was my Schwan's order, in the middle of the floor. I wish those people would realize i can't lift those boxes and at least put them on the platform. So I called Ron and he came and helped me unload the box. The freezer is now packed with goodies, but I have to scare up the fresh produce and some other things. I've been having trouble with my milk going sour, for one thing. It sure is nice to have food again, though. I was scraping the bottom of the barrel. Now my problem is what to eat first...


Ron and I had a nice conversation, and I discovered that he is just about as introverted as I am and he has just as much trouble with telephones as I do. No wonder we get along so well. I do need to keep him out of the garage, though. He always turns on both lights, including the floodlight outside, and he always forgets to turn them off, which means I have to go down the steps and out the door to turn them off. 


Why is it I have so much problem with people leaving lights on? I learned more years ago than most of them have been alive not to do that. Uf you turn it on when you go in, turn it off when you leave!!!!


The weather was nice again. it was sunny until around 7:30 PM, when the cloud deck got thick. The high temperature was 71, but that was an anomaly around noon and the next hour's reading was 54. Mostly it was in the middle 50s. There was no wind, which meant it got really hot in here, and I'm sure it still is in the bedroom.  The humidity was all over the place, but mostly above 70%, which is not good for my knees.


Grayson was very talkative today. He spent some time on my lap, but when Ron came, he had to tell us all about it. He wanted my dinner, but those pot pies are small and there wasn't any for him.


So that was my day and I must go to bed. I have to try to get onto a human schedule before next Tuesday,when I have to be in Houghton by 10 AM. Ugh.


Now it's a cool, cloudy night in the field, I'm tired and I have a freezer full of good food.


June 7

Why was I late last night? I don't remember, but I was, very late. I guess I didn't get enough sleep, because I just wanted to sit and do nothing and during the talking, I nearly fell asleep several times. I probably did for a few minutes.


I suppose it was partly because of what I did - or didn't - do. I went right to the office after I fed the cat because the camera hung up when it woke up this morning. I had to unplug and re-plug the cable from the camera to get it working right. Then I had to write a check that should have gone out a week ago and schlep it off to the post office. When I got home, I opened a couple of packages and brought some stuff into the house, then I had to pee, and when I sat down, I just sat for quite a while before I got something to eat. The incoming mail was mostly junk, but at ;east i got my outgoing sent.


While I was at the post office, Chris (she does mail on Tuesdays) gave me the thing I have to sign every year to get my free post office box, but I couldn't fill it out because I couldn't read it. I brought it home, and when I looked at it again, I had to use a magnifying glass to see what I was supposed to do. It was partly because I wasn't seeing too well close up, but it was also partly because the type on the paper was so small and the paper is so white that I simply couldn't read it. Stupid people need to do something about that. Now I will have to go back to give the paper to Ron. Sheesn.


The weather wasn't too bad. It was clear and sunny and the high temperature was 54, with a light north wind. It's still very humid, and there was some fog before I got to the office to reset the camera. The exciting thing I discovered is that while the fog was covering everything up yesterday, the service berries and choke cherries burst  into bloom. If you look carefully at the pictures from the camera, you will see my cherry bushes are all covered with lovely white blossoms. Yay!! Everything else is green, green, green, but that light yellow green it only gets in the spring. The little daffodil at the side of the road is gone, but the forget-me-nots are out. And teh dandelions, of course. How lovely!


I also discovered that they have graded the road, and I almost ran into a dirt hauler truck on my way out. And the gate isn't closed. I have my fingers crossed about that.


I guess the black flies are out, too, but they aren't biting yet. We always have to deal with that. The pines aren't shedding their pollen yet, and the lilacs aren't out either. But spring is in full force and it's lovely.


So that's all there is, and it's a cool, clear night in the field.


June 6 D-Day

Today is another one of the days I always mark, because so much of my youngest years were informed by World War II. My dad was in the Pacific, of course, and the war went on for a while longer, but D-Day was the beginning of the end. It's just so disheartening that it keeps happening over and over again, like gun violence. People are so stupid.


Of course, I was late last night, but not quite as late as the night before and not as late as I'm going to be tonight. (Well, last night it was e and tonight it seems to be spaces. It would be nice if I could learn to type.) One front window was open a bit, so it was cool to cold in the bedroom, which was nice. I think I got up around noon.


I finally - finally! - made my phone calls. The HVAC guy didn't want to do the drain field maintenance, so I will have to get the Health Department to do it,, darn it. I wanted to avoid them. I made the appointment for my Wellness Exam and my next COVID booster, both in the morning, so I'm going to have to get my schedule under control. And I talked to the doctor's office about my questions, but they will call me back tomorrow. So now I have a bunch of checks to send out by snail mail and I'll have to do that tomorrow.


The weather was lousy. It was cold. The high temperature was 54, but mostly it was in the middle 40s. There wasn't any wind. The fog moved in around 8:30 AM and it never left - it was still there after dark. Of course it was horribly humid and my joints told me so.


Grayson sat on my lap for a bit, but he couldn't find a comfortable spot. He wanted something other than what he got to eat and he really wanted my dinner. When I didn't give him any, he went away mad/


I finally got a delivery date for my Schwan's order - Wednesday - which means it will have been 16 days since I ordered it. Not happy. UPS brought a package to the house the other day, so unless they've already closed the gate, I should get that one , too. I'd really rather the heavy ones went to the Post Office, so Ron can help me unpack them, but oh, well. I can figure it out without him. This is such a big order, it will be hard to unpack no matter where it's left. 


So that was my quiet day and now I really must go to bed. It's a cold, foggy night in the field.


June 5 - The Day of Pentecost

So late again and late again. I slept fairly well last night, but I was late getting up and I fiddled around, of course, as well as finally filling the north end pill dispensers, then I took a bath. At least I'm nice and clean. Oh, and then I started washing a load of bottoms, which I won't finish until tomorrow.


I'll be late tonight, too, because I was late eating and then I lost track of time while doing my surfing.  Now it's late.


The weather was nice. The high temperature was 65 briefly - the next hour the high was 51. There wasn't any wind. There weren't any clouds, either. I noticed that in the MODIS imagery the entire Keweenaw is bright green, finally. The dandelions are out , but I think I missed the forsythia. The lilacs aren't out here yet. It's about what you'd expect.


Grayson mostly slept, although he was extremely excited when I started fixing his dinner. I think he knows that at least once a week he's going to et something he really likes.


And that's all there was. It's a clear, cool night in the field and I need to go to bed.


June 4

IT was such an upside-down day that i didn't do anything. I totally lost track of time, so I'm late tonight, too.


The weather was nice. The high temperature was 64 and the wind was very light and from all over, which made it hard to figure which windows to open. It was mostly sunny, with a couple of short cloudy periods thrown in. 


Grayson was getting upset with me before I finally got dressed and fed him, but that was because I lost track of time. He came to ask me for my dinner and he just came by for a little pet, so I guess I'm forgiven.


And now I have to go to bed. It's a clear, cool night in the field.


June 3

It was another bad night - or at least it started out bad.  I got to bed about 10:45 - move slow, you know - but it was so hot in the bedroom that I couldn't sleep. Finally, around 12:30, I opened both front windows about 4" and discovered that the wind was from the west. I had to use the covers, but it cooled down quickly. I closed the window closest to the head of the bed sometime in the middle of the night and the other one a while later, but it was cool enough that I went right back to sleep. I think it was close to 1 PM when I got up. I'll be interested in the temperature up there tonight - well, it's early morning now.


The only convulsion was the phone message I got from Schwan's saying my order (which wss supposed to be delivered today) was delayed and would be delivered sometime next week. When I finally got to the office, I called them back, and it turned out they had given me the number for the complaint desk at their corporate headquarters. They couldn't do anything for me except listen, but that phone number could be useful. 


The weather was cool for June. THe high temperature was 58 and until 8 PM, there was a strong north wind with as high as 28 mph. After 8 PM, the wind went calm, and I guess it still is. It was cloudy until 1:30 and then the sky cleared up until  8 PM, when it  began to cloud up again.


Grayson mostly wanted love today. He got to sit on my lap for a long time and that helped, but he has kept comng by and I think he wanted to sit on me. He comes up beside me and meows and I'm supposed to at least pet him. 


I was happy to see that both UPS and FedEx delivered packages to my breezeway - or I think UPS did. Ron wouldn't have left it in the midde of the floor, though. That won't last long if they close the gate, but it's nice even for a little while. Or maybe they'll try not to close the gate this year? As is usual with the Association, they talk a lot and nothing ever gets done. I do believe they know how hard it is for me to manipulate that damn gate. i can hope.


So now it's a cool, dark, middle o fthe night and I must go to bed.


June 2

Ugh. It was a horrible night. I got to bed late, and then I had two accidents about two hours apart where I soiled two nightgowns and a pair of underpants, as well as the floor. I had a third one later that didn't do as much damage. I slept and I got up after noon, but I feel strongly that I didn't get nearly enough sleep. I don't know if you'd call what I have "brain fog" but I feel awful, I can't see very well and when I close my eyes for a while, I get sort of dizzy. NEED to go to bed!


Needless to say, I didn't do anything, Oh and I'm not hungry, either.


The weather was all right. The high temperature was 74. The wind moved around some, and it i now from the northwest with gusts up to 2i mph. it was clear to partly cloudy in the morning but the clouds moved in this afternoon, There was enough sun that the house got really hot.


I told Grayson I didn't feel good, so he slept beside my feet all afternoon; He got really excited over his dinner - and mine.


So it was another lost day, but maybe a long night's sleep will help. It's a sort of warm, cloudy night in the field nd I can't type, either.


June 1

I got to bed earlier than I will tonight and with the wind, it was cool enough in the bedroom that I slept well, although I was up several times. I got up late and fiddled around, of course, do nothing got donr.


The weather was much nicer today. It was windy this morning, with a north wind as high as 24 mph with gusts of 37 mph early in the morning. It died down during the day and is nearly calm now. The high temperature was 64 and the humidity was as low as 35%, although it jumped around a lot.  It was mostly clear all day, although it clouded up around sunset. This is more my kind of weather.


Grayson wanted more loving than he got, although he did get to sit on me for a while. He really wanted my dinner, too, but neither pork nor onions are good for kitties, so he was disappointed.


I did my pork chops tonight and I overcooked them again. I finally Googled it and discovered that the proper temperature to cook pork to is 145. with a 3 minute rest period. The rest isn't a problem - It takes me longer than that to get everything together and get to the office. The next time I do pork chops, I will have to try the 145 thing, although it's hard because the two cowboy chops are always very different sizes. The one tonight was enormous, two ribs wide, but it tasted so good, i ate it all, with potatoes this time. Yum. I have another meal, which I may have tomorrow, because Thursdays are always hard.


I still haven't gotten to the fridge to try to find out what died in there, but I need to do that soon. With the weather getting warmer, I won't be able to use the breezeway as my auxiliary fridge for too much longer. I have discovered it smells like lettuce gone bad, but I haven't had that happen in the fridge for a long time, so I need to gat at it and do some serious cleaning and cleaning out. It's always something.


Now it's a cool, cloudy night in the field and I need to go to bed.


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