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August, 2019


August 31

I wasn't nearly as late last night, but of course I was later than I wanted to be, and I probably will be tonight, too. I slept so-so. Part of it, I'm sure, was the fish, but that wasn't the whole story. I got up around 9:30 and I knitted my two rows. It didn't take me as long as I thought, but when I checked, I found I only have about 400 stitches now, which helps. I had fewer problems with the knot stitches, too. I should have done two more, but I didn't. The next four rows are very easy - only a couple of holes or a single nupp in each repeat. Monday.


I was so late that I didn't do anything. Mary Ann just called and I will be picking her up for church tomorrow. They have sold their truck - it was a lemon and it was draining their savings - but they haven't found anything to replace it, so they don't have any wheels right now.  That would freak me out, but it doesn't apparently bother them too much.


The weather was OK. The high temperature was 68 and there wasn't much wind. It was partly cloudy and sometimes almost overcast. The humidity was over 70%, so I hurt.


The guys slept. While I was knitting, they slept at my feet. Louie gets there and he purrs in his sleep, which is so sweet. Grayson got a lot of lap time, although I had to remove him a couple of times to get up.


So it was another very quiet day in the field, but that's the way I like them, and now I need to go and get ready for tomorrow. It's a warmish (for this year), calm, nearly clear night in the field. And August is history.


August 30

Oh, I was ridiculously late. I think it was mostly because I was reading. I didn't get up until a bit after noon and I knitted two rows. I considered doing more, but the next right-side row is a difficult one - nupps and those cluster stitches - so I decided to wait.


I was so late that I didn't do anything but my surfing, but I did embroider while the talking was going on. I'm working on the last of the four flower vases that are across the top of the sampler and I got half of it done, except that I'm going to wait to do the urn until I've done the other half. There were some really odd looking little motifs, and when I looked at what I'd done, I realized they are more birds. It doesn't take many stitches to make a recognizable bird. Two of the circles that I've only done the tops of have birds, too, so I'm getting excited to see what other critters there might be hidden in those circles. I'm trying to stitch it in a methodical way, though, so it will be a while before I get started on the circles.


The weather was cool and windy. The temperature finally got up to 68 late in the afternoon, but for most of teh morning, it was under 60 and the wind was gusting as high as 35 mph from the north. It started out cloudy, but after about 11:00 it cleared up, and then it got cloudy again after 5:00 PM. There were some nice whitecaps on the harbor for a while. 


I think I finally got the start and stop times of the camera straight and so far, it hasn't hung up today.


The guys slept, of course. Grayson got a lot of time on my lap, but I haven't seen much of Louie since I got up.


So it was another lovely, quiet day, and now it's a sort of cloudy night in the field, which is too bad, because there is a new moon tonight and the stars would be out, as well as possibly some northern lights. Well, it's always cloudy when something is supposed to happen, so we just have to grab it when there's a surprise.


August 29

It was a lost day. I was very late getting to bed, because I wanted the Tylenol to kick in before I took my bath - it was hard enough anyway - and I was late getting started because of the power glitch. I slept fairly well, which confirms my suspicion that I've been cold at night. Until this week, it had been warm enough that I was comfortable under the cotton blanket, but it's cooled off enough that I need my comforter.


I think it was around 11:30 when I got up, but I don't remember now. I knitted my two rows, and I should have just gone ahead and done two more, but no, I had to play games...I talked to Mary Ann and she decided not to go tonight, so I had to decide for myself. However, I was so late that I couldn't have gone anyway, and about the time I would have been starting home, I realized that I don't feel very good either, so I'm glad I didn't go. They'll kick us out of the choir pretty soon if we're never there.


The weather was, well, mixed. When I got up, it was actually partly cloudy, but shortly after I started knitting, it got very dark, and we had some more rain to add to what fell before I got up, for a total of about a third of an inch, Then it began to blow from the northwest, with gusts up to 38 mph, and it has sort of cleared up. The high temperature was only 66 and the humidity was around 70%.


I'm not quite sure what's with the camera. It hung up again this morning and I had to unplug it and plug it back in to get it to work. Surely the computer has rebooted enough in the past couple of days that the driver should be all right, but I may actually have to shut it down to get a clean copy. I should also check the connections, which I haven't done in a while. I have an extension cable on the camera, and it could have worked loose. Oh, and I also adjusted the start and stop times again. We're losing 3 minutes a day now and it's showing. Not that it matters, but i only keep 100 pictures archived and I don't like it when a lot of them are black.


The guys slept, mostly where I was. Grayson got some lap time, but I had to kick him off when I had to move. Louie got some loving, but not a lot, so I will have to make it up to him.


So that was it, and now it's a clear (I think), cool night in the field.


August 28

Well, I had just about finished a nice, long entry when we had a power glitch. Since FrontPage doesn't checkpoint, I lost the whole thing. I doubt I'll do it over - I can't remember a lot of it.


I wasn't as early getting to bed as I'd hoped last night, but I think it was around midnight. I didn't sleep very well until sometime in the morning, and I think I was cold again. I won't have that problem tonight. It's cold and I'll be cuddled under the comforter.


I didn't get up until around 11:00 and I knitted four rows on the shawl. It took close to two hours, but it was only because of the large number of stitches. They were easy rows. I still have about 10 rows to go on the third chart, but it's shaping up nicely.


Around 5:30 this morning, I was making a list on the phone of everything I had to do today, and I'm happy to say I did everything on the list. First, of course, was the bulletin, and that got out with only one change and it was something I didn't know. Then I had to pay some bills, because for a short while today, I had money. I forget what the other things on the list were, but I got them all done.


When I got to the kitchen this morning, I discovered we'd had a power glitch and things were blinking and beeping. One of the nice things about the new microwave is that the display doesn't blink; it just says "PF" until you push some buttons. However, the oven went nutty and was beeping continually. It's doing it again. I'll try to clear it before I go to bed, but fortunately the beep isn't loud enough to bother me. The camera hung up again a while ago, so I'm just as glad we had the second glitch, even though I lost everything and had to wait until the computer rebooted.


The weather was cold. The high temperature was only 63, and it was in the upper 50s for most of the day. It rained until about 2:00 PM and we had about a third of an inch. The wind was from the northwest with gusts as high as 36 mph. So it was humid and unpleasant. I hurt. It was cloudy all day, until right before sunset, when it began clearing in the west, and it looked to me like it might have been clear in the last pictures from the camera, so we might see a star or two tonight.


The guys slept. I didn't see much of Louie, but I suspect he might have been in the bathroom where it was warmer - I keep the thermostat in there high enough that the heat came on this morning. Grayson got some lap time and he wanted more, but I can't type with a cat on my lap.


So it was a productive day, and now it's a dark, cold (for August) and humid night in the field.


August 27

I was late, of course, and I slept, of course, at least until after 9:30 AM. I had to tell Johanna I wouldn't get to see her today, and of course my cell service was down, so I had to walk almost all the way to the studio before I could send her a text.


I get cell service, as distinct from wi-fi, but it's somewhat intermittent. Even when it connects on the counter, if I hold the phone in front of me for too long, it goes away - I guess I'm not a very good conductor. I don't know what the problem was this morning, because when I got back to the bedroom, it was fine. The wi-fi works to about the laundry room, but when there is no service, the phone doesn't sync up very well, which is annoying.

Anyway, I went back to bed, but I only dozed for about another hour before I got up.


I knitted my two rows, and there were a lot of nupps in them. The next row has hardly any patterning in it at all, so it should go fast, and I should have knitted it, but I didn't. I hurt a lot this morning, which means my hands as well as my shoulders. I think I've mentioned that when my shoulder is bad, even knitting hurts.


I didn't do much else, but I finally got to have a regular dinner tonight and I won't be nearly as late, or I hope not. I'm reading, and that sometimes gets long. I did wash a small load of clothes which need to go in the dryer. And I hit my arm on the cupboard door twice in the same place while getting soap and fabric softener out of it. Something weird has happened to that door.


Right before I finally got to bed last night, I was sitting in the bathroom when the lights went out for about two seconds. That was a little shock, but I was actually not unhappy. Of course, I had to set a bunch of clocks, but I mentioned that I was going to have to reboot the computer. So without the UPS, it rebooted itself and the camera has been behaving today.


What is not behaving is the smoke detector in the hallway. I realized sometime last evening that it was chirping. Sheesh. It still is. I am going to have to see if one of  the tools on my long pole will enable me to get it down, but in the meantime, I close the door to the bedroom almost completely, just leaving it open enough that a small four-footed person can get it, and it doesn't seem to bother me when I'm sleeping nearly as much as it does when I'm awake.


It rained overnight, but only about a quarter inch, and so far they've been wrong about rain today. in fact, it was remarkably dry, with humidity around 65%, which is tolerable. The high temperature was 71, and it was quite windy, with gusts from the northwest that got up to 32 mph. It was cloudy all day, but it was bright and there was some sunshine. Not too bad.


The guys were very sleepy. Grayson slept on my lap twice, and in fact, he kept me from doing as much embroidery as I wanted to, until i finally put my foot down and ignored him. I was getting ready to get my dinner when I looked out onto the deck just as a rather small orange cat settled down out by the railing post. Ron had mentioned to me that there was a cat around, and I'm not surprised that he's around here - they can tell there are other cats. He's not fat, but he doesn't look too skinny. Oh, dear. I hate to see that. I will have to see if he stays around, but if he does, I don't know what I'll do. I can't just invite him in (I'm assuming it's a he). For one thing, my guys don't have shots, and who knows what he might be harboring. For another, three male cats is a bad combination. Stay tuned.


So that was my day, and now it's a cool, cloudy night in the field and there may be some rain tonight.


August 26

Well, I was late last night and I'm going to be late tonight, too. I got deep into a story and I even forgot to eat or pee.


I knitted this morning, and it was slow, because there were nupps and I had to move a bunch of markers. I'm making progress, though.


The weather started out all right, but it deteriorated as the day went on, and around 7:00 it started raining lightly. The high temperature was 72 and there was a south wind that gusted up to 30 mph. It was very humid, more so after it started to rain. My joints told me that. it was mostly cloudy.


I'm sorry about the camera. It hung up a couple of times today, and I guess I'm going to have to reboot to fix the problem.


The guys slept. Grayson slept on me for a while and Louie got some loving this morning.


So that's all there was, and now it's a cool, rainy night in the field and it's late.


August 25

Oops. I have to go to bed, don't I?


I was a bit later than I wanted to be last night - 10:15 - but I took my evening pills and filled the pill dispensers while I was waiting for the Tylenol to kick in. I slept well, but I woke up for the second time at 5:30. I had to pee so bad that there was no way I could wait until 6:00, so i got up. It was just as well, because not only was I moving slow, I had to fill kibble bowls, feed cats, and dissect a ham steak. 


I managed to leave just about when I wanted to, but there were no impediments this morning, and in fact, I didn't encounter much traffic at all on my way to church. The choir practiced, and I greeted, and I was exhausted even before the service started. By the time it was over, it was all I could to to get up into the chancel and down into the sacristy, but I did my part. However, by the time I got to the back of the church and spoke to Pastor, my left knee had given out, so I had to sit down for a few minutes. That seems to be all right - he seems to like to talk to me. After I sat for a while, my knee was all right again, but then we talked some more outside. It was a beautiful day and a lovely one to be outside in, but it was close to 2:00 before I got home and 3:00 before I had something to eat.


I didn't do anything for the rest of the afternoon. I had some idea of going to bed early, but obviously that isn't going to happen. I was too exhausted to do anything but read, and I was reading some of my stuff that I like a lot. Good thing I have some stuff in the freezer now to have when I don't want to even think about cooking.


The weather was beautiful. The high temperature was 72, and the humidity was in the low 60s, which is good. The wind picked up from the south in the afternoon, with gusts of up to 24 mph. It was clear or partly cloudy all day, with lots of sunshine. It was so nice!


By the way, I'm sorry for the problems with the camera. It hung up yesterday, and I thought I'd fixed it, but I didn't, and i had to unplug it and plug it back in to get it straightened out. The driver for that camera has problems, and at some point, only reloading it from the disk file will fix it. That means either rebooting (which takes forever) or unplugging it and plugging it back in. Since I've pushed the CPU back under the desk, it's a pain to unplug it, but it beats rebooting any time. I guess it's time to reboot, but I want to wait a few more weeks until I'm sure MS has the bugs out of their bug fixes. I've heard bad things about the August updates for Windows 7. One of these days, I'm going to have to break down and get Windows 10, but I still don't like some of the things I've heard about it, so I will undoubtedly wait as long as possible. And no, I do NOT regret not installing it when it was free. It was a horrible product then, and I did not want to deal with that. I still don't.


Sorry for the diatribe.


The guys were sleepy. I didn't see much of Louie, but Grayson got on my lap to sleep twice. The only trouble is, he wants to knead my front, and his claws are so sharp that it hurts.


So it was a quiet Sunday, and now it's a warm, dark night in the field. I don't know if it's cloudy yet or not.


August 24

I think I got to bed at a semi-reasonable hour last night, but I didn't sleep well at all. It wasn't until around 4:00 AM that I realized it was probably because my feet weren't the only part of me that was cold. So I pulled up the comforter and did fairly well for the rest of the night, but I had set the alarm for 8:00. I'm glad I did, because it took me almost an hour to get from the bed to the kitchen. I was moving very slowly this morning.


I was a bit later than I wanted getting away, as usual, but it would have worked out except that they are doing road work on Saturday! Geez! Couldn't they just have started earlier? Since it's a US highway, I suppose it's mostly being done by a contractor, and of course, they will try to get the last penny out of the contract...including overtime for weekend work. Anyway, they have scraped off a lot of the top layer of paving, but not every place that needs it, like the last quarter mile before the Mountain Lodge. And there was a one-lane road both at Lake Medora and further down. Of course, I got behind three slow cars and an RV, but once I managed to pass them, I made good time the rest of the way. Only I didn't get to church until 11:05 or so.


There wasn't much to do except get the communion ware ready, so we were done by 11:30. Then I was off to Pat's, where I was appalled by the amount I spent, even though I only go two things more than were on my list. And they say there's no inflation? There sure is here. 


The road work held me up again coming home, and I got here around 1:30.


I was happy to say my legs were doing pretty well today, MY right knee hurt, but I was mobile. Only without enough sleep, I was exhausted by the time I got home. I sat for a while before I brought the food into the house - almost everything needed to go in the fridge - but it's all crammed in. I didn't do much of anything for the rest of the afternoon, although I did fill the pill dispensers at this end of the house. I had a snack after I brought everything in, so I wasn't hungry for dinner, and I will have something for lunch tomorrow.


The weather was lovely. There were a few clouds, but mostly it was sunny. It started out quite cool, and the high temperature was only 71, but there was almost no wind, and it wasn't as humid as it was yesterday. It was nice.


I think the guys slept. I saw both of them when I was bringing in the groceries, and I had to screech at Louie to get him to not chew on the bags. Grayson seemed more interested in trying to get out into the breezeway.


So that was another quiet day, and now I have to get my hair washed and get into bed as fast as I can. I don't know if I'll get the pill dispensers at the north end filled tonight. It's a clear, calm evening in the field.


August 23

i didn't get to bed as early as I wanted to last night, of course, but I slept fairly well, at least until morning, and I think I got about 10 hours' sleep. I feel better today, but I feel a lot like I have the Shari Syndrome. My head hurts and I've been having hot flashes, for starters. It had been a while since I had any hot flashes, and I don't like them at all.


Anyway, I knitted my two rows. These rows are fairly easy, but pretty soon there will be nupps again, which means it will take longer. I thought I might do something today, but I was late enough that I didn't. Besides, the humidity or something left me very creaky and sore and my right knee - the bad one - was having problems all day. It keeps wanting to collapse, which is not a good feeling.


The weather was nice but cool again. The high temperature finally got up to 65. and there wasn't much wind, mostly from the east and under 10 mph. It was humid, which no doubt is the problem with my joints. It was mostly clear. with only a few clouds late in the afternoon. I keep forgetting to mention that we passed through a day length of 14 hours a while ago, and the sun isn't rising until 7:00 AM and setting before 9:00 AM/ We are losing daytime at over 3 minutes a day, or over 22 minutes a week. Sigh.


The guys were their sleeply selves. They got their loving and Grayson got to sleep on my lap. They both come into the bathroom when I get up and sleep there until I'm ready to get dressed. That's when Louie gets his loving, but frequently he will settle down right by my feet and purr himself to sleep. Last night, he got in bed with me and stretched out up against my back, which meant I was warm, and when I got up, he stayed where he was, which made it hard to turn over. It has to get a lot colder before Grayson wants to sleep with me.


So it was another very quiet day, and now it's a cool, clear (I think) night in the field and I have to go to bed now. Right now.


August 22

I was late, of course, but I wanted to wait to take my shower until the Tylenol kicked in. I slept fairly well, but I think I was cool to cold all night, so it wasn't as restful as it might have been. This kind of weather is difficult - just the cotton blanket isn't warm enough, but the comforter is too warm. I got up around 10:30 again, and i felt bad. I knitted my two rows and got dressed.


Then Mary Ann called to say she wasn't going to choir tonight, because the weather was ideal for painting (she's painting the outside of her house). I considered the matter and decided not to go either, and I'm glad I didn't. I am either sick or tired, but in any case, I need to crash. I'll be doing that as soon as I finish this. I'm only this late because there was Mozart (#35) followed by the Dvorak Cello Concerto. I'll miss Schubert, but I'm not going to stay up to hear it.


The weather was nice but cool. The high temperature was only 63 and there was a light breeze from the north. There were some clouds, but there was a lot of sunshine. The humidity was in the low 70s, which is wetter than I like, but altogether it was very nice.


Nothing to report on the guys. They both got some loving. Grayson got to sleep on my lap for a while, and he spent the rest of the day on desk under the south windows. I'm not sure where Louie was, but he's been spending afternoons in the navy blue chair. When I came out of the kitchen with my dinner, they were both looking out the great room patio doors, so there may have been something on the deck. They were happy - I was home.


So that was a very quiet day, and I need to go to bed. Now. It's a partly clear, cool night in the field.


August 21

I think i was late again last night - I don't remember - but I slept well and I got up around 10:30, I think. I knitted my two rows. While the right side row has lace stitches in it, it's not hard, so the only reason it took me an hour to do two rows is that there are still over 500 stitches on the needle. It's hard to see the pattern because the stitches are so scrunched up, but I sure do love that yarn! It's so soft!


Today's task was the bulletin, and I did that. I had some questions about where one of the hymns should be, but evidently I guessed right. The service on Sunday is Divine Service 4, which I don't like, but the hymn in question is #941, which is one of my favorites - the tune is from Gustav Holst's "Planets" and it's a great one. Since the words it's set to are part of the liturgy, we don't sing it very often, unfortunately. Anyway, I got that taken care of.


I embroidered through the talking, although the radio station was offline for a good part of that time. I still don't understand the fascination of this sampler, since it's all cross stitch and all in one color, but it still speaks to me. There are four vases of flowers across the top, and I have a bit over half of the third one done. Under that are row after row of circles in all sizes with all sorts of patterns in them. One, which starts between the second and third vase, has little birds at the four corners. I think it's going to be fun to find the hidden patterns in the rest of the circles.


The weather was all right. It's turned cool. The temperature finally got up to 69, briefly, but for most of the day it was in the middle 60s with a brisk north wind, around 15 mph. It was more humid than I like, in the 60s, but it wasn't uncomfortable. I had to shut the south window and turn off the fan, though. I'm resisting the need to shut the east windows. I have so enjoyed having the house open! It was partly cloudy. Oh, and I'm sorry the camera was down this morning, but it was so late when I discovered it that I decided not to rush down here.


The guys slept. Louie got his loving this morning and Grayson got to sleep on me until he heard something he had to go check out. As it was getting dark tonight, he was sitting on the chair at one of the windows, watching the parade outside. I have no clue what he sees - I've never seen anything when I looked - but then, I can't see nearly as well as he can.


So it was another quiet day, and now I have to wash my hair. Ugh. It's a partly to mostly cloudy night in the field.


August 20

I was later than I planned last night, but I slept well and I got up around 9:30. i knitted two rows on the shawl. This one had some of those knot stitches, so it was slow going. Then I fiddled around too long, so I was late getting to the studio.


And  I didn't do anything. When I looked at my email, the message from the IRA people finally got here around 7:30 this morning. Why it would take so long to get here - I called them before 4:00 yesterday afternoon - I do not know, but the internet is weird. Anyway, I looked at the document, and I finally changed out the colored cartridges in the printer, but I didn't print. I am going to have to call them back. The guy I talked to had me believing it was a no-brainer to fill out, but not so. So I will have to ask them for direction. Tomorrow, maybe.


The weather turned out not to be as bad as they predicted. It didn't rain. The high temperature, 76, was this morning, and it was in the upper 60s for most of the afternoon. There wasn't much wind. The humidity was very high - in the 80s, mostly (I just typed moistly, which it was). It was cloudy and a couple of times it got very dark, but nothing came down.


The guys were sleepy, of course. i finally realized why Louie has been rubbing his head on the rug: he was trying to pet himself. Pretty smart, I'd say. When I was up around 6;30, he came to be petted but I was doing something, so he went and started rubbing his head on the rug, but when I wiggled my fingers at him and said "Come here, Louie!" he came right over and got a good loving. Maybe not all he wanted, but he got rubbed and petted and he was a happy camper. Poor Louie. He won't ever be able to overcome his background. He got some more petting when I got up for good, and Grayson got some, too. Grayson got to sleep on me for a while and he got a nice tummy rub. I must try to be nicer to Louie.


So it was a nice, quiet day, and now it's a dark, probably cloudy night in the field.


August 19

i waited too long to go to bed last night, and while it wasn't that late, I was frozen by the time I turned out the light. My feet were like two blocks of ice, and it wasn't until I put on my bed socks and pulled up the comforter that I was able to get to sleep. After that, I did all right, although when I woke up the first time, I was hot, of course. I think I got up a bit before 9:00. I debated going back to bed, but I decided to get up and knit.


I did two rows on the next chart. They were easy, plain knitting with a nupp every twelfth row. I didn't play games as long as I sometimes do, so I got to the studio at a reasonable hour. I had to go to the post office, to send something off, and I did that.


The only other task of the day was to talk to the people who hold my IRA. I need to raid it to pay my taxes. I wanted to change the bank account they wire the money to, and I thought I got that straight. They said they emailed me the form, but I never got it, so I will have to call them tomorrow and see if we can get that straight. I may ask them to send it two or three times just to be sure. When I created my email address - way back in the MSN days 25 years ago (or more) - I wanted something unique. I sure got it, but I've had trouble with those underscores ever since. At least these days most people I talk to know what an underscore is. I remember spending time on the phone with people that I had to explain where on the keyboard an underscore is. Anyway, it seems clear that even though the guy I talked to seemed to have the address right, he didn't, because I never got the email.


The weather was beautiful. It's just too bad it wasn't like this yesterday. The high temperature was 78, and the humidity was under 55% all day. It was clear and there was a nice breeze from the west with gusts up to 23 mph. So nice! I could handle lots of this.


I think the guys slept. Grayson slept on the end of the desk, and he didn't try to sit on me for some reason. Louie got some loving this morning and I haven't seen him since.


So now it's a clear, warm night in the field, and I must go to bed, as soon as the Schubert finishes.


August 18

I actually got to bed by 9:15 last night and I slept well until about 4:00, but after that I just dozed. I don't know why I do that, but I guess it has something to do with knowing I have to get up. I did get up when the alarm went off, and I left the house shortly after 9:00. Amazingly enough, there was no traffic all the way to Laurium, like late fall or early spring. 


Church was good, but there were hardly any people there. We didn't sing; more than half the choir was missing and that, plus no rehearsal on Thursday, meant we didn't have anything much to sing.


I guess it started raining right after I got to church, so I had to get gas in the rain, but of course, the pumps these days are mostly under cover, so my only problem was getting out of church and into my car. I have to say, I was just as glad to be out in the rain. The windshield was getting too buggy to wash off, but it rained hard enough that it's fine now. In fact, it rained very hard at a couple of places on the way home. I got here about 1:00 in the middle of a rainstorm.


I had something to eat and almost fell asleep, and shortly after 4:00, the heavens opened, with a few rumbles of thunder. It really poured - 1.17" in an hour. The one I came home in was bad, too, and the total rain we had today was 1.81". We haven't had that much rain in one day in a very long time. Then the wind shifted to the north and for a while it got very strong, with 38 mph gusts. That has now died down, too. The high temperature was 69. early this morning, and it was in the lower to middle 60s for the rest of the day. Of course, the humidity was miserable, over 90% until just recently. It was cloudy and very dull, although it looked like it was clearing some by sunset.


The sad thing about the rain was that the second day of Art in the Park was today, and the traffic was way down. I encountered a whole lot of people going south on my way home, and there wasn't the usual traffic jam in Copper Harbor. That's a shame - it's a nice show and usually there are a lot of people both days. At least yesterday was a good one.


I was waiting to put the backup disk into the computer when Debbie called. While I love to hear from her, and I wanted to know if she got her job back, I said, "Oh, shoot!" We talked for over 2 hours, until I wet my pants and the battery in the phone died. Besides, I was hungry and tired. So I had something fast for dinner and I'm on my way to bed.


The guys slept. They both got lap time today. Grayson got some when I got home, and I moved some stuff so Louie could get on the counter again, so he came and stayed a long time, until I thought I was going to get up. Grayson spent most of the time after he left my lap sitting on the desk with his back to me. Too bad about him.


So that was my day and I'm very tired. I almost fell asleep this afternoon, but I was playing a game, and when I started reading I felt better. Now it's a breezy, partly clear (I think) night in the field.


August 17

Well, I didn't go to bed as early as I planned last night, but I slept well, or I think I did. It was weird - I would wake up thinking I'd only been asleep for a little while and find that it had been three or more hours. I got up around 9:00. It was too early, but I have to go to bed early tonight, so I figured it would work. I guess it has, except that I nearly fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon and I've jhad a headache all day.


I ate breakfast late because I knitted four rows on the shawl and I finished Chart Two. Now I can start Chart Three, which is 28 rows long and has a lot of pattern in it.


The weather was nice if you were going to Art in the Park. It was sunny all day and the high temperature so far is apparently 74. There wasn't much wind. The problem is, it's extremely humid, and my joints have been telling me so since I got up. And tomorrow it's supposed to rain...oh, dear.


The guys were asleep in the sun in the bathroom when I got up. but after a while, Louie had to move, I suppose because he was too hot. Grayson was happy, though, but he's smaller. Louie has been doing something this week that I don't understand. He grabs a corner of one of the bathroom rugs and rubs it on his head and neck. It's the strangest looking thing, like he's trying to wash his head with the rug. I have no idea why. And Grayson got in trouble this morning. I inadvertently blocked off his usual path to the spot on the counter where he likes to sit - on the laptop - so he has been getting up on the desk and coming around behind me and down the printer. There's a lot of stuff there, so he is very cautious, and today he sort of stopped right in front of the screen, so I batted his behind - and he slipped into my breakfast tray and stuff spilled all over the place. So I chased him away. He came back later and I let him sleep on my lap, but I was annoyed. Fortunately, nothing went on the floor, and while I lost a bit of my tea, it wasn't a lot. The only thing I lost was a pill that isn't important. I must move those bags.


So that was a quiet day and I intend to get to bed very early tonight. I'm tired and I need to get up early tomorrow. It's a clear, warm evening in the field.


August 16

I got back on my usual schedule last night - to bed at 11:30 - but I didn't get up until 10:30 this morning. I seem to need a lot of sleep lately. I knitted the end of the row I was working on last night, and I knitted four more rows today. Well actually, I purled four rows. They're garter stitch, but the way the rows work, they're all purled. i have four more rows to do in this chart, all plain knitting except for the center, and maybe I can do them tomorrow. I find I don't want to do plain knitting when I'm making a lace shawl. There is another chart just like this one after the next lace chart, but then I start the body of the shawl, which is lace and nupps all the way to the top.


I didn't do anything much, but I did throw a load of clothes into the washer, and they are now ready to be dried. I am wearing my last clean pair of compression hose, so I had to do something, and now I know where all my summer socks and all my tees went. There are some light colored tees in this load, too, so maybe I will have something to wear. Almost every dark colored tee I own is dirty (or has spots on it) so I will have to do at least one more load pretty soon, maybe tomorrow. I've been slacking off on my laundry.


The weather was unsettled. The high temperature was 68, and we had about 0.13" of rain in two showers...both of which I missed. So it was very humid - over 80% - and my knees and my back were telling me so. The wind was from the southwest, but it was under 10 mph all day. It was cloudy, of course, although it's clearing up now. Not my favorite weather.


The guys slept. They both got some loving and Grayson got a little lap time. Louie seems to have spent most of his time in the bathroom, which was warm overnight and fairly comfortable today. 


So it was another very quiet day, and now i am going to bed early. It's a cool and, I think, clear but very humid night in the field.


August 15

I was sort of late last night, but I wanted to wait to take my bath until I was sure the Tylenol had kicked in, and then I had to wait until I finished the midnight elimination. I slept fairly well, I think. I was up around 10:00, but that didn't seem to be enough sleep, so I went back to bed and didn't get up until about noon. That was better, although why my under arm, which should have been under both the body pillow and the covers, was cold, I do not know.


I knitted, and I finished the next row and started the return row, but I only did about half of that. It took me over an hour to do that pattern row, although I'm not sure of the exact time, because Mary Ann called as I was finishing. We were going to choir tonight, but then, just as I was about to get ready to go, I got an email from our director canceling the whole thing, so we stayed home. I'm certainly glad I caught that email, but ever since the night I didn't, I've made sure I checked carefully for as long as I could.


The weather was nice. It was mostly clear, and the high temperature was 73, early in the afternoon. There was a light wind that was from the north for most of the day, but this evening, it switched around to the south, and it was cool enough that I had to close the window. The humidity has been around 50% all day, which is so nice for my joints. The moon should be full tonight, but I can't see it yet.


The guys were very sleepy. When I got up at 10:00, they were both in the bathroom in the sun. Grayson was on the tub surround, all curled up with his head upside down, and Louie was laid out on the floor, right where I had to walk. Louie doesn't curl - I don't think he can - so he stretches out. They looked so comfy I went back to bed, and they were still there when I got up for good. They both got some loving, and Grayson got to sit on my lap for a while, but he didn't stay long for some reason.


So that was another very quiet day and now I can go to bed at a reasonable hour. It's a cool, clear night in the field.


August 14

I guess it was around midnight when I got to bed last night, but I didn't get up until 10:00, so I got enough sleep. i knitted. The two plain rows went so fast that I started the next one, which is a pattern, but I only did a little bit of it. It's going to be very hard on my hands. 


The bulletin information came in overnight, so I did that. Lately it hasn't been taking me very long to do, but that's in part because there is nothing going on at church. August seems to be the quietest month, before things take off in September. There were a couple of little typos, but my proofreader found those.


The weather was cool. That tends to happen in August, or at least it did when I was growing up. My birthday was almost always hot and steamy, but by my mama's, it had cooled off. Then it would get hot again around Labor Day, so it was always hot when we went back to school. Anyway, the high temperature was 66 and there was almost no wind. It was humid, though - in the 70s - which my joints, especially my knees, have been telling me all day. There was sunshine, but there were a lot of clouds, too. I don't know if we'll be able to see the lovely moon tonight, but it will keep things light anyway.


The guys were asleep in the bathroom this morning when I got up, and the reason was that it got cool enough last night that the heat came on, so the floor was warm. They know how to be comfy. They both got some loving, but Grayson and I never did hook up for some lap time. Either I was busy or he went away.


So that was it, and now it's a partly cloudy, cool night in the field, and I have to wash my hair, joints or not.


August 13

Today would be my mother's 102nd birthday.


I was a bit later than I intended last night, but I was reading and I got to a part that I wanted to finish. I didn't sleep very well, and I don't know why. It was humid, and I hurt, but sometimes that doesn't bother me a lot. It did last night.


I got up a few minutes before the alarm went off, and I managed to get to Johanna's around the time of my appointment. I feel much better, although my knees were bothering me by the time I got home. She is working mainly on my shoulder and it's working. I won't see her for a couple of weeks, and I promised to try to do my exercises. 


I stopped at the post office on my way home and got a bunch of mail plus pills. When I got home, i sat and looked at all the mail - there were several magazines, too, as well as bills. Shudder. I didn't do anything for the rest of the afternoon.


We had a little rain early this morning - 0.12" - and it was very humid. Eventually, the humidity got down into the lower 60s, but that was no doubt a good part of my problem with my knees. The high temperature was only 68, and there wasn't much wind. It was partly cloudy all day, until sunset, but it seems to be clear now. There is a nearly full moon low in the south, so bright and pretty. I appreciate the moon when it's cloudy, because it makes it so light, but it will tonight, too.


i didn't see much of the guys. Grayson didn't get any lap time, and I don't know where Louie was sleeping.


So that was another quiet day, but maybe my shoulder is getting a bit better. Now it's a cool, clear night in the field and I must go to bed. Now.


August 12

Oh, it was 11:30 before I got to bed, and I was exhausted. I slept for 4 hours before I woke up for the first time, and that's unusual. I didn't get up until 10;30, so I should have had enough sleep. I knitted, but then I got trapped by a game, so I didn't do anything and I only ate one meal, with a snack tonight. I hate to do that, but It happens occasionally.


The weather was nice but a bit cool. The high temperature was 72, and there was almost no wind. The humidity was fairly low, too, around 50%. It started out clear, but by sunset it was cloudy - of course, since the peak of the Perseids is tonight. It always happens.


The guys slept. At one point a came through the great room and Grayson was sitting on the back of the navy chair, trying to look like a leopard in a tree, and Louie was laid out on the seat. They got some loving, and Grayson got to sit on me for a while.


So it was a very quiet day, and now I have to go to bed so I can get up in time to see Johanna tomorrow. It's a cloudy night in the field.


August 11

I want to go to bed, but it looks like the power glitches last week totally screwed up Windows Backup and it may be trying to do a complete backup - 4 disks - tonight. GRRRRRRR...


I got to bed about 9:45 last night, but I didn't sleep very well, especially after 3:00 AM. I got up when the alarm went off, and I managed to leave shortly after 9:00, although I still don't understand why it should take me 10 minutes to pull up my pants, collect my things, which are all around me,  and walk through the breezeway to the car.


Church was good and I got home around 1:00, but I was really tired. I should have taken a nap, but instead I did the rest of my surfing - mostly reading emails - and around 5:00, I actually fell asleep. I think I woke up when my head was about to drop. I was having a nice dream - thank God, I don't have very many nightmares anymore - and all of a sudden, I could hear the noises around me again. So I'm officially old. I've always said that when I can fall asleep in my chair, I'm old. I'm old.


I wanted to go to bed around 6:30, but I decided to have my usual Sunday supper instead (shrimp). Something weird happened with the backup, and I confess I didn't read the message thoroughly enough, so now I'm stuck with this (expletive deleted) program apparently backing up the entire disk. (Expletive deleted). I still use it because I can't find a free one that will do what I want (which this one does when it's working properly) and I can't afford to buy one, if there's one out there that will do what I want. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...


The weather today was nice. Apparently, the temperature briefly got to 76, but for most of the day it has been between 72 and 74. There was a light wind from the north, which has now gone calm, which is no doubt part of the reason I'm sweating like a horse. The humidity was around 70% or more, which isn't my favorite, but for some reason, I wasn't too sore. I wish I could nail down what it is that makes me hurt. My knees weren't as sore as they have been lately, and while my shoulder and arm hurt, it wasn't too bad. Anyway, it was nearly clear, although there was some cloudiness in the middle of the day, which has now mostly gone away.


i guess the guys slept. Louie got a little loving when I was up at the north end, and Grayson sat on me for a while after I got home. He jumped up and left, and I'm not sure why, unless he was getting warm or uncomfortable. He always leaves abruptly.


So that was my day, and as soon (or if) this thing completes, I will be off to the north end to crash. It's a warm, summery evening in the field.


August 10

It's late, so this will be short. I got to bed around 1:00 last night - although I was almost in bed and had to turn around and go back into the bathroom. My gut is acting up lately. I got up around 10:30, I think. I knitted two rows - and that was literal. I've started the next chart, and most of it is either plain knitting or garter stitch. There are so many stitches that it took me about an hour to do two rows, though.


I didn't do anything else. I embroidered for a while this afternoon and that felt good, but I feel a bit under the weather for some reason.


The weather was lovely. The temperature has risen to 77, but for most of the day it was around 75, with a 15 mph north wind. The humidity has been dropping, too, and at 8:00 PM it was under 40%. My kind of weather! It was clear and blue all day, although there is still some smoke in the atmosphere. Nice.


Nothing to report on the cats. Grayson got some lap time and Louie got some loving this morning before he went after Grayson again. I do not know why he keeps doing that. He should know by this time that he isn't going to make Grayson go away - or stop loving me.


So that was it. Now it's a clear, warm evening in the field and I'm going to be late again.


August 9

Of course I was late last night, considering when I got home. I slept well and I didn't get up until around 11:00. I knitted two rows, but these were easy and it only took me an hour. That, plus petting various cats and getting dressed meant I was too late to go to the post office today, so all I did was get my Schwan's order.


It was clearer than I thought last night. I saw the moon before it went down, and when I was up for the first time, there were stars. The end stars of the Little Dipper were at about 7:00 and when I got back to bed, I could see Vega setting in the northwest. It wasn't as clear as it has been sometimes lately, but there are more wildfires in Alaska and Canada that are polluting our skies. 


Tonight, when it finally got dark enough, not only was there a nice, just-more-than-half moon, but about two moon diameters, at around 4:00, was Jupiter, so nice and bright. It's a nice conjunction. 


The weather was nice, too. It was clear all day, although the smoke was making the sky white in the morning and evening. The high temperature was 72, and there was a brisk north wind, with gusts up to 26 mph, The humidity was tolerable, between 50% and 60%. It helped.


I was a bit concerned, because Louie didn't appear during the night or when I got up, but it turned out, he was sleeping on the tub surround this morning and eventually he got down to get petted. Grayson was around, and he got to sleep on me for quite a while this afternoon. They were happy, because not only did I fill all their kibble bowls, they got canned food, too.


So it was a very quiet day and now it's time for bed again. It's a coolish, clear night in the field.


August 8

I was a little later than I wanted to be last night, but I wanted to wait until I was sure the Tylenol had kicked in, and after I took my bath, I had to cut my fingernails. They were around 2 mm long, and I have a hard time typing - or using the phone - when they're that long. It's a bit harder to knit, because I don't have anything much to separate the stitches, but the rest of what I do is much easier. I was pleased, though. I managed to scrub the place on my head that I haven't been able to reach, and I reached all the way to the back of my armpit without too much pain. So something is working. It was humid last night, too.


I got up around 10:00 and knitted two rows. These were easier, because there were only two nupps in each repeat - plus two in the center - but it still took me about two hours. That's all right, actually, because it takes me nearly that long to get my body arranged. I took Tylenol when I got up, so it wasn't too painful, and it wasn't until this evening that I began to feel it again.


Tonight was choir and Bible Study, and we went down early, because I had to sign a paper at the hospital. Sigh. I did not know that that med has been a controlled substance for several years now. Evidently they open the capsules and snort them. Geez. How stupid can you be? Anyway, the document is three pages long and I had to individually initial 27 statements about what I will or will not do while I'm taking it and then sign and date it at the end. Geez. Talk about comprehensive! Not that I would ever consider abusing it, but if I can remember, the next time I see the doctor, I'm going to explore whether there is something else I might take for my neuropathy that isn't controlled. I find it sad. Evidently there are people who will take - or snort - any pill they might find to see if it will give them an altered state. Aren't there better things they could be doing? I can understand the opioids, because people mostly start them because they need pain relief - oh, do I understand that! - but some of these other things are just beyond my understanding. I decided sometime ago that I would just try to live with the pain, but not everybody can do that. But the stuff I'm taking - I won't name it - or, as our organist reminded me tonight, Sudafed? I took that for a while after the combo pill I'd been taking for my allergy got hard to get, but I stopped when it got to be such a hassle to get. I don't understand that at all. Rant of the day.


Choir was sort of frustrating because one whole family wasn't there and our other man got called away by a late equipment delivery. We will sing a hymn on Sunday. There were only six of us in Bible Study, too, but that was rather nice, because we got to discuss things together for once. Then Mary Ann got talking to Pastor and i got talking to Nancy and it was after 9:00 before we left for home. Good thing it's still not completely dark at that time. It was still 10:15 before I got home.


Just as I was going to bed last night, I heard something that at first I thought was wind, but then I realized we were having a short, heavy rain shower. It didn't rain for very long, but it rained hard for several minutes. The weather today was lovely. The high temperature here was 74 and I think it was about the same in Laurium. There was a brisk wind, gusting up to 32 mph, from the northwest and the humidity was actually under 50% for most of the afternoon. It was clear until around 5:00 PM, when some clouds moved in, and it was sort of cloudy when it got dark. I saw the  moon after I left Mary Ann off, but it's gone now. Drat. There is a conjunction between it and Jupiter tonight and tomorrow, and I thought I might see it out the south window, but no such luck. Anyway, it was nice.


The guys slept. Grayson slept on my lap for over an hour this afternoon, and he didn't really want to leave when I had to get up. I don't know where Louie was - wherever Louie goes. He'll be around tonight, I'm sure. Grayson was not pleased when I got home so late.


So now I'm very tired and I need some more Tylenol. It's a warmish, cloudy (I think) night in the field.


August 7

Oh, it's so nice to have it quiet! There's still some hums - from the speaker and the two pumps - but mostly it's quiet. 


I'm not sure when I got to bed, but I think it was around midnight. I slept fairly well, and I didn't get up until around 10:00. The rows I knit on the shawl were the hard ones - four nupps in every repeat (there are 28 repeats - you figure it out). Actually, the right-side row is the easy part. It's the wrong side, where I have to purl-five-together that's hard, and very hard on my hands. It took a long time.


However, I actually did a few things today. Under duress, of course, but I did them. There is a load of bottoms in the washer and ready to be dried, so I cleared out the dryer and finally got the rest of my underwear at least into a washbasket.


When i got to the kitchen, I discovered that the ice in the bottom of the freezer had gotten so thick that it was rubbing on the bottom door shelf and preventing the door from closing completely. That took a while to fix, and I had to get my desk chair into the kitchen (something to sit on that I could get out of, you know). I attacked it with the big screw driver and mallet, and when I was bending over, I missed and hit my hand with the mallet. That hurt, and I think I'm going to have a rather large bruise beside the two bug bites I got yesterday. Eventually, I moved the desk chair into the kitchen, so I could get at the bottom of the freezer, and I whacked away at the ice until I got it clear back to the bottom of the basket. Now the door closes nicely, at least for a while. While I was there, I was able to unload the basket enough to get my dinner, which was at the bottom. I had to sweep up the ice with the broom and dustpan, but I learned a long time ago how to sweep while sitting down. It's not hard.


It's not that I felt so good, which I don't. I'm still very tired and my knees especially are very bad. My shoulder was bothering me a lot today, too, but I took some Tylenol and that helped. It's just that what I did was dire necessity. I need to do at least one more load of clothes, because I'm also running out of compression hose, but I can do that tomorrow. Then there's the rest of the tops and the underwear again. It never ends.


The weather was sort of unsettled. The high temperature was 72 and it was extremely humid - over 80% for most of the afternoon, We had about a dozen drops of rain. I heard it on the siding, but there wasn't enough to register at the weather station. There was a little north wind - around 10 mph - earlier, but it was calm or nearly so for most of the afternoon. It was mostly cloudy. Not my favorite weather.


The boys both got some loving, and Grayson got to sleep on my lap for quite a while. I still say he can read my mind, and he knows when I'm thinking about getting up before i ever move at all.


So it was a nice, quiet day and now it's a sort of warm, very humid, cloudy night in the field.


August 6

Whew. It's quiet around here!


I think it was around midnight when I got to bed and I slept well, despite the chirps. I set the alarm for 8:00 and I got up when it went off, although I was moving slow. I made my appointment with Johanna, and she worked on my shoulders for a long time. I think it helped, but I'm going back next week for more work, and I promised to exercise in the meantime.


I didn't do much for the afternoon; I was very sleepy. However, late in the day, Mike called to say he had some equipment to install, so I said sure, come, but be prepared to do some other stuff. It turns out that for the next week or so, the computer won't be on a UPS, but after he does the rewiring he needs to do, I'll have a UPS just for my stuff. That's fine with me. They are very generous with me. Anyway, the whistling is gone, which is a great relief. I had to reboot the computer, because the first time it didn't come up right, but it's OK now.


Then he was kind enough to remove and replace the smoke detector. When he did that, he discovered that there are wires to wire it into the electric system, they were just never used, and he said that when he comes back, he will check and see if it's possible to just plug the smoke detector in, or there are other problems. Didn't make me very happy, for sure. When I checked the battery in the one that was chirping, I found it is fine, so that smoke detector has obviously died. I will have to decide whether to try to get another one for the bedroom. I don't think it's really necessary, because the one that's working is only a few feet down the hallway.


Oh, yes, and he moved the wi-fi router up into the shelf beside the radio. I don't know if that will make any difference in whether I can get wi-fi at the north end, but it has to help. Mike is tall and he has long arms, so those things were easy for him. I have a few other things I want to talk to him about, but the really important things are done. He will be back in a week or two to finish the rewiring and give me my UPS and maybe we can resolve my other problems then. 


The weather was nice. It was clear, and the high temperature was 74. The humidity was a bit high, but not excessively so - 70% or so was the highest. There was very little wind, and it was calm for most of the afternoon before it switched from north to southwest. Nice.


Grayson was disgusted when I went away, but after I got home, he was able to sleep on my lap for a long time. I think Louie slept. Grayson made me laugh again. When Mike came, Louie disappeared into the basement, of course, but Grayson ran toward the door to see who was coming. I have to believe that people were always kind to him when he was a stray, because he loves everyone. It's a nice attitude. Louie is more suspicious, but then, he's very timid anyway.


So that was my day, and it's so nice to have peace and quiet around here. I think I have neighbors to the south, and there were a couple of inflatable rafts in the harbor this afternoon, but they are older now and much quieter...or my hearing is getting terrible. i would say it was a bit cool to be swimming, but whatever. I wish I could do that.


It's a warmish, clear night in the field.


August 5

Well, this turned into an interesting day.


i wasn't too late last night, and I slept well. I almost closed the door to the bedroom, leaving it ajar just enough so the cats could get in, and that muted the chirp from the smoke alarm enough that it didn't bother me. I was tired enough that it probably wouldn't have bothered me anyway, but I guess I'm getting old when i can sleep through smoke alarms and sunshine and all sorts of other stuff. I got up around 9:00, because I wanted to be able to get to bed fairly early tonight. Hah.


i knitted two rows on the shawl. This pair had three nupps in each repeat - whatever three times 28 is. And the next two have four in each repeat. I won't get to do that tomorrow. This is such nice yarn that it's a pleasure to work with, even with nupps.


In the middle of the afternoon, a severe thunderstorm moved in, with high winds and lots of rain - I couldn't see beyond the deck railing. But that wasn't the worst part. We had several power glitches. None of them was more than a second long, but of course, without the UPS working, the computer and the wi-fi shut down. And then the UPS started whistling. It still is. Sheesh. Besides, when I first tried to stop it, I powered it off and on several times, which completely confused Windows and it wanted to do a "repair." Well, after sitting for an hour or more, it decided it couldn't repair anything - there was nothing to repair - and it shut down. The UPS was still whistling. So I rebooted and we had at least two more power glitches. The last one must have been the worst, because not only was my Internet connection down, the iPhone couldn't get Internet either, even though I had a cell connection. I forgot to try to call home to see if I had cell service. That went away for a while, too, and it was three hours before everything finally came back. Oh, and I just discovered that the camera hung up, too. Now I'm not sure it's really clear out, but there is a moon in the camera picture I just took.


I sort of fooled around while everything was down, because I had some things to do online and there was no online. The UPS is still whistling. And the smoke alarm is still chirping. It's noisy around here.


The high temperature was 80 but that was apparently between 8:00 and 9:00 AM. It was in the lower 70s for the rest of the afternoon. We had 0.65" of rain between 4:00 and 5:00 PM. That was an extremely powerful but short storm. It started with a bang - literally - when there was a short, sharp thunderclap that sounded like a cannon going off and echoed off the hills on the other side of Fanny Hooe. I love those things. Then all hell broke loose for about 15 minutes. We haven't had that violent a storm in a long time, and it was neat. Now it's cool and humid and yucky.


I think Louie probably went down in the basement when the thunder started, but Grayson was sitting on the laptop, although he was not pleased when the cannon shot went off. He wasn't even fazed when the Battery D was setting off the cannons at Fort Wilkins, but this was too close - just east of us and not far away. Even I winced.


So that turned into a more interesting day than I expected. I did manage to call the doctor's office and get my meds straightened out, so maybe i won't have to go without my blood thinner, but otherwise, I didn't do anything. Mary Ann tried to call me, but I was in the powder room and she never called me back. So I will have to close the bedroom door again tonight.


Now it's apparently going to be a clearing night in the field, cool and damp, but maybe we'll see a star or two.


August 4

My bath was a bit easier last night, for some reason. I even managed to get my left hand into my right armpit, which doesn't happen very often, and when I went to bed, I wasn't in much pain. I didn't get to bed until 10:00, which was later than I wanted, but I move so slow these days...Then I woke up around midnight, or I should say, my arm woke me up. The backside of my upper arm was so sore it woke me up. The rest of the night wasn't very good. I wasn't comfortable, from my shoulder to my gut.


Tonight is probably not going to be a very good night, either.


Anyway, I got up when the alarm went off, even though I didn't want to.  I was cooking my breakfast when the smoke alarm in the hallway chirped. It has gone off several times lately when I was frying something, so I thought that was the problem and I turned on the range hood right away. Well, that's not the problem. It is still chirping. I hoped Mary Ann could get out here to remove it and maybe disable it, but she didn't. I can't climb a ladder, and I don't think I have a tool for my long poles that will fit around it. I don't know what's wrong with it - do smoke alarms get old, or something? Anyway, I have the one from the bedroom, and I think maybe I will just swap it with the one in the hallway. I will probably still have to continue using the hood when I fry, but maybe the other one won't be eating batteries. I just thought about that, but it's the obvious solution. Anybody who knows anything about smoke alarms, I would appreciate your help.


So I went off to church, and it was nice. There was a potluck afterwards, but I don't like those things and I had to go to Pat's. That was a trip. Just about as I got my cart and started around the store, my left (yes, left) knee got so sore I could almost not stand on it. If I moved, or tried to move, it got better, but any time I stood still, as one does in a store, when I tried to go on, I almost couldn't. It was excruciating. I got what I needed, except that we are having the summer bread problem again - no bread. I must call them. A very nice lady offered to help load my car and see me into it, and i really appreciate her help. People around here are so nice!


Anyway, as I hoped, by the time I got home, my knees - both of them - were fine, so I don't know what happened, except that it was cool and humid this morning. I got home around 2:00, because it took me so long in the store, and except to put everything away - most everything went in the fridge - I didn't do anything for the rest of the afternoon. I was really tired.


The weather turned out beautifully, but I don't know what the humidity was around here, because the NWS station isn't reporting dew point right now. The high temperature was 77, briefly, and it was in the middle 70s for most of the afternoon. There was a brisk southwest wind, with gusts up to 26 mph, and eventually when the temperature started to drop, I had to close the south window because I was getting cold. One doesn't usually talk about wind chill when it's that warm, but it's there and the feel of the temperature was probably in the low to middle 60s. It was clear or nearly so all day, but there was that white look to the sky, and around sunset, a blob of thick clouds started to move in. I got to see a it of the thin crescent moon, but it quickly got swallowed up by the clouds.


On that subject, last night was one of the clearest I've seen all summer. I could see all the stars in the Big Dipper, as well as my summer star, Arcturus, which is setting in the northwest now. I think I got a glimpse of Vega overhead when I was up at midnight, but I'm nto sure about that. Anyway, there were 4th and 5th magnitude stars visible through the screens with no glasses on. It was so pretty! I wish we'd have more like that. Maybe we have and I've just not been awake at the right times, but I don't think so.


Johanna called this evening, and I won't see her until Tuesday, so I can sleep in and recover tomorrow. She is trying to do three or four things and she had a conflict for tomorrow. That's all right with me. 


The guys were sleepy. I think I mentioned that Grayson had been sleeping on top of the kitty condo, which is just the right side for him to curl up on. This morning when I went to get dressed, Louie was curled up there, and it was a laugh. He is too big, and he was lapping over on all sides. It didn't seem to be bothering him, though. When I got home and went to change my clothes, Louie got some loving and later in the afternoon, Grayson got to sit on my lap for a while. They were happy because I gave them their canned food at 6:30 or so this morning, which is when they would like it. Sorry, I'm not going to get up at 6:00 either to take some pills or to feed cats. They'll just have to continue to cope.


So that was my day and now it's a night that's beginning to get cloudy in the field.


August 3

When I take out the cell phone and start playing solitaire, I really must make sure I set the timer. I wasn't too late going up to the north end last night, but I didn't set the timer, so it was late when I finally got to bed. I was awakened around 10:00 by the sound of a lawn mower. Evidently, my neighbor decided it was time to cut my weeds again. I'm sorry I didn't go out to meet him, but I would have had to get dressed and brush my hair...and get up. I actually didn't get out of bed until after he left. I really appreciate his efforts, though, even if I didn't think it really needed cutting again. His point is that if the weeds aren't cut, it looks like nobody is living here, and that's right. I wish I could do some landscaping, but then somebody would have to mow...and weed...and all the other gardening things I can't do anymore.


I knitted two rows on the shawl. The nupps went better today, but they are still hard on my hands. I'd better get used to them. This pattern has a ton of them. They are so pretty when the piece is finished and blocked that it's worth the effort. This yarn is alpaca and silk and it's so soft that it's a delight to work with.


I didn't do anything else. I was tired from not enough sleep. And I'll be late tonight, too. Sigh.


The weather was rather nice, even though there is smoke in the air again, which means the sky was nearly white all day. The high temperature was only 73, which is fine with me, and there was no wind. The humidity was high, though - over 70%, so I hurt. I don't think there were any clouds in the sky, but there was that white haze over everything from the smoke. It's a shame - at this time of year the skies should be pristine and they aren't anywhere near like that. I hope we'll be able to see the meteors.


The guys were sleepy. Louie got some loving this morning and Grayson got to sit on me a couple of times. They were happy, because I filled the three kibble bowls that were empty. The other one is something they used to like, and the only reason I can see that they might not eat it now is if it's old. Well, they'll have to eat it. I'm not going to throw out 3 or 4 pounds of kibble! 


So it was another nice, quiet day, and now I have to go up to the north end and work fast to get to bed as early as possible. It's a sort of clear, sort of warm, calm night in the field.


August 2

Oh, is this still the second? I've been feeling like I lost a day all week, especially last night, when I didn't go to church. It is Friday, finally.


I was a bit later last night, and I don't remember why. I think it was about 1:00 when i got to bed. I slept well, mostly, and I got up around 10:30. I knitted two rows on the shawl. It will be like that for quite some time now, because I've started the part of the lower border that is full of nupps. Remember those? Those pretty little bumps that drive me nutty? There are two in every repeat for the next 40 rows or so. The right-side row is only a big increase - five stitches in one - but on the return row, i have to purl those five stitches together, and that's a pain in the hands if I haven't done the increases loosely enough. I didn't do badly on the first two rows, considering that it's been quite a while since I've done any, but I think the more I do the easier it will get. it's slow, though. First it's all those increases, and then, every time I purl-five-together, I have to check to be sure I have five and only five stitches. It's easy to either miss a stitch in the middle or try to include the stitch that follows the nupp, so I have to check carefully.


I didn't do much of anything else. Debbie called and we had a relatively short conversation (for us), but she wanted to warn me she may turn up sometime in the next couple of weeks. She is changing jobs again, and if she can find someone to come with her, she's coming up. She likes her arm warmer, and it fits just fine, which is good.


The weather was nice. The high temperature was 74 and there was a brisk - 17 mph or so - north wind. The humidity was high, though, which didn't do my aches and pains any good. As has been happening lately, the morning was clear and sunny and the clouds moved in in the afternoon. It was cloudy at sunset.


The guys slept. They got a little loving this morning, but every time Grayson came around I was doing something on the computer, so he never did get to sleep on me. i suppose he's frustrated.


Now there is Mozart, and then I'm going to bed. It's a cloudy, warmish night in the field.


August 1

So I just spent the better part of an hour enlarging the "Previous Months" table by 10 years. If I ever make it that long, it will amaze me, but I don't like to do that exercise, and I didn't want to have to do it again.


I got to bed around midnight last night and I mostly slept well. i didn't get up until 10:00, so I should have had enough sleep! Then I knitted three rows, so I was late eating breakfast anyway


That was about all I did. My shoulder was so sore I couldn't do my exercise very much and it ached a lot. While the talking was going on, I got quite a lot done on the cross stitch project - "a lot" being relative. This is a huge sampler on very fine linen. I'm working on the second vase of flowers that is under the alphabets and I'm working down the left side, although I did most of the central stem today. I would have done more, except that I had to jump up and run - and I mean run - to the bathroom. I haven't been eating enough rice, I think. I still don't know why this sampler interests me, but it does, so I will keep at it. I'm going to run out of thread, though, the publisher notwithstanding, and when I do, we'll see what I do next.


Kathleen canceled choir tonight, so we didn't go. I did get to talk to Mary Ann, which was nice, She is still painting the outside of her house..."just" on the 10' ladder. Sheesh. Her husband has a lot of the same problems I do, except from different causes, so she does most of the heavy lifting around there.


The weather was fairly nice. The temperature did get to 75, but I didn't notice it because the wind was nearly calm for most of the day. Now it has picked up from the southwest, and it's cooled down enough that I had to close the window. The humidity was around 70%, which is higher than I like, and I suppose that was why my shoulder hurts. It was clear this morning, but by noon the clouds were building in the west and it was quite cloudy by sunset. Oh, and last night, I lopped half an hour off both the start and stop times of the camera. We're down to a day length of 15 hours now and it will be getting shorter at a great rate from now on. Sigh.


The guys got their loving, and Grayson got some lap time. Louie got up on the counter, but when he got over to the computer, he discovered I had my back to it and I was embroidering, so he went over to the window, kicking the salt shaker onto the floor. Good thing it's wood.


So that was my day, and I'm getting used to being a year older. Actually, I've been thinking of myself this age since about the beginning of the year - I always round in the scientific way. Now I can't correct myself when I think 78, though.


It's a cool, cloudy night in the field, and it's August already. Sigh.


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